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Masters of Horror: When the "Maitre" of terror join forces …
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Masters of Horror: When the "Maitre" of terror join forces …

by horrormovies.gr12/04/2016

Mick Garris


Karen Austin, J. Winston Carroll, Miho Ninagawa, Michael Ironside, Michael Moriarty, Anthony Harrison, Thea Gill, Diego Martinez-Tau, Thea Gill, Ezra Godden, Emily Anne Graham, Angus Scrimm, Jeffrey Combs, Angela Bettis, Linda Darlow, Carrie Anne Fleming, Stacy Grant

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Industry Entertainment, Nice Guy Productions, Reunion Pictures, Starz Productions, Showtime Networks

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

60 Minutes


USA, Canada, Japan




Their wildest dreams are your worst nightmares

Σύνολο Σεζόν



2005, 2006, 2007

masters horrorThis is a series that was born out of pure joy, passion and … plenty of eating and drinking! No we don't do plate but kyriolektoyme! See the creator of this horror television series Mick Garris invited for wine drinking many times since 2002, various "sacred monsters" of horror scene in the context of the effort to build a creative high-quality horror series.

The "Masters Of Horror" is the fruit of this rare and productive Union forces horror. Famous and acclaimed directors of the scene of terror have nursed the Director episode of the series, which aired on American network Showtime from 2005 until 2007. The directors names we encounter awe-inspiring! The John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Stuart Gordon, Tobe Hooper, John Landis, Takashi Miike, Larry Cohen, Tom Holland, Don Coscarelli, Joe Dante, etc. and Mick Garris himself offer their talents in cheques of horror through the terrifying and very gory stories of this anthology.

The episodes often originate from stories of great writers of fantasy and horror such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Clive Barker, Richard Matheson, F. Paul Wilson, etc. So you will understand that we are talking about a huge from a conceptual viewpoint, the project has a lot of bread and could not leave indifferent any horror fan. Let's see what they have to tell us the two separate cycles of "Masters of Horror".

masters horror season 11st cycle

Consisting of 13 episodes lasting nearly an hour, the first circle stands in highest standards offering numerous moments of genuine terror and rich blood bath. The inspiration is widespread in Director (alas!) and in the script while other than pure horror elements, sometimes make an appearance balanced comic elements (Homecoming), fantasy elements (Deer Woman), martial arts (Incident On and Off a Mountain Road) while absent and not science fiction or the post-apocalyptic motifs such as in the episode "Dance of the Dead" starring among others a delectable Robert Englund!

The best episodes of the cycle are in my opinion:

Cigarette Burns (8th episode) of John Carpenter: a filmmaker looks for a film considered lost and said that those who saw it were psychopaths with murderous tendencies.

-Deer Woman (7th episode) by John Landis: a detective searches for a female-venison of Amerindian folklore that is believed responsible for a series of murders–men in particular–that plague the region.

Pick Me Up (11th episode) by Larry Cohen: a provincial bus passengers become nominated victims two warring serial killers.

Jenifer (4th episode) by Dario Argento: a policeman saves the life of a deformed woman but she gets into an unsolvable tangle of new killings and aimatobammenwn situations.

Imprint (13th episode) of Takashi Miike: In Victorian times an American returns to a Japanese island to rediscover a prostitute who had fallen in love a few years ago but confronted with dramatic and very frightening surprises. This episode has not aired ever on Showtime since it was considered too violent and extreme! Indeed it is so!

The most weak moment I think lies in the 5th episode (Chocolate) of creator Mick Garris series. Not bad episode just doesn't have the momentum and the inspiration that we find in most episodes.

Interpretations in most episodes is less satisfactory and where necessary have adapted to more or less lighthearted atmosphere. The gore abounds in many episodes and there are cases where the bloody spectacle requires a strong stomach to be digested.

Decent special effects are (with few exceptions) while the Pinnacle is located in the 10th episode (Sick Girl) where metamorphoses people into monstrous humanoid insects are impressive and we evoke great body horror moments like Cronenberg's "the fly".

Rating: 4/5

masters horror season 22nd Cycle

And the second series consists of 13 episodes lasting exintaleptis with one exception. The last episode (Dream Cruise) appeared as exintalepto on tv but in circulation contains the enenintalepti DVD release although back cover misspells the exintalepti.

The general impression that leaves the second season is this small decline in overall quality of episodes. Although it contains some really extremely episodes, we encounter more uninteresting moments, but fortunately not so much so as to substantially affect the season.

The best episodes of the second cycle for me is the following:

Family (2nd episode) by John Landis: A seemingly peaceable bachelor who lives in a rural American town hides a terrible secret: makes virtual family from the skeletons of humans that kills and has recently put on eye a young couple who moved next to him.

Sounds Like (4th episode) of Brad Anderson: a middle-aged struck by fate discovers that the sense of hearing has become dangerous and this leads him outside self with bloody consequences …

Pelts (6th episode) by Dario Argento: A fur trader tries to make the perfect fur to win the woman he desires. But when skin gets from raccoons of a mysterious "sacred" place skins respond with bloody way to those who treat them or use them.

-Right To Die (9th episode) by Rob Schmidt: the wife of a man falls into a coma with her skin burned completely destroyed following a car accident. And while he is considering to leave her to die at the same time preserving an illicit love affair, the restless spirit wife reacts in a violent way!

The Black Cat (11th episode) by Stuart Gordon: this is another transfer to the screen of his masterpiece of Edgar Alan Poe. In this very dignified transfer atsalakwtos Jeffrey Combs stars as the Poe who faces economic problems but also personally as his wife is suffering from heavy illness. At the same time the black kitten wife makes life of author martyrdom and will either force him to make a fatal acts will either prompt him to write his legendary history of same title.

The weaker moment lies somewhere between the 1st episode "The Damned Thing" (Tobe Hooper) and on the 10th We All Scream For "Ice Cream" (Tom Holland) without any of them being completely evil. Uneven picture presents the 3rd episode (The V World) where veteran Michael Ironside played convincing the vampire. The first half is dark and full of scary but the sequel downs turns leaving unfinished the earnest attempt of Ernest R Dickerson and Mick Garris;.

The craziest episode from a conceptual viewpoint is the Nice "The Washingtonians" of Peter Medak (12th episode) where a homeowner discovers a letter proving that George Washington and his associates were actually cannibals! The continuation of the episode with the secret organization kanibalwn who want to protect the secret at all costs and the hilarious ending with reference to George W. Bush steal the show without episode to be the best in any case.

The gore, as in the first cycle, ejected and here soared. Finally the star holdings of society of the spectacle as the Ron Perlman (Pro-Life) and Meat Loaf (Pelts) make the circle quite spicy!

Rating: 3.5/5

In conclusion, all the great effort of "horror masters ' fruitful and can stand deservedly alongside legendary horror series earlier in the form of an anthology. The "Masters of Horror" will meet the expectations of friends of the scene despite the sporadic shortcomings. The feeling that "expect more" from all these horror stars although there is (particularly in second cycle) and must be taken into account in our evaluation. But considering that many of the old karabanes of the participating filmmakers are located to the West of their careers and not on top of their time, the result was more than just satisfactory.


cigarette burns pelts imprint masters horror


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