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10 (+ 1) Horror hidden treasures That we must Discover – Part 2

10 (+ 1) Horror hidden treasures That we must Discover – Part 2

by horrormovies.gr31/01/2016

After the "excavation" of our first afierwmatos for precious treasures of terror, it is time to renew our efforts.'s editorial team conducted a new survey of remote and recent past of horror cinema with a view to bringing to light other ten little-known or rare horror movies (along with another ' bonus ' movie) that we think deserve your attention.

In this tribute we traveled again in various countries of the world such as Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Sweden and the UNITED STATES, locating horror films that for various reasons have remained – unfairly lump us – in "darkness". So we present to you other 10 (+ 1) horror treasures waiting to be discovered. Good reading!


The Pit (1981)

the pitCan find it ' baby ', naive, funny, fake, and many others, but surely you can't not take the hat for its originality. "The Pit" is a very unusual case that alone creates a strong desire to see whole despite the professed kitsch character. What we have here then? A young boy who falls victim to taunt, teasing and ill-treatment by classmates and relatives in the nearby woods discovers a pit with content … carnivorous humanoid monsters! Initially the feeding of meat market but then enriches their menu with people throwing at deviously pit many of the undesirables who harmed.

The movie may be filmed in the USA, but its origin is Canada. To enjoy should not take it very seriously. However, the originality of the film and the very good performance by the Snyders Summy stood in the role of mentally deranged boy managed to make a small circle of loyal followers maintained until today. The finale is also superb busting irony he needed …

Directed By: Lew Lehman.
Writer: Ian Stuart A..
Cast: Sammy Snyders, Jeannie Elias, Sonja Smits.

Les Raisins De La Mort (1978)

(The grapes of death)

les raisins de la mortThe France decided to deal with the zombie and this here is one of the first films of the country who grapple with RAID zombies. Basically not just zombies but people with a zombie offensive behavior which metallachtikan due to a defective pesticide used in the vineyards of a provincial area. Watching "Les Raisins De La Mort" by cult Director Jean Rollins (La Morte Vivante) likely to revise your opinion for good French wine!

Beyond the plate, can the film be displays weaknesses as the plot or in zombie makeup, but overall manages to win our prepending the extensive gore, rotting atmosphere, the dismal photo from the French countryside and an exciting Chase from the very beginning where the protagonist is attacked on the train by a villager-zombies. The sequel focuses on the heroine's attempt to escape from the infected villagers in surrounding villages and offers many bloody and dramatic moments at the same time. If they were a little more fast streaming will enjoyed more. However friends of zombies and the old cult film Let's take a look. Certainly will not lose time.

Director: Jean Rollin.
Screenplay: Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Jean Rollin, Christian Meunier.
Cast: Marie-Georges Félix Marten, Pascal, Serge Marquand.

The Ghost Breakers (1940)

(Ghost Hunter)

the ghost breakersGo now to the familiar US but in a very distant past and in quite a different movie that came from play. This is the "The Ghost Breakers", one of the earliest examples of traditional choyligoyntianis comedy-horror and one of the best movies of the multifunctional Bob Hope. Of course, this film is not only in the comedy-horror category as it contains elements of mystery and detective, and a few mafia. All these are combined seamlessly, within an elaborate written screenplay and with a floating directed the film rolling SA water.

"The Ghost Breakers" follows the beautiful heir (Paulette Goddard), a mansion in Cuba, her retainer and a police reporter who travels to the site of the estate of the woman to protect her. You see, some mysterious events that preceded creating insecurity for the young heir. Essentially the film becomes horror in the last 30 minutes when the 3 protagonists exploring the vast mansion of heir and faced with horrendous images. Eventually be haunted mansion or someone trying to prevent the heir and the companionship with underhand methods? Not confusing the chronology. See and you'll enjoy with your soul. Note also the participation of Anthony Quinn.

Director: George Marshall.
Screenplay: Walter DeLeon.
Cast: Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Richard Carlson.

Chopping Mall (1986)

chopping mallThis film is plasmeno by the labour of a highly productive mov s B filmmaker and is not an exaggeration to say that is one of the top jobs. The "Chopping Mall" by Jim Wynorski may be B movie but is one of those ftiniarikes goystareis movies to see and pass well. The crazy case in ' forcing ' watching you want we want. A shopping centre has installed a security system in addition to rolls and includes … three robots that control and approve who enters the site.

Although the goal of the system is the inhibition of the action of bandits/criminals at the Mall, a glitch in the system after Thunder fall turns robots into killing machines that kill whatever is in the Center. The chabales starts with the eve of a new group in the Center after the demise of that instead of revelry will come face to face with the killer robot in an explosive battle that promises plenty of gore and plenty of fun!

Directed By: Jim Wynorski.
Screenplay: Jim Wynorski, Steve Mitchell.
Actresses: Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Todd Russell.

The Tunnel (2011)

the tunnelWe travel now in faraway Australia to Pierce a relatively new but not-so-known brilliance. This is the "The Tunnel" which became an oasis in saturated found footage idiom. The facts presented in documentary style with survivors to give an interview to a reporter but simultaneously we see and the horrific footage that recorded survivors themselves with their camera when they went to investigate the banned underground tunnel in Sydney. Wanted in their mission after a seemingly unnecessary Government's reluctance to use water from the tunnel for tackling water scarcity afflicting the region.

The film is extremely exciting and terrifying. Interpretations very vivid and highly implausible. The moments when the actors reporter coming face to face with the deadly threat that lurks in the dark tunnel is given with great intensity and awesome realism. The kryftokynigito tunnel in the block. The end simply moves …

Director: Carlo Ledesma.
Writer: Enzo Tedeschi, Julian Harvey.
Actors: Deliá Bel, Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis.

Targets (1968)

(O 13th Goal)

targets 1968We return to the US to see one of the last films of the legend of Boris Karloff horror scene. These are the "Targets" of 1968 in which Karloff anymore ogdontachronos gave another great interpretation, from the countless the eye-popping career, despite the obvious fatigue and health problems faced then. The theme of the film is quite different from what we are accustomed, completely removed from the gothic horror. However, never ceases to thrill and amaze. Indeed, a film in which the elderly actor visits a drive-in cinema to be faced with a paranoid shooter that kills people without exception and without remorse only pleasant surprise may be considered.

The "Targets" has elements of metafilm, i.e. refers to real films such as Karloff's classic "The Terror" (1963), although the Karloff bring a different name as a character here, inspired by the count Orlok of "Nosferatu" (1922). The gusts of the shooter, originally at passing cars and then to viewers of drive-in, increase the anguish and fear being the main entertainment of the beholder. Also note that the film's release coincided chronologically with the murders (also by shots) of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 (although the shooting had been completed by 1967) something that made even more timely and potentially shocking to the audience of the season.

Director: Peter Bogdanovich.
Screenplay: Peter Bogdanovich, Samuel Fuller.
Actors: Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Arthur Peterson.

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

(The Monster from the beyond)

beast from 20000-fathomsThis is a movie of inestimable value in terms of the movies with giant monsters that flooded the American and not only cinema in the 1950s. "The Beast From 20.000 Fathoms" is a landmark film in the category of monster movies of the old horror film and fiction. Thanks to substantial commercial success encouraged the film industry to deal with the monster movies so aeimnista inseminated cult gems like "Them!" (1954), "It Came from Beneath the Sea" (1955), "Tarantula" (1955) "20 Million Miles to Earth" (1957) and of course the classic "Godjilla" (1954) of Japanese cinema that would later built his own legend with innumerable related movies.

The nuclear experiments are one of the "hot" topics of the times and the creators of "The Beast From 20.000 Fathoms" exploit brilliantly giving life to a fictional dinosaur species who woke up from the sleep of icy which initially strikes the North Atlantic to arrive in New York. If you don't mind outdated effects (for the season too well though) the film can easily entertain you as it contains many scenes of anthology like crash of a lighthouse by the dinosaur or a bloody battle between an Octopus and a shark! He is a dinosaur eye catcher! Note also the participation of Lee Van Cleef great!

Directing: Eugène Lourié.
Screenplay: Lou Morheim, Fred Freiberger.
Cast: Paul Hubschmid, Paula Raymond, Cecil Kellaway.

Mirage (1990)


mirage 1990The "Mirage" is the definition of dyseyretis film. Lost in the depths of the stack dusty video tapes to an unspecified video club or some lucky individuals, the film belongs to only a few slasher displays features that worth to be highlighted. The scope is the hot desert and the killer driving a black Jeep. Definitely not as common patterns in slasher style. The aim of the mysterious killer is 3 young couples who made the mistake of traveling in the desert. The party initially converted into a struggle for survival as the murderer kills them in various ways, using the shotgun, knife, hand grenade (!) and even the Jeep itself!

Despite the meager budget and overtly decadent aesthetics, the "Mirage" cannot go unnoticed, especially in the eyes of friends of B movies. Featuring beautifully crafted effects for gore, while the Chase in the desert has the suspense that needed to keep "hot" until the end. Needless to say, the atmosphere of despair and hopelessness is very strong, and the hot sun that flood the protagonists. If you manage to find this film, store it as the Apple of your eye because it seems that belongs in the "species" towards extinction …

Directed By: Bill Crain.
Screenplay: Bill Crain, Michael Crain, Chuck Hughes.
Cast: Jennifer McAllister, Todd Caldecott, Kenny Johnson.

The Howling V: The Rebirth (1989)

holwing vLoose the only sequel of the critically acclaimed "The Howling" (1981) that deserves your attention. You just have to give you something different. Like the other lykanthrwpika series film, so the 5th this sequel is based on a very general framework in omotitla books by Gary Brandner. But here we have obvious influence of classic project "Ten Little Indians" of Agatha Christie. More specifically, a group of people going to a medieval castle of Hungary which had stayed closed for half a century. Unaware, however, that among them there is a werewolf who is responsible for the gradual decline in their numbers …

"The Howling V: The Rebirth" flowing very pleasantly and with the mysterious plot of urges the Viewer to guess which of the guests is the werewolf. A conundrum that as we get closer to the end becomes more and more obvious. Ideal for producing horror and Gothic atmosphere is the environment of the Castle where the events take place. In plus and the sharp bombastic music that accompanies almost every murder. The Werewolf in the few minutes that seem, is pretty scary. So if you want to see a sequel of the classic film of the Joe Dante now know what must be this.

Directed By: Neal Sundstrom.
Writer: Clive Turner.
Cast: Philip Davis, Victoria Catlin, Elizabeth Shé.

Onibaba (1964)

onibabaLittle attention here now as we're talking about one of the classic Japanese horror film diamonds. The "Onibaba" is more than just a horror film and it is no coincidence that the critics are mistaken regarding its classification in one or the other idiom. Certainly it has elements of historical drama and eroticism and terror are firmly rooted in the glowing skeleton. In any case we are talking about a rare work of art that so enchants with the lovely photo of vast fields and the spontaneous bombing sounds from percussion instruments.

The film takes us to the Japanese 14th century civil war and describes the everyday life of two women living meagerly in the countryside unplugging a living killing exhausted Samurai Warriors and stealing then the uniforms and equipment. Their prey on selling a neighbor merchant with whom the younger of the two women maintain love affair. One day the older woman grabs from a Samurai demon mask worn by the uses to scare the other woman but sometime the demonic mask hangs on her face and not come out with anything! The frightening developments that follow are simply the culmination of a monumental film – real treasure that must absolutely discover!

Director: Kaneto Shindô.
Screenplay: Kaneto Shindô.
Cast: Nobuko Otowa, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Kei Satô.

BONUS GΕΜ…Ένας ακόμα θησαυρός τρόμου που οι φίλοι του τρόμου πρέπει να αναζητήσουν…

Hour Of The Wolf (1968)

(The Hour of the Wolf)

hour of the wolfThis necessary diamond from Sweden has the stamp of the giant … Ingmar Bergman. The "Hour of the Wolf" is quite undervalued in relation to the most well-known and acclaimed films of Swedish Director but never ceases to constitute an absolute surrealistic immersive experience. Drama and psychological terror combined with maestrika the burden falls on first without means that the film is inappropriate for his friend, quality ' cerebral ' terror.

The story tells the Viewer from a woman who mourns the disappearance of her husband. The recounting is done based on his diaries and personal memories. Initially they lived quietly on an island in the North Sea but their lives are disrupted when mysterious guests approached them and invited them at parties organized in a nearby castle. Gradually the peace of mind of man disrupted while over-stressed and insomnia. Nightmares of the past and galvanise the visitors of the area considered by the same malicious demons. The sequel depicts this soulless man's journey until the inevitable darkness through psychedelic, surreal and otherworldly images …

The expressive power of characters is astonishing. Max von Sydow as the as the "Muse" of Bergman, Liv Ullmann gives excellent interpretations taking on very challenging roles. Roles that penetrate deep into the human psyche, using obsessive concerns and dilemmas. But the other actors seem perfectly identified with their own complex roles. Can the "Hour of the Wolf" is a difficult film, can have ambiguity and oddities, but manages to Captivate tightly in Gothic and hallucinogenic world, and ultimately to gain totalitarian …

Directed By: Ingmar Bergman.
Screenplay: Ingmar Bergman.
Actors: Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Gertrud Fridh.
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