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Nation Z – 1st cycle (2014)

Nation Z – 1st cycle (2014)

by 08/08/2015

Craig Engler, Karl Schaefer


Karl Schaefer


Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Pisay Pao, Nat Zang, Tom Everett Scott, Harold Perrineau


Jason Gallagher

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Asylum, The Go2 Digital Media, North By Northwest

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

44 Mins






It's a man eat man world

Σύνολο Σεζόν



2014, 2015


z nation castCan be considered a parody of The acclaimed "zomposeiras Walking Dead ' but believe me, the ' Z ' Nation has all the qualifications to assess independently as an autonomous entity in the world of horror series. Although the order of Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler garnered mixed and generally not so positive reviews, personally kept me very pleasant company and surpassed the low expectations I had, without, of course, is some order-phenomenon.

The "Z" American Nation aired on Syfy network in the fall of 2014. From 5 September 2014 until 5 December of the same year (ok, grabbed and bit winters), 13 sarantatetralepta episodes of first cycle of held pleasant company of friends comic-horror action zombie. Key elements of the series are post-apocalyptic drama, the bloody action and chabales. Those believers come so …

The cliché of the "Zombie Apocalypse" is used as the basis for the rollout of the scenario and the various ypoplokwn. Few survivors are left in the world after the mysterious spread of the epidemic that turned people into zombies destroying human civilization and the structure of human society. In this chaos, we follow a group of survivors from New York trying to convey in a science lab in California the only man who survived from the bite of zombies without metallachtei to pelt as zombies. This survivor is the last hope of humanity to face the zompoepidimia. Will our heroes manage to really reach the laboratory of overcoming the threat of zombies as well as a variety of obstacles human origin?

What immediately surprised me positively to Nation Z "' was impressive, chabalediarikoi and highly imaginative characters. Both the Group of protagonists and secondary characters who come across as ' obstacles ', always find some that attracted my interest. Characters inspired and kalogrammenoi such as dynamic Roberta Warren which eliminates zombies very comfortably and literally with her sword, or "Tommy 10K" that aims to kill zombie 10,000 (hence his nickname) with the sniper, the self-appointed Reaver ' doctor ' group with the nickname "Doc" who being equipped with medical equipment offers useful help on "convalescent" strand and blab anyway Murphy , the nondescript survivor of the zombie bite you because is this whole crazy adventure, cannot leave indifferent.

Horror Trivia

To reduce the cost of production, some actors and some members of the technical staff stayed together in the city of Spokane Washington where were shooting the series.

znationThe threats faced by the heroes when their path in California also have their interest. Families kanibalwn, insane soldiers who think they still perform mission, sects baremenwn using zombies as examples and nekranastika communities of modern Amazons running manly "hogs" are some of the obstacles of human origin that meet our heroes. Of course the hungry zompia (sometimes prosfwnoyntai simply as "zis") are always in the daily menu of the protagonists, whose relationship with zombies is reminiscent of the relationship of the Gauls to the Romans from the Asterix. You see … the Group also disposes with great ease the zombies, perhaps sometimes more easily than raises the immediate realism and this spoils the image of the series.

Another weak point is the sporadic exaggerations of scenario as tolerant and if we are, surely we cannot accept anything crazy went through the minds of screenwriters (like a hurricane from zombies!). Other ideas lie between the limits of madness and of admission such as a zombie bear used as "Hangman" or a shooting contest with targets moving zombies. Such ideas make the series more spicy but also increase the risk.

Positively judged the metaphor of action and on a basis of NSA in Northern Canada where a good ' hacker ' communicate with survivors around the world, and coordinates the efforts of survival basically helping the actors to carry out their task. Finally, I liked that the series is distinguished by great sensitivity regarding the survival of key characters. Indeed, following a "Game of Thrones" logic doesn't hesitate to some vengeful characters who initially seemed important and anantikatastatoi.

The finale – something like a mouthful that sat us in the throat – left several questions resulting in anticipation of the second cycle will start in 2015 to be great. We hope to be at least as entertaining as the first.


z nation zombie z nation girl z nation 1 z nation 2


z nation season 1 z nation


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Successful and interesting variety of characters, rich action, much gore, sophisticated makeup for zombies, some inventive if a little crazy ideas in the script that makes the series especially pungent.


The fact that the series doesn't take too seriously herself potentially throws the value of, the occurrence of many cliches of the zombie class, scattered excesses in the scenario and the abrupt ending that wasn't exactly what I wanted.

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Although not officially regarded as Nation Z comedy with zombies, it is light lantern that belongs in this category. Thus, fans of comedies with zombies will probably really enjoy it more than those who waited for something more serious and magnificent. However, I entertained a lot watching the series.

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