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The 15 Greatest horror films With Werewolves

The 15 Greatest horror films With Werewolves

by horrormovies.gr15/04/2014

Werewolf! Such a majestic, wild and terrifying monster horror cinema's team that surprisingly has not been exploited to the extent of. It is true that horror movies werewolf genre are relatively few compared with those that showcase other famous film "monsters" like vampires, zombies, ghosts, etc. This paradox may be causing a negative surprise in the world "lykanthrwpofiloys" after you actually wonder why such a terrible and extremely powerful monster as traditionally is not the werewolf was never one of the most common choices of filmmakers. The whole picture looks like a scene's restraint State of terror which leaves sidelined one of the most powerful cards.

Of course-and to put things into perspective – have been released and many weak business in the sub-category of werewolf movies that don't have convinced the public. The mediocrity of a portion of releases, however, cannot obscure the highly valued material that exists and which is entitled to promotion and recognition. In this context, therefore, the horrormovies.gr tried to stand out for the readers of the 15 best horror movies with werewolves who we think deserve your attention. Some of them contained in our list are timeless "must see" horror film that every friend of quality horror must ticked. We note also that the following 15ada does not include sequels but only the first films. Perhaps after reading the list, several friends of horror to see more positive eye the werewolves. For here we go! Oh, and remember to bring along a silver weapon during reading. You never know who might be a werewolf. Maybe the neighbor next door …


Big Bad Wolf (2006)

big bad wolf movie posterAlthough it is not very old, "Big Bad Wolf" is relatively unknown in Greece. We hope that with this tribute would become best-known as a pleasant surprise mini from a later era that deserves attention. After the dynamic introduction where a werewolf unleashes the violent attack on a small group of hunters somewhere in the jungles of Cameroon, the film carries us into the home of a young man called Derek militarisation activities who lives with his mother and his stepfather. The young man arranges with his friends a trip to his stepfather's cabin. There are victims of a aimodipsoys lykanthrwpoy … speaks (!) and only the rokoy Derek with his girlfriend rescued. Then the two guys are starting to suspect that his stepfather is Derek were responsible for the carnage and with the help of his uncle Derek (who survived from the initial assault in Cameroon) trying to eliminate him. But the dreadful were not eating koytochorto and prepares the counterattack …

Certainly the "Big Bad Wolf" has arranged xecheilwmata and few other disadvantages, with main lykanthrwpoy's speech that seems utterly incongruous in movie lykanthrwpias. Ultimately, however, the project manages to win our sympathy with the pleasant stream, the youthful air of, notable characters and rich gore. Especially the latter is all the money, with violent decapitation, maiming and anatrichiastikoys juicy xekoiliasmata to raise the index of bloodshed soared. Splatter fans surely will katabroyn. But fans of horror lykanthrwpikoy generally earn another remarkable movie on possible choices.

Directed by: Lance W. Dreesen.
Writer: Lance W. Dreesen.
Cast: Trevor Duke-Moretz, Kimberly J. Brown, Richard Tyson.

The Wolfman (2010)

(The Werewolf)

the wolfman 2010Ok, can the specific classic remake "The Wolf Man" 1941 "lacks authenticity and freshness, but it is an enjoyable horror film where the imposing power of lykanthrwpwn delivering efetzidika and impresses with excellent image offering today's sophisticated effects. Let's not forget the excellent ensemble cast that elevates the quality index high, leaving a glimpse of competence and satisfaction for the great spectacle witnessed. The Benicio Del Toro as the protagonist son who returns to his hometown, Anthony Hopkins in the role of estranged father, Emily Blunt as the tragic brother's fiancee son repatriated and atsalakwtos Hugo Weaving in the role of Inspector Aberline history form along with the rest of the cast a strong team with efficient presence keeps us pleasant company throughout the duration of the film.

The dark photo, the dull atmosphere, satiating effect, the meticulous effects and an awesome duel between lykanthrwpwn promise a fun evening. Despite the CAW of the critics and the box office failure, "The Wolfman" is a remake of those who respect the past and have a meaningful existence, something that for many remakes can't be said easily. Use interesting scenario variations compared to the original film that make showing independent and nonpartisan. We recall also that tsimpise and an Academy Award for best makeup. Eh, do you not think that worth to give it a chance?

Director: Joe Johnston.
Screenplay: Andrew Kevin Walker, David Self.
Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt.

Werewolf Of London (1935)

(The Wolf Of London)

werewolf of london posterSuper prewar terror waiting patiently in the dark to the discover … Can the ' The Wolf Man ' to 1941 is remembered as the number one classic film lykanthrwpias of Universal, but the history of great company has proved the existence of an even great film similar content with remarkable heritage. The reason for the "Werewolf Of London" (reminds you of something the title?) 1935 that has remained unjustly hidden under the shadow of "The Wolf Man". The sidelined "Werewolf Of London"-which is the first popular Hollywood film on the lykanthrwpia-tells the story of a Londrezoy botanist who was looking for a rare herb in the mountains of Tibet, was bitten by a werewolf sticking the disease of lykanthrwpias. After his return to England will terrify the London having been transformed into a werewolf. Does there is salvation from the curse that has overwhelmed?

The film was inter alia due to the great similarity with the classic film ' Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ' was released three years earlier, but surely the distinctive quality is not only a negligible. The minimalist make-up of lykanthrwpoy allows the emergence of a variety of facial expressions by presenting a more humanized beast and it blends well with the dramatic and emotional story that unfolds until the advent of the tragic finale. The influence of "Werewolf Of London" on the subsequent flow of cinema has to demonstrate the horror film masterpiece "An American Werewolf of London" (1981) and the sequel "An American Werewolf In Paris" (1997), but it doesn't stop there. Beyond cinema film to inseminate the classic song "Werewolves Of London" by Warren Zevon rock artist, a video game with a similar name while twice became a novel.

Directed by Stuart Walker.
Screenplay: John Colton.
Cast: Henry Hull, Warner Oland, Valerie Hobson.

Bad Moon (1996)

(The Werewolf)

bad moonStarring Mariel Hemingway and the role of lykanthrwpoy the Michael Pare, the "Bad Moon" tells the dramatic story of a photojournalist who contracted the "curse" of lykanthrwpoy and every night is transformed into the familiar aimodipses hairy Monster. Wanting to feel the family love, the man behind the werewolf moves to caravan next to his sister's House. But the dog understands the horrid second brother's jewelery, identity and tries to protect herself and her little son from the bestial appetites of lykanthrwpoy. "Bad Moon" stays in history mainly for two reasons: 1) attempts to demystify some of the cliches of the legend around the werewolves as the transformation only when there is a full moon or the importance of silver in killing them. In this film have no effect and there is even a scene himself were the taunts in human form. 2) Leaves broad scope for action to the dog who decisively influence developments. Note here that in the novel (Thor) where the "Bad Moon" the facts narrated by the dog's perspective.

Generally this is an lykanthrwpias film you see comfortably from a wider audience and boasts dynamic characters, especially the personality of lykanthrwpoy who strives to get rid of the ' curse ', being the tragic figure of the film. There are scenes of high intensity and suspense but more emotional moments that are touching. The werewolf is menacing and terrifying appearance look and if the transformation effects were more meticulous you were talking about very great movie. Even so the "Bad Moon remains a good choice for anyone who wants lykanthrwpiko terror within an intriguingly tight-knit story. Browse to the.

Directed by Eric Red.
Screenplay: Eric Red.
Cast: Mariel Hemingway, Michael Paré, Mason Gamble.

The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961)

(The Curse Of Lykanthrwpoy)

The Curse Of The WerewolfFrom rare Hammer Films of historical entries in the lykanthrwpias field. "The Curse of the Werewolf" seems lonely but separate, since it has all the necessary elements that wants the grave tainiofilos: atmospheric and elegant direction, tight script and great actors with the great Oliver Reed to shouldering the difficult role of lykanthrwpoy with impressive results. The peculiarity of the film lies in acquisition of lykanthrwpias rather than biting lykanthrwpoy as happens very often in films of the genre, but because "the wretched" birth of a man who had the misfortune to come into the world outside the sacred bonds of marriage, on Christmas day. The werewolf is the ' forbidden ' fruit of the intimate Union of a woman with a decadent beggar, with Katara accompanies him from the gennofaskia without hope of redemption … Or maybe she is in love with a woman?

Yes, the movie despite the seemingly wild nature of features and touches of eroticism in perfect analogy with horror elements. The action may be relatively little but this paradoxically does not bother, since the strength of the film lies in the emotional and intensely dramatic unfolding story masterfully from the childhood of lykanthrwpoy and kalogrammenoys characters that support. Despite the decades that carries well on his back, "The Curse of the Werewolf" can be seen and pleasantly from the current viewer. Perhaps some chalastoyn from the outdated lykanthrwpias effects, but looking at the underlying film is very easy to comprehend his greatness.

Directed by Terence Fisher.
Screenplay: Anthony Hinds.
Cast: Clifford Evans, Oliver Reed, Yvonne Romain.

Wolf (1994)

wolfAnother underrated film that met with rigor and suspicion. This is the "Wolf" by Mike Nichols, who presents as the "Werewolf Of London" a clearly more humanized form lykanthrwpoy within a solid history with intrigue, emotion and tension. And only the film stars that make up the cast make the "Wolf" attractive option for monitoring and let's not be the best movie lykanthrwpias. Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Christopher Plummer, compose the glamorous cast of "Wolf" and their interpretations with full promise the least an interesting film that knows how to artfully develops her characters.

The case revolves around a headway recently and keratwmeno writer who was bitten by a Wolf, sticking the usual symptoms lykanthrwpias. Woe to anyone who tries to get into the under eye of vengeance who wants to take on the evils that they found him. The ' imilykanthrwpiki ' side of Nicholson is fitting with the wild characteristics of the great actor (see e.g. wool a la Wolverine phase or that separate menacing look) which we enjoy in many brutal scenes here. Certainly we would have preferred the pattern of integrated and most awe-inspiring transformations, but despite the timid option of coefficients regarding the Visual realization of lykanthrwpias, the film is unconvincing in overall dimension. Synypologiste and the wonderful soundtrack of Ennio Morricone usual suspect and have another reason to bother with the ' Wolf '.

Director: Mike Nichols.
Screenplay: Jim Harrison, Wesley Strick.
Cast: Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader.

The Beast Must Die (1974)

(The Beast Must Die)

beast must die posterFrom the historical British company Amicus Productions comes this charming mystery and horror film. Specifically belongs to the last period of filmic and activity here deals with the issue of lykanthrwpias, a revamp of the cleverly with whodunit ingredients. Agatha Christie's influence is evident in "The Beast Must Die" only that here instead of man killer, we are dealing with a werewolf. The case revolves around five people invited to the summer residence of a rich Hunter and his wife. There laboring hunter reveals that one of his guests is a werewolf and he intends to find him and kill him. The House is closely monitored by cameras but this doesn't prevent any werewolf to launch bloody work as the full moon is approaching …

So what if due to limited budget used a German Shepherd to impersonate Lycus in the metamorphoses of the offender? The charming mystery surrounding the identity of offender excites while the original trick that makes the film toward the finale pausing 30 seconds to guess the viewer the guilty, gives unique sweetness. In other words you cannot not sympathiseis this movie despite her mikroproblimata. Entries like this of the beloved Peter Cushing make it even more attractive. It is worthwhile to search for this forgotten film. Will guess correctly the werewolf?

Directed by: Paul Annett.
Screenplay: Michael Winder.
Cast: Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing, Marlene Clark.

The Company Of Wolves (1984)

(The Company Of Wolves)

company of wolves posterThe second full length movie great Neil Jordan belongs to the lykanthrwpiko terror but surely is something more than an ordinary horror movie with Werewolves. Based on making tale of Angela Carter, "The Company of Wolves" tells several Folklore stories that highlight the lykanthrwpia but with this and particularly issues that raise Freudian analyses as the end of childhood innocence, fear of sexuality or desire for her. Also presents a nuanced version of the tale of little Red Riding Hood, custom in horror contexts.

Generally this is an exquisite horror tale with unusual structure, breathtaking scenery, beautiful costumes, dreamlike atmosphere of Gothic aesthetics and remarkable characters of whom the protagonist ' Red Riding Hood ' Sarah Patterson and talkative grandmother, Angela Lansbury. Of course, despite its fairytale mood, the film shows where and where the hardest face with some violent decapitation for example, but the spearhead is the dynamic of narration and in prominent characters. Probably some of you, after watching the "The Company of Wolves" to not see with the same eye those people have joined eyebrows. XE XE …

Director: Neil Jordan.
Writer: Angela Carter, Neil Jordan.
Cast: Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Sarah Patterson.

The Wolf Man (1941)

wolf man 1941This historic Universal film proved crucial in the establishment of lykanthrwpias as an accepted and important offshoot of horror in the collective consciousness of friends of world horror scene. Amassing a brilliant cast of stars of the era, "The Wolf Man" brings out the lykanthrwpia in his own unique way of laying the foundations for a dynamic follow-up, regardless if the prospective filmmakers hesitate to engage frequently and seriously with this issue. The Lon Chaney Jr undertakes to carry out a historic mission that established him firmly and participating in worthwhile sequels that succeeded the original film. Impersonates the Larry Talbot who returns to his hometown in Wales following the death of his brother to be reconciled with the capricious father. There is bitten by a Wolf and the curse of the lykanthrwpias affect him directly. The next nights transforms into a werewolf and soylatsarei in the vicinity with wild moods. Entries of Claude Rains in the role of his father and Evelyn Ankers on role instant of desire make the film even more pungent and dramatic. Worth mentioning is the brief participation of the great Lugosi Bela.

In "The Wolf Man" became the most rich make-up that gave even more monstrous nature in werewolf versus the more humanized picture of the earlier "Werewolf Of London". However even the Werewolves of horror cinema remained in normal human stature but still retain their aggressiveness. Of course, we don't expect here nor bloodshed, nor impressive action scenes like those found in later films with Werewolves. "The Wolf Man" charms utilizing mostly dense and foggy atmosphere, and projecting them well-done characters. Its duration is short for today's standards, but considering the age of the film and that the werewolf idiom was still in its infant stage, experimental understand easily the restraint that exists. It is worth noting that in this film began to highlight role of silver in the successful treatment of lykanthrwpias. Respect to the classics!

Directed by George Waggner.
Writer: Curt Siodmak.
Actors: Lon Chaney Jr, Claude Rains, Warren Williams, Ralph Bellamy.

Silver Bullet (1985)

(Silver Ball)

silver bulletThe 80s is perhaps the best Decade of movies with Werewolves, judging by a combination of quantity-quality. In the great werewolf movies released this decade we meet and the wonderful "Silver Bullet" from the pen of Stephen King's horror poetry King. But the film itself is based in King's book entitled "Cycle of the Wolf". In "Silver Bullet", a grisly werewolf terrorizes the fictional town of Tarker's Mills in Maine and a disabled boy tries to convince those around him about the existence of the terrible beast, but nobody believes him. Expected everyone thinks that this is a wild animal of the forest and only the boy knows the truth. The werewolf knowing that the boy "knows" prepares the next hit for the boy, his sister and their uncle with whom they reside two children.

The narrative structure of "Silver Bullet" with the boy's sister to recounts the events, originally deemed successful. The werewolf from Design view isn't the best we've seen, however, the close-ups on his face revealing a scowling and particularly menacing stare that freezes the blood. Another remarkable feature of the "Silver Bullet" is the whodunit format after the werewolf is the second identity of one of the city's inhabitants and the viewer will find it hard to avoid mantepsies. The film also touches on the issue satisfactorily the dual personalities and retaining the clichés of stories lykanthrwpias as the silver ball as the ultimate lethal weapon against a werewolf. Certainly talking about a good choice in the field of werewolves, with pleasant stream, a great cast and a few scenes of extreme gore raises the hazard index "significantly".

Directed by: Daniel Attias.
Writer: Stephen King.
Cast: Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Corey Haim.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

(The Transfiguration)

ginger snapsAt the dawn of the nineties turned up this particular film lykanthrwpias from Canada and soon gained the status of cult. The "Ginger Snaps" is definitely layered and looked for work that showcases smartly through a dynamic story lykanthrwpias diverse topics like the turbulent adolescence, the emergence of sexuality and brotherly love. The two girls starring give excellent performances, full of emotion, intensity and passion. Impersonating two sisters who delight in a peculiar culture of death and Gothic aesthetics. When the older sister named Ginger is bitten by a werewolf a night with a full moon, the younger sister of trying to find an antidote with the help of a drug manufacturer. Meanwhile the Ginger can't hold back the momentum and the carnivorous appetite and indulging in an expected bloody feast.

The film gets a lot of points from the dynamic characters and dramatic development without sacrificing the lykanthrwpikes implications. This satisfactory balance lykanthrwpikis hermeneutics of narrative and action/force is rather the recipe for his success. The Werewolves of "Ginger Snaps" is perhaps unusual hairless at compared to traditional lykanthrwpwn figures that we've seen, but they retain the sense of threat and a pretty frightening picture. There is rich, while gore is neatly and effects the which – and this is remarkable – does not include CGI but additives and make-up.

Director: John Fawcett.
Screenplay: Karen Walton, John Fawcett.
Cast: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche.

Wolfen (1981)


wolfen"Wolfen" isn't exactly a movie with Werewolves but with something very similar. These are ancient entities that survive to this day having become object of folklore indianikoy. These entities are responsible for a series of mysterious deaths recorded in New York City. The signs of the victims indicate that the deaths came from wild animals, and a detective assigned to solve the mystery and reach the source of evil. But his effort is proving extremely difficult since it has to deal with is something different, incomprehensible, something that transcends the human force.

"Wolfen" is dark, ambient and mystical at the same time achieving the involvement of urban and supernatural elements through philosophical path of Amerindian thought and culture. Superb musical themes accompany the film while pioneering downloads through the eyes of lethal creatures of giving separate color. Serious and interpretations from the generally remarkable group of actors. It should be monitored by friends of horror and lykanthrwpikoy don't have to do with purebred werewolves here. The tradition includes the solid "Wolfen" in werewolf repertoire. Besides, wolves and wild animals in general are an integral part of the folklore indianikoy. There is no reason to go against tradition. Just enjoy this wonderful film.

Directed by: Michael Wadleigh.
Screenplay: David Eyre, Michael Wadleigh.
Cast: Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Edward James Olmos.

The Howling (1981)

(The Howling)

howlingJust one out of the top films of the idiom. ' The Howling ' talented Joe Dante combines beautifully lykanthrwpia, horror, dark atmosphere, eroticism and wildlife in an unforgettable mixture that is impossible not to touch. "The Howling" tells the dramatic and frightening story of a news presenter who after a traumatic injury and near-miss deadly encounter with a serial killer, goes for ' psychotherapy ' in a freakish outdoor community outside the city. There will come to shocking discoveries about the area and its inhabitants. Discoveries associated with lykanthrwpia course and it ensures our Dante to communicate in a variety of ways. Sometimes with well-designed sketches wolves, sometimes with terrifying screams wolves from the depths of the forest and much more terrifying faces lykanthrwpwn that dominate imposingly.

The outstanding ensemble cast lends seriousness in "The Howling" by mobilizing both exceptional quality transformations (enviable even today) and 2-3 more monumental scenes Anthology (where he successfully used up and cartoons as an effect!) shows the sharp teeth of with pride and grandeur. This is a film that is rightly very high in the esteem of his friends old, atmospheric terror. That is not the shocking finale leaves everyone aposbolwmenoys and probably is the best ending horror movie with Werewolves. Must see!

Directed by: Joe Dante.
Screenplay: John Sayles, Terence Winkless. H.
Cast: Dee Wallace, Patrick Mcnee, Dennis Dugan.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

(Full moon)

dog soldiers 2002When a horror film becomes very soon "cult" in the collective conscience of friends of terror, then its value must be huge. The case is awesome and already classic "Dog Soldiers" of aspiring British filmmaker Neil Marshall where did the big surprise in the first half of the nineties. In this film the Marshall combines horror and action into an explosive mixture that cannot pass unnoticed by anyone. The case is following a group of soldiers who have come out for war exercise in the Scottish Highlands but soon ends up in a shack in the Woods where they are defending their lives than a herd aimodipswn lykanthrwpwn who were besieging them.

The relentless tempo, the constant action with generous doses of gore, the imposing lykanthrwpoy with the brutish, dog's face and an interesting tipping toward the finale promises over 100 minutes of entertainment, guided by the directorial mastery of Marshall. Credit must be given to actors who stand satisfactorily to the occasion as well as the beautiful photo of forested environment that infuses the film with menacing atmosphere moments that our action leaves little room for breaths. With the "Dog Soldiers" the lykanthrwpofiloi have another great movie to boast. Don't miss it!

Movie Review

Director: Neil Marshall.
Writer: Neil Marshall.
Cast: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby.

An American Werewolf In London (1981)

(An American Werewolf In London)

american werewolf in londonHopefully, we reached the long awaited winner of this tribute. Pretty much predictable option will tell anyone and I have and right. How to do different though as the masterly John Landis's movie is a click – perhaps even more – than the other? It has everything: terror, jazz, rich gore, unbeatable transformation effects (major component for lykanthrwpias films), rapid pace, well-written history, engaging characters, a great photo from the Welsh countryside and menacing atmosphere, especially towards the beginning where the foggy moorlands is highlighted as the first place of "crime", i.e. the area of the attack of lykanthrwpoy on two travellers. Around the tragic fates of these two friends from the U.S. revolves "An American Werewolf In London". The two Americans as they sailed in the English countryside were attacked by a werewolf resulting in the violent death of one and the injury of another. The injured American is transported to hospital in London but is not so lucky as he thought as it is contaminated by onslaught of lykanthrwpoy and in the upcoming full moon is about to transform himself into a werewolf and to terrorize London.

Landis's film is incredibly addictive and bored to see again and again. From the highlights are the hallucinations of the protagonist that was bitten by the werewolf. Therein is visited by his dead friend and other victims after his first transformation. They motivate him to put an end to his life in order to avoid new bloodshed playing alongside the remorse. Despite the comedic disposition, the protagonist's drama that derives from the inevitable fate of transmitted successfully to the viewer according to film the necessary emotional injections. Wonderful is the soundtrack with jazz, blues and rock sounds to accompany us but the top moment is none other than the legendary hero's transformation into a werewolf. The stunning effects by Rick Baker master gave the film the Oscar for best makeup for 1981 and remain convincing even today. Let's stop here praise them but once we could write endless katebata for historical film of Landis. It's simply criminal omission not to have seen ' An American Werewolf In London ", the best film ever shot lykanthrwpias …

Director: John Landis.
Screenplay: John Landis.
Cast: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Joe Belcher.

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