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Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part III – Vincent Price

Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part III – Vincent Price

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Vincent Price

The Vincent Leonard Price Jr., an American actress, born on May 27, 1911. He is known for his highly distinctive voice but also for roles that portrayed in horror movies in the last years of his career. He was born in St Louis Missouri's. and is the youngest of four brothers. He studied in St. Louis Country Day School. He graduated in 1933 from Yale University, having a degree in art history. After a year of teaching, enters the University of London in order to gain a Masters degree in fine arts. But instead, the WINS the theatre. His first appearance on stage was in 1934. His career as an actor of the theatre started in London in 1935 where he played with Orson Welles's Mercury Theatre.

Although his name was linked with horror movies, the Price began to play as a co-star. His first appearance in film was in 1938 to Service de luxe but was established when he played in the film Laura (1944). His first appearance in the horror film was the 1939 together with Boris Karloff in the Tower of London. The next year starred in The invisible man returns. He played the villain in many film noir but his favorite role was when he played in the movie Champagne for Caesar. Also participated in radio broadcasts, making Simon Templar in The saint, by 1947 1951.

vincent price house of wax

House of Wax

In 1950 he did turn to horror films with his role in House of wax (1953). It was he who first starred in House on haunted hill (1959), as the eccentric millionaire Fredrick Loren. He played in several horror films like The mad magician (1954), The fly (1958), return of the fly (1959), The tingler (1959) and in radio drama Three skeleton key. Apart from his roles in horror films, starred and The ten commandments. Also the television year 1955-1956, he made three appearances in the tv series Crossroads.

In the 1960s, turned a large number of low-budget horror film with Roger Corman, starting with the successful House of Usher (1960) which led on to star in other adaptations of works by Edgar Allan Poe as the pit and The pendulum the (1961), Tales of terror (1962), The comedy of terrors (1963), The raven (1963) , The masque of the red death (1964) and the Tomb of Ligeia (1965). Starred in The last man on earth (1964) the first stage adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel I am legend, and in 1968 he played the Inquisitor in witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins.

vincent price dr phibes

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Often spoke with great affection for his role as an Egghead in the television series Batman. Besides his appearance in this series, he participated in other 1980s series such as Get Smart, F troop, The man from U. N. C. L. E and Voyage to the bottom of the sea. At the beginning of the 1970s starred in a series of mystery and horror of the BBC, The price of fear. Appeared in a Canadian broadcast for children to The hilarious house of Frightstein (1971). He played in The abominable Dr Phibes. (1971), Dr Phibes rises again. (1972) and Theatre of blood (1974) which was fine in the role of a serial killer. Also recorded dramatized readings of small stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Lowered enough job regarding horror films since 1975, since the kind of horror show had a relative downturn. Increased activity as narrator and in 1975 his voice is heard in the first solo disc of Alice Cooper Welcome to my nightmare. In October 1976, appears as a guest on an episode of The Muppet Show. In 1982 he participated in the album Michael Jackson, Thriller, 1983 co-starred with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and John Caraddine at the House of the long shadows. One of the biggest and most popular roles were that gave voice to Professor Ratigan in Walt Disney film, The great mouse detective (1986). 1985 lent his voice to the series The 13 ghosts of Scooby-Doo, the mysterious Vincent Van Ghoul. To 1987 starred with Betty Davis in the Whales of August where he won the unique prize of his career, this is the best Role Symprwtagwnistikoy. In 1989 he entered the St Louis Walk of Fame. The last of the major role was that of the inventor in the movie Edward Scissorhands (1990).

vincent price lifeThe Price was married three times. Had a son from his first marriage and a daughter from his second. His third wife Coral Browne, was one of the victims in the film Theatre of Blood. For the sake of became Catholic and that for the sake of became an American citizen. Loved art and was a collector. He suffered from emphysema, because that was a smoker, and Parkinson's disease. The symptoms of the disease was particularly prominent during the filming of the film Edward Scissorhands. Died of lung cancer on October 25, 1993, at the UCLA Medical Centre at the age of 82 years. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered at Point Dume in Malibu California's.

A great actor who has left unforgettable for his distinctive voice, poise and his gaze. Each interpretation of riveting, each role of the Concussive, every appearance remains etched in our memory. Exudes a nobility and generosity. That and to say to him would be a bit. The only thing we can do is simply to see the movies and enjoy. I try to think of what I could suggest movies to see and I find it hard enough. The list is great. Me, however, my favorite is the Theatre of blood.

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Προτεινόμενες ταινίες:

1. House of Wax (1953)
2. The Fly (1958)
3. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
4. The Tingler (1959)
5. House of Usher (1960)
6. The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
7. Tales of Terror (1962)
8. The Raven (1963)
9. The Last Man on Earth (1964)
10. The Masque of the Red Death (1964)
11. Witchfinder General (1968)
12. The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)
13. Theatre of Blood (1973)
14. House of the Long shadows (1983)

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