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The dark secrets of the Bedlam – A Ghost Fiasco For Many Snores …

The dark secrets of the Bedlam – A Ghost Fiasco For Many Snores …

by horrormovies.gr24/02/2015

David Allison, Neil Jones, Chris Parker


Matthew Bird


David Allison, Neil Jones, Chris Parker


Theo James, Will Young, Charlotte Salt, Ashley Madekwe, Hugo Speer, Lacey Turner, Jack Roth, Nikesh Patel, Gemma Chan


Vince Pope

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Red Production Company, Sky Living

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος


Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

45 Minutes


United Kingdom




Everyone Has a Dark Side. What terrifying secrets lie within these walls?

Σύνολο Σεζόν



2011, 2012


The title may sound a little heavy, but believe me, the British "Bedlam" or "The dark secrets of Bedlam", as it is the most psarwtikos title of the Greek version, is one of the worst series of supernatural terror of recent years. Although Britain has slashed generally notable series or mini series, this one is totally unacceptable.

Consists of two cycles of six episodes each. Raised between 2011 and 2012 on British network Sky Living. The cast of the first cycle differs from that of the second with a few exceptions. Place the evolution of events is an apartment complex called Bedlam Heights. This building was a lunatic asylum in the past which was closed due to the criminal mistreatment of patients. Since several ghosts of past afflict those who come to stay at the apartments of Bedlam Heights asking redemption for the fatal that happened to them.

Banal theme huh? Indeed. Let's see what they have to tell us the two cycles of the series …

1st cycle

bedlam posterThe course introduces the young residents who share a large apartment of Bedlam Heights and the owner runs around the building. Also, we learn that the owner's family owned and commanded the old asylum with him working there. From young, the primary role played by Jed (James Theo) a temperamental young man who has the ability to see ghosts and the ways in which they died. Important role plays and the owner's daughter who has taken sales and public relations tasks.

In each episode we see at least one ghost to disturb the tranquility of residents. Apart from the inaugural ghost of a driver who died in a deadly conflict, we meet the ghost of the brother of one of the residents who drowned in the nearby river, the ghost of a foodstuff that drowned in the bathtub by mistreatment of physicians, a ghost trapped in the walls of a room, the ghost of a woman who brought her infant outside the bonds of marriage and died during lobotomy and other ghosts.

The Jed taking advantage of the gift (or curse, like one) to see the ghosts and their past, tries to save his roommates from the malevolent intentions of ghosts by correcting or resolving situations connected with the motivations of ghosts. Usually copes but sometimes things get nasty twist.

The big problem of "Bedlam" is not so much in chiliopaigmena subjects and in countless clichés that uses but in grotesque directorial set-up of all episodes. The ghosts are presented with ridiculous way. Their form is kakoftiagmeni in most cases. Another big drawback is scenario. The happenings can't hold your interest with anything and the boredom marching. The logical leaps and facilities give and take ekneyrizontas and ton more bona fide. For example, a woman who is trapped in a wooden Tomb by a ghost, has the luck to find her cell phone right next to her in the grave. It seems the ghost wanted to give her a chance to summon help …

Ridiculous scenes like these plague the entire series. The characters are all obnoxious and their dialogues really anoysioi and youll. The interpretations are from moderate to poor. Procheiroftiagmena are the special effects further mockery.

Rating: 1.5/5

2nd Cycle

bedlam season 2Since the number of fakes a funny excuse to quash the Jed (a collapsed part of the building and killed!) and a few "easy" yet excuses for many of the characters of the first cycle, the new characters that will confront their "awful" (so to speak) ghosts of Bedlam Heights. Of them stands out a nurse suspended that also has the ability to see ghosts and past events associated with them.

The particular fate of the leads in this building and along with a roommate who maintains a blog about the dark past of Bedlam Heights are trying to understand the behaviors of ghosts and to prevent unpleasant situations, not always with success.

And here we see a wide variety such as ghost brides with lethal frustrations, devilishly children with aggressive tendencies, hanging men seeking revenge, priests with sewn mouths and others. The mysterious figure of a man karafloy with a pentalfas-style symbol etched on his head.

The more negative that we mentioned for the first cycle applied to the second except that it is slightly senior to design some ghosts and the unfolding of the plot. For example, the ghosts of the young child and the priest brought out even a small sense of horror as the bald character with the Pentagram. Scenario remains indifferent and naive, just toward the end demonstrates a few nuggets gravity been fullest versus the poor first round. As a whole, however, is below the threshold of mediocrity. Once again the interpretations and the actresses fail.

Rating: 2/5
In conclusion, the "Bedlam" is a very weak, predictable and boring series that can only scare novices in the field of horror and younger age viewers. Trivializes the concepts of the supernatural and ghosts by presenting them with messy manner that artless stinks. If you are looking for a good number of supernatural horror and ghost stories "Bedlam" is definitely not what you're looking for! Away!


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