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Hemlock Grove: Mystery, Terror and modern versions classic horror monsters

Hemlock Grove: Mystery, Terror and modern versions classic horror monsters

by horrormovies.gr15/09/2015

Brian McGreevy, Lee Shipman


Michael A. Connolly, Eric Newman, Eli Roth


Brian McGreevy


Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, Penelope Mitchell, Freya Tingley, Dougray Scott, Tiio Horn, Joel de la Fuente


Nathan Barr

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Gaumont International Television, Mad Hatter Entertainment, ShineBox SMC

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

46 Mins






The monster is within.



Σύνολο Σεζόν



2013, 2014, 2015

hemlock grove castIt is a horror series of Netflix that first weekend of Viewer attracted more viewers than the House of Cards. Not that we are trying some comparison with the masterly series with Kevin Spacey but definitely the Hemlock Grove for which reason cannot pass unnoticed by friends of terror.

The series is the brainchild of producer and Director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) and Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman. He has given so far two rounds between 2013 and 2014. The first cycle comprises 13 sarantapentalepta about episodes while the second from 10 of the same duration. Certainly the most resonant actor's name is panypsilis Ollandezas Famke Janssen (X-Men, 100 Feet) next to which even the Landon Liboiron (Altitude), Bill Skarsgård (Behind Blue Skies), Joel de la Fuente (The Happening), Dougray Scott (Hitman) and Kaniehtiio Horn (The Wild Hunt) and others, not particularly well known but certainly notable actors.

hemlock grove 2The developments taking place in the fictional country town of Hemlock Grove Pennsylvania. The city is dominated by the imposing high-rise of Godfrey Institute, a giant company that serves as a scientific centre and hospital. Head of the Scientific Center is a paranoid scientist named Pryce with increased muscular power who makes revolutionary and bizarre scientific experiments. However, owner of the whole company is the imposing Olivia Godfrey (Famke Janssen). This lady is actually a vampire or oypir as they are called in series vampires.

Other characters that play a primary role is Olivia's son, Roman, who is also oypir but has no direct knowledge of his true identity. The distorted, savage but kind-hearted sister of Norman Shelley, a virtually dead girl reconstructed with unorthodox scientific methods of Pryce-something like a female version of Frankenstein's monster. O Peter, a young Gypsy with the ability to transform into a wolf who has moved with his mother to the nearby forest of the city. Olivia's lover, Dr. Norman Godfrey practising psychiatrist. Norman's daughter, Letha, who has become pregnant by a … Angel in the comments. And finally, his cousin Peter, Destiny, a gifted psychic who sees the future through various outlandish gimmicks.

hemlock grove 1

1st cycle

hemlock grove season 1The first cycle of the Hemlock Grove is based on the self-titled Brian McGreevy's book released in 2012. In the mysterious town of Hemlock Grove the violent murder of a young girl from something like a wild animal is causing shock to the local society and mobilising local authorities to search for the perpetrator. Besides the Sheriff, crime and investigated by a mysterious woman who recommended as Dr. Clementine and does not live in the city.

The Peter-strongly rumored that is werewolf-is one of the main suspects for the murder. Despite the suspicions, especially from Dr. Clementine, the young Gypsy joins forces with the son of Olivia in order to find the killer and stop him. But the task won't be easy at all. And while the wild beast continues his lethal blows … who can trust whom in this quaint town where everybody hides strange secrets?

hemlock grove deadThe first season is characterized by rich mystery about the identity of the offender. The horror elements and whodunit-mystery intertwined masterfully, stimulate our divination mood, thus increasing and overall pleasure we get from the series. Another advantage is the wealth of interesting and well-written characters. Their outline is definitely satisfactory and some of them will stay in your memory for long.

The inspiration for the main characters comes from timeless classic horror figures such as the Vampire, the werewolf, the monster of Frankesntain and the paranoid scientist. Along with the main characters, the first circle and recommends us few even minor who is expected to play an important role in what is happening.

In General, the first season is very interesting but make little belly in some episodes. Somewhere given the impression that 13 episodes were too much for those who needed to show us. Because some parapanisies ypoplokes and various other sauces increased unneeded during the season, delaying the progression of events. If contributors had trim flow in 10 episodes, surely the end result would be higher.

Grade: 3.5/5


2nd Cycle

hemlock grove season 2After the shocking events of the first circle, the sequel finds our heroes remote from each other and weary of serious new problems. However, the advent of a mysterious sect of hood that kill specific targets in the Hemlock Grove, motivates some of the protagonists of the first cycle to be reunited and to work together to counter the new threat.

The second circle is upgraded the role of some key characters that played less in the first, while it has changed and the actress who played the distorted Shelley. Personally I'd like more of Shelley first round but tastes. An important role is expected to play a young girl who gets involved in the life of Roman and Peter.

hemlock grove vampire werewolfThe mystery does not cease to exist, and this concerns the motives and identity of the sect are murdering people–mainly young children – in the Hemlock Grove. But in my opinion the interest that builds as the main axis, senariakos is not so big like in the first season. Come across some annoying gaps in the plots of the episodes as well as some unwarranted facilities that break down somewhat the overall picture. I also have objections to the latter, crazy episode that I almost totally lost control by showing one silly scene after another. Moderate I looked also, and some special effects. The gore is increased compared to the moderation of the first cycle. In short the second season are inferior but certainly not indifferent.

Grade: 3/5


However the Hemlock Grove is a good suggestion for friends of horror series. Fresh, renewed forms of classic horror charaktirwm that exploits in leading roles are inspiring, persuasive and winning easily. Despite occasional weaknesses and excesses – especially in the second cycle – manages to entertain us, sometimes shocked and eventually become a nice horror series which has not yet said its last word.
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