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The Strain – 2nd Cycle (2015)

The Strain – 2nd Cycle (2015)


Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan


Ra'uf Glasgow


Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mía Maestro, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Sean Astin, Jack Kesy, Natalie Brown, Miguel Gomez, Ben Hyland, Max Charles, Ruta Gedmintas, Rupert Penry-Jones

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

43 Mins





Σύνολο Σεζόν





Having generally leave positive impressions but also several complaints, "The Strain" of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan launched their second attack in 2015. The second series aired again from FX and consists of 13 episodes (like the first) with a duration of a little less than 50 cents each.

The second season starts from where you finished the first. Our heroes have managed to seriously injure the grisly "Master" but not to keep him. The grisly vampire escaped in spite of five and now remains well hidden until his recovery having as base the puppet Eichorst, loyal prwtopalikaro of Nazi origins.

The protagonists are continuing their search, killing many vampires-strigkoi and at the same time scientists team (Ephraim Goodweather, Nora Martinez) are trying to construct a virus that will exterminates shambling creatures without affecting amolyntoys people. In developments come and other interesting faces as a committed City Councilor which eliminates the strigkoi strike teams that guides and a mysterious hybrid (half human, half vampire) warrior from the distant past who seeks to kill the master.

Like the first season so this contains extensive scenes of violence and action, with their decapitation by strigkoi heroes are the main dish of bloody menu. The young characters blend nicely with existing ones and give interest to the events. Interesting and kaloskinothetimenes are all scenes that make flashback enlightening the early years of the series characters.

Horror Trivia

In the pilot episode of the series, the role of the elderly Professor Setrakian had played the John Hurt (Alien, Hellboy). The role was assigned to David Bradley as the Hurt had increased obligations that do not allow him to continue.

On the other hand, I can't say that I was thrilled by the overall result of the second cycle. Although there's action but also many indifferent and kakoftiagmena parts of a script that generally lacks of originality and intelligent ideas. Some ypoplokes could not even exist because they do not offer anything noteworthy in the flow of events.

Personally don't suck at all and the idea-cliche of a unique, Mystic artifact that supposedly has very great power, able to shape the outcome of a conflict. I am referring to the mysterious book Occido Lumen frantically searching for the elderly Setrakian in order to save the fortunes of mankind from the vampires. I consider obsolete idea which employ writers or authors when the inspiration begins to dry up and the temptation of an easy solution to proceed their work is very intense.

Those who liked the first cycle of "The Strain", you'll like the second. But those who are problimatistikate and hope to improve with the new season, probably will reflect even more finding that although the series remains notable but with a worrying downtrend.


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Rich action with much gore, good effects, adding interesting characters, the thrill and shock in the last episode.


Many indifferent sequences, faulty scenario with lack of ideas that will spread enthusiasm.

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