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Dexter: The Serial Killer Who Loved!!!

Dexter: The Serial Killer Who Loved!!!


James Manos Jr


Aimee Garcia, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, Desmond Harrington, Erik King, Geoff Pierson, James Remar, Jennifer Carpenter, Julie Benz, Lauren Vélez, Michael C. Hall, Yvonne Strahovski

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Showtime Networks, John Goldwyn Productions, Colleton Company, Clyde Phillips Productions, Devilina Productions

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

55 Minutes




English, Spanish


A Serial Killer with a heart..... just pray it's not yours / No Sin. No Worry / He's got a way with murder / Blood never lies / Anyone has something to hide / Guilt can be a killer.

Σύνολο Σεζόν



2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Dexter Morgan, a blood Analyzer in diaspora of Miami police department who feel perhaps too familiar to every crime scene! Peaceable, reticent and committed, does not seem to be particularly interested in social events around. On the contrary, has passion (though he claims that he cannot feel anything) for the solitary hobbies. Whenever the night unfolds in Miami, he has not been in the mind of a woman, to go out dancing or to become their friends being squashed in a beach bar. Darkness is the perfect camouflage for hunting, hunting and killing murderers who have found refuge in the only place with 20% exichniasmenwn Affairs. Can the police finding it difficult to render justice, but the Dexter de champariazei ..!

The series magnitise the audience stayed with us from 2006 to 2013 with 8 consecutive cycles. What would you say for a review-evaluation of these cycles of one of the most controversial tv anti-heroes?

First Circle

dexter season 1The first masterpiece circle know Dexter (Michael C Hall.) and the key actors in framing. The athyrostomi Ntemp's sister, who fervently wants to become a detective, the benevolent Angel Batista and the dynamic leader of La Gkoyerta, the lewd Masoyka from the Police Department's laboratory, the stiff-necked Ntooyks (which we do pleases Cropper starring us!) and sweet and Dexter's girlfriend Rita damaged, are the backbone of the episodes. Along with the usual hunt for Dexter, come to the surface and elements from his past that is required to manage, together with the key first serial killer series! Who and why leaves dismembered corpses, terrorizing but intrigkaroyn the Dexter?

The first circle is sensational, perhaps the best early rounds television series of all time. Rich in mystery, interesting sub plots, awesome suspense and stunning revelations. There could be no better beginning for this great series!

Rating: 5/5

Second Cycle

dexter season 2After the shocking finale of first cycle, everything seems to work well for Dexter … or maybe not? The Ntooyks insists on his original intuition for Dexter and narrows the straitjacket of monitoring, in order to discover what it is that eventually the protagonist hides us. In parallel, a gruesome discovery brings the FBI on the threshold of the Miami Police Department. He pioneered the ingenious Lanty agent whose Forte is the detection of serial killers! How will Dexter manage all these changes without affecting his personal life?

And this cycle has great suspense. A lot of evidence coming to light, while the secrecy of evening engagement of Dexter hangs by a thread. The positive cycle is included and a mysterious feminine presence complicates the life of Dexter.

Rating: 4.5/5

Third Circle

dexter season 3In the third round watching a justice spokesman, Miguel Prada, comes close to Dexter and discovers aspects of his dark face. Does Dexter has just gained his first real friend with whom I can share everything or does the line between friendship and hatred remain fluid? Uncertain developments fired, while another serial killer nicknamed "the Skinner" keeps us busy, gdernontas his victims!

The third circle is obviously inferior to the previous two. However, it presents enough interest. The contribution of Jimmy Smits (Star Wars, Sons of Anarchy) as Miguel Prada is decisive. The series is still at a high level.

Rating: 4/5

Fourth Circle

dexter season 4Here we are talking about another masterly cycle! The fourth cycle introduces a perhaps leading serial killers of the series, the Trinity (Trinity Killer). The Triad killing following a shocking recurring motif, which is causing tremors and shudders! At the same time, we have the return of Frank Lanty from the 2nd circle in search of Trinity, the time that Dexter tries to keep a balance between family life with Rita and the abominable pastime.

The John Lithgow (Raising Cain, Cliffhanger) plays the role of gourmet paranoid Triad. The episodic meeting with Dexter is the absolute highlight of the entire cycle, immobilizing the viewer until the end.

Rating: 5/5

Fifth Circle

dexter season 5After a strong shock, Dexter is called to return to normal for him. However, a new acquaintance with a woman, potential victim brutal murder, will lead him to a new bloody adventures. The Dexter decides to help the Lumens to avenge the rapists and murderers of the near-miss, who are responsible and for many more abominable acts.

This cycle is the first that lets illustrate severe weaknesses scenario. Certainly the presence of Julia Stiles (The Bourne Supremacy, Mona Lisa Smile) imparts interesting in the fifth cycle, but in no event this season does not reach the high levels of previous cycles.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sixth Circle

dexter season 6The cycle is typical, a Dexter also explores the scope of religion in response to the presence of yet another creepy serial killer. Biblical references of killer named "Doom's Killer Day" intrigue in Dexter and pushing in another episodic and agonizing confrontation. Focusing on existential quests of Dexter is as always the son of Harrison and his future.

The sixth circle remains at previous levels, without some sensational improvement. However, all the money is terrible reversal taking place at the finish and that will trigger major developments then!

Rating: 3.5/5

Seventh Circle

dexter season 7After the terrible discovery of Dexter's identity from his sister, the seventh cycle focuses on the dramatic confrontation between the siblings Morgan! The logic and emotion, the past and present mingle in an explosive mix of developments. In parallel, the La Gkoyerta continues to sculpt the case her beloved Ntooyks and approaching increasingly dark Dexter's identity.

The seventh cycle resumes at a high level and is filled with a variety of conflicting emotions. As La Gkoyerta joins the puzzle pieces, filled with stress and anxiety about the outcome of our favorite anti-hero. The participation of two other major characters do things more spicy. The beautiful femme fatale Hannah who charms the Dexter and the ruthless mobster Circo stalking him promise new interesting tees. The shocking finale marks the best way yet another amazing circle!

Rating: 4.5/5

Eighth Circle

dexter season 8The Dexter cast curtain with the eighth and most controversial circle. The cycle starts with the introduction of a substantial character, this psychiatrist Evelyn Vogel. The Charlotte Rampling masterfully embodies the doctor associated with Dexter's past. The two of them develop a strange partnership, in the context of the effort to discover a still creepy serial killer who removes brain parts from his victims. Hunt gets dramatic dimensions …
This circle received intense criticism and in particular for the finish, which is considered by many junior high expectations. It is true that I was expecting more. The taste that leaves is bittersweet, but that means that the whole circle is indifferent.

Rating: 3/5

In an era where the level of tv series has thrown in rocketing, Dexter has a prominent position. Both the main protagonist Michael C. Hall and the actors who surround us with their remarkable emotions their interpretations. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Dexter is amongst the Pantheon of the best series of all time, along with behemoths like the Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Those who have not been involved in the monitoring of this series, it is imperative to start immediately! The Dexter Morgan is one of the few serial killers who can be loved by the general public and that is no small feat! Personally, I will miss. ..

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