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In The Flesh – A different approach of zombies

In The Flesh – A different approach of zombies

by horrormovies.gr13/11/2014

Dominic Mitchell


Luke Newberry, Harriet Cains, Marie Critchley, Steve Cooper, Emmett J Scanlan, Emily Bevan, Stephen Thompson, Wunmi Mosaku, Kevin Sutton, Gerard Thompson, Ricky Tomlinson, Kenneth Cranham, Steve Evets, Karen Henthorn, David Walmsley

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

BBC Drama Productions

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

56 Mins


United Kingdom




Life is hard. Death isn't any easier / A new life for the dead.

Σύνολο Σεζόν



2013, 2014

"Life is tough … but death is not any easier. " This phrase-slogan we could say that the best way of summarizing the case and the events of this remarkable series of BBC. "In The Flesh" is a British mini series consisting of two circles which together consist of 9 episodes (the first 3 and 6 second). The order that kept us company in the years 2013 and 2014 deals with the issue of the spread of zombies from an entirely different and unusual Visual versus what we encounter often in films or series with zombies.

Here the zombies have healed from a revolutionary treatment that they managed to find scientists and by governmental order returning to the homes of their families as ' normal ' people despite their different nature which is evident both in their habits (e.g. they don't need human food to survive) and the image (unnaturally bright eye colors, skin misosapismeno). A key theme of the series is the difficulties of reintegration of ' human ' zombies in their family environment. Original huh? But let's remember what we saw in the two cycles of "The Flesh" In attempting at the same time and their evaluation.

1st cycle

in the flesh 2013The young Walker Kieren is the main protagonist and around that moves mostly the cycle. The Kieren is cured zombies or otherwise suffers from "Partial Syndrome death ' as the scientists call using this euphemism maestriko. At the beginning of the cycle we know and the other main characters who would have control. The sister of Kieren, Jem, which during the epidemic of zombies had joined the militia of the city and hounded zombies, parents of two children, Emily polylogoy, a girlfriend-zombie's Kieren, disliked them and me suspicious neighbors, friend and former sex partner (as shown), Kieren's Rick who had been killed in the Afghanistan war pushing him to suicide and Kieren few even minor characters embroiled in developments.

The Kieren then returns to his hometown, the small (fictional) city Roarton of the English province. His parents initially hiding at home as the moods of locals isn't the best. Sufferers from the ' Partial ' Death Syndrome treated with suspicion which often turns into loathing and hatred. Prejudice and mistreatment of repatriated zombies are almost a daily occurrence in the city. Our hero will be able to survive in this inhospitable environment? And at what price?

O first cycle is really great. The original approach of zombie who tries gets easily accepted by the open-minded Viewer and then projecting the positive elements in a riveting succession events. There are many interesting ideas here. The effort of repatriated zombies to show more "human" is done using make-up and contact lenses. Adequately delineated characters and with depth. The sporadic flashbacks of the protagonist from the period that he rose from the grave and wandered as zombies in the city streets eating human brains put the necessary horror touches in an otherwise fiercely dramatic story. The shocking finale can cause even more susceptible to tears.

The tragedy of the protagonist and his friend not only occurs from the nekrozwntani themselves but also from the forbidden relationship that cannot be accepted by the fundamentalist Father Rick and other community members. Essentially this is an allegorical reference to the difficulty of the Conservatives closed societies to accept something different like homosexuality. The zombies function as a cover for the emergence of this "difficult" topic.

Rating: 4/5

2nd Cycle

in the flesh 2014The second circle, although it is remarkable, I think lacks in quality ideas in relation to the first. There are some new characters who exhibit an interest as the congressman who arrives in Roarton and hates (ostensibly at least) the zombie and repatriated new friend Kieren, Emmett who maintains close ties with an organization that pursues a new Zombie insurrection and defends the rights of cured zombies.

What bothered me in the second round was the incomplete picture of some good initial ideas. Definitely has some very powerful scenes (especially towards the end) and even a few original ideas (see e.g. brothel with zompogynaikes for prostitutes, eating sheep minds instead of pill or in night club). The lack of answers on various topics such as who is hiding behind the figure of the Prophet who tries to rouse the nekrozwntanoys is another drawback. With spoiled also certain unrealistic scenes and scenario-based conveniences such as too ' easy ' death of the curate of the town.

Characters showed important degraded with the circle not to dare to make excesses and to run a little rhythm. Between episodes of the second cycle there are extensive periods of reduced interest that do not offer almost anything in history. The cycle ends and he dramatically leaving undertones for a sequel, but not seeing anywhere on the horizon …

Rating: 3/5

"In The Flesh" is a special series, pretty well-written and framed by skilled actors with their interpretations keep the plane aloft. Through the rehabilitation of cured zombies series explores taboo subjects such as racism, homosexuality and prejudice, giving a resounding slap on conservatism, especially in the context of closed societies. The follow-up of the series is not easy, nor the acceptance of precisely because of the peculiar nature of. Zombies-drama? But who would have expected? However, if you manage to enter the bizarre world of "In The Flesh" will appreciate the commendable effort despite occasional disadvantages.

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