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Bates Motel – second cycle (2014)

Bates Motel – second cycle (2014)

by 22/04/2015

Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin, Anthony Cipriano


Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell, Nicola Peltz, Ian Tracey, Kenny Johnson, Michael O'Neill, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Kathleen Robertson, Michael Eklund

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

American Genre Film Archive, Kerry Ehrin Productions, Universal Television, A&E Television Networks, Wolper Organization

Γνωστή και ως

Motel Bates

Διάρκεια (μέσος όρος)

45 Minutes






Blood is thicker.



Σύνολο Σεζόν



2013, 2014, 2015


After the success of the first round and the warm reception from the audience, “Bates Motel” and proceeded to the second round of which began in early March of 2014 unfolding new adventures of teenage Norman Bates. These are not physically separated from the dramatic developments that we have seen the dramatic finale of the previous season but are enriched with new touches of drama, suspense and terror that astonish.

The leading cast of the first cycle and stays here, reinforced by new characters, some of whom will play an important role in the evolution of events. Some new names are Michael Eklund (The Call), Michael O ‘ Neill (Dallas Buyers Club), Kathleen Robertson (Everything in Beverly Hills) and Paloma Kwiatkowski (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). The episodes are again 10 to approximately 45 minutes.

Like the first season, so the second inevitably focuses on close-in degree of psychosis-Norman’s relationship with his mother Norma. A relationship that transcends the boundaries of normal love being something above, as though it is inconspicuous. A relationship that can reach the limits of murder or of masking this as and when it happens. Emerging ypoplokes assist in unwrapping the central narrative and show more “serious” than those we saw in the first season.

Horror Trivia

In turn each family member Bates has murdered at least one person!

The positive with the series is that the second cycle improved by offering better generally episodes with richer suspenseful and many intense moments. Clearly shows more full than the first and also a remarkable cycle. But the second has some obvious upper episodes like the two last style was not the first. Interpretations vary again in expected high levels with the well-tuned duo Vera Farmiga-Freddie Highmore to gaining in popularity once again.

The most serious drawback that distinction is somewhat cursory and incomplete use of some characters who are not joined in the most effective way to events. Whether this was done out of necessity because the actors had other obligations or due to conscious choice of officers leaving a slight sense of “emptiness” in history without, however, affecting significantly its cohesion. Those who are well liked in the first cycle of “Bates Motel” and more generally those you see with a positive eye a modernized prequel of Mythology of ‘ Psycho ‘ will find very interesting and the second circle.


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Very good performances, the most frequent ' Metamorphoses ' Norman's second personality "Mothering" causing terror, high suspense and some very dynamically as the last two episodes of this cycle.


The underconsumption of few characters as Norma's brother.

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