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Hospital Horror: When terror visits hospitals …

Hospital Horror: When terror visits hospitals …

by horrormovies.gr06/07/2014


Hospitals certainly doesn't evoke pleasant memories for most of us. The inhospitable environment of a hospital can easily be attached to pictures shock, anxiety, restlessness, macabre and-why not-horror. And while we all wish to stay away from these buildings, hardly a friend of horror cinema I refused to watch a horror movie where the plot unfolds in the sterile hospital hallways. This is the central idea behind the following tribute. I record with a clear chronological presentation of various films horror/thriller in which the action or a large part of the action takes place in a hospital. At the same time we express and a brief opinion about the value of each film.
Attention in this tribute we have confined ourselves to films containing strictly hospitals as a basic field evolution of events and not lunatic asylums, psychiatric institutions, morgues, doctors offices, orphanages or other similar places of healing and care. We tried any biases are minimal and if there are to have a good excuse for their appearance. Often we use the phrase "horror hospital" (as in the title) to describe the phylum of movies knowing that talking about a homemade sign of temporary use and not for any widely accepted offshoot of horror.

Hopefully well find interesting the following tribute and through this to find some movies that will attract your interest. It is of course welcome any suggestions, opinions and additions. Good reading!


Starting point of our journey the 70s, one of the better quality of film horror for decades, without a doubt. For the horror hospital phylum, should go rather towards the end of the Decade and in particular in 1978. This year we find at least three movies that will concern us.

Michael Douglas Genevieve Bujold

Michael Douglas and Genevieve Bujold

The exciting mystery thriller "Coma" (the mystery of Cabin 8) starring the great Canadian actress Geneviève Bujold and Michael Douglas timeless enhances the atmosphere of paranoia and synwmosiologias that prevailed in the 70s through exciting movies like "The Conversation" (1974) and "The Stepford Wives" (1975). The horrific case where selected patients a large hospital thrown deliberately into a coma in order to illegally use their organs for transplants, sends a powerful shock in our body causing obsessive thoughts about how unprotected we once found ourselves in the surgical bed.

For the amateur and totally unacceptable that year Nurse Sherri, I don't need to say much. If you want so much to see a decadent nurse be occupied by a malicious spirit that motivates to kill patients (and not only) hospital, then see it but don't say we didn't warn you. If you are an avid lover of grindhouse exploitation-filmography, then go fold.


Perhaps the most significant horror movie of the Decade in the category under discussion is the Australian "Patrick", also in 1978, by Director Richard Franklin (Psycho II). The film focuses on Patrick (as the title suggests), a new with psychomotor skills who murdered his mother and her lover with electrocuted in the bathtub. After the incident the Patrick is in coma hospitalized in a private hospital in Melbourne. There he falls in love with a nurse who cares for and uses psychokinetic abilities to communicate with her via an electric typographer. The same skills but uses to protect itself from malicious hospital supervisor who tries to kill him but to hurt anyone man enters into the life of his beloved nurse. The film may seem somewhat heavy but at the end to win convincingly portraying the drama unfolding between katakoitoy and completely still and Patrick nice nurse. That is not the scary goggly eyes of Patrick will remember for a long time like 2-3 truly frightening scenes focus – what else – the breathtaking Patrick ….

patrick 1978

Patrick (1978)

Nurse Sherri 1978

Nurse Sherri (1978)

coma 1978

Coma (1978)


The immortal 80s is a prolific decade having given many though not always quality horror films with field hospitals.

The beginning is done badly with the scarce and procheiroftiagmeno thriller "Cardiac Arrest" of 1980 (fishy Greek VHS title: your death my life!), which some believe more police drama than horror or thriller. Of course the key issue, namely the heart extraction surgery from an insane murderer and possible promotion to the black market for organs, it certainly causes tremors but not moderated this film altogether. Probably to blame for that poster psarwtiko that proϊdeaze for great bloodshed. It is one of the weakest moments of the decade but thankfully forgotten soon considering what follows …

Your death my life

Your death my life

The year 1981 is released the long awaited sequel of the film John Carpenter's landmark. "Halloween 2" (the Night with No masks 2) is by far the best sequel of the Halloween franchise and what luck for our papers that the action unfolds in a hospital! And specifically at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where transferred the Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) after attacks by the maniacal brother the night of Halloween in the first film. This time the Carpenter assisted in script and production while in the Director's Chair sits the Rick Rosenthal (known from later sitcoms like Law Order &). Certainly a confluence of Carpenter and directed by there after the "Halloween 2" retains something of the bug. The sequel is much more violent, with the menacing Michael Myers visits the Hospital where the sister to the finish. There he kills several members of the staff who had the misfortune to do night shift! Not let them!

A year after the bloody slasher with the perfectly fitting with our special issue titled "Hospital Massacre", also known by many more titles including two ' Junior ' (X-Ray and 13 Ward) and a "romantic" (Be My Valentine, or Else …). The romantic title of course has his explanation as a sexual frustration of his childhood years, the paranoid film coated doctor, tries to win back the heart of his beloved – this time literally – chasing her in a hospital where the unlucky woman went on to make a standard check up. There the maniac slaughters with kilo many hospital staff members and not just before it reaches the heart of his beloved. Although the script is essentially nonexistent, "Hospital Massacre" has gore, jazz, claustrophobic atmosphere, vibrant music and plenty of suspense, holding a pleasant companion for a enenintalepto around.

Cardiac Arrest 1980

Cardiac Arrest (1980)

Halloween 2 1981

Halloween 2 (1981)

Hospital Massacre 1982

Hospital Massacre 1982

In "Visiting Hours" also of 1982 (Greek title: The calling card of terror) watching numerous scenes of anguish and terror in a hospital with main belligerents on Lee Grant and Michael Ironside. The first impersonates the dynamic tv host-reporter who fights for the rights of women and the second the psychakia misogynist with murderous tendencies. So when the tv host pulls reason-dynamite in a broadcast by protecting a woman who killed her husband because he abused her, the misogynist who works at the channel's cleaning staff gets in skull and attacks the presenter in her own home. When the maniac misogynist learns that the first attack didn't kill, goes to the Hospital where he was hospitalized to the finish. Of course this can be presented is the main goal of the xepastreyei inbetween but Ironside and other world who works or is hospitalised at the hospital. Can this sympathetic to slasheraki was accused of faking of "Halloween 2", but despite some expected similarities retains its own identity as a film.

In the mid (1985) the completely unknown "Terminal Choice" with country of origin Canada. In this film a modern Clinic patients die under mysterious circumstances at a time when the personal gamble for the evolution of their health. A clinical doctor accused of negligence but when a partner dies and she mysteriously, the doctor looks for answers in the corrupt environment of the hospital. Original case, futuristic aesthetics, mystery and sporadic suspense compose the picture of "Terminal Choice". But to counterbalance these advantages are the nonchalant characters, the slow pace and end problems. But the film is not indifferent especially for those seeking rare horror movies with unusual themes from the golden age of VHS. And since we mentioned the VHS, never will he left us the Greek title of the videotape. "Death Programming" tells you … and anyone stung!

programatismos thanatos

Programming Death

To 1987 released another valuable and particularly repulsive horror film horror hospital. This is the French "Faceless" King of decadent movies Jesús Franco. In the "Faceless" (in the Greek market had released with the informative title "without a face") witnessing the heinous abstractions persons beautiful young women from a plastic surgeon, his assistant and a former Nazi doctor-"special" in this practice. The aim of the project is to give the Surgeon a new sister, clean face after hers was destroyed after dropping acid from a saltarismeni former clients of surgeon whose plastic surgery failed. This particular film is backed by a decent ensemble cast including our own Telly Savalas and despite its extreme image with the horrific killing and bloody flaking persons, remains thriving over the years.

Faceless 1987

Faceless (1987)

Terminal Choice 1985

Terminal Choice (1985)

Visiting Hours 1982

Visiting Hours (1982)

The 80s made the waters in terms of the quality of hospital horror films. The two cases that follow do not constitute just bad times or quality falls but … decline in all its glory. How else to describe the completely unacceptable and unprofessional "Death Nurse" (1987) and "Death Nurse 2" (1988) ". As the title suggests, the maniac here is a plump nurse who along with his brother, also a pervert kill patients a "clinical" in various ways until you begin to move the suspicions of an inspector for the gruesome "task". Emetic lousy acting, editing, non-compelling murder scenes, directed by plaque, irrational, shameless use of fragments of another movie (!) and a more general plight without end, creating the sensation on homemade amateur videos of jazz than normal film.

Death Nurse 2 1988

Death Nurse 2 (1988)

death nurse 1987

Death Nurse (1987)

To 1988 we find perhaps the most grotesque movie of tribute. This is the "Tales from the Gimli Hospital" (Tales from the Gimli Hospital) production and multi-tasking Canadian Guy Maddin. The weird this film is a quirky mix of fantasy, horror and drama with a trademark black and white photography, the surreal atmosphere and anachronistic in General filming that is reminiscent of silent film while not such. The film shows the dramatic and macabre story of two hospitalized men at old Gimli hospital who compete to attract the interest of nurses who care for them. The story tells of an elderly woman in the same hospital but in a later era, with listeners both young grandchildren of lying next to the bed of a dying mother. If you can tolerate the difficult and obscure movies and you're generally cinephile type, then the "Tales from the Gimli Hospital" certainly has to tell many …

The Decade closes with weak "Surgikill" of 1989, in which a masked killer eliminates doctors, nurses, patients and other staff in a decadent Las Vegas hospital. This horror comedy is the last film of productive filmmaker Andy Milligan who passed away sickened by AIDS in 1991. Unfortunately the combination of comic elements and terror fails, in a production which generally suffered from the problem of the lack of money staying at low standards. Not that the Director had us accustomed to abundance of quality horror films of course …

Surgikill 1989

Surgikill (1989)

Tales from the Gimli Hospital

Tales from the Gimli Hospital (1988)

Decade 1990

The always controversial ' 90s begins with two diametrically opposed movies in terms of their quality. On the one hand we have the rubbish ' Maniac Nurses ' (1990) by traditional machine of B movies from Troma Entertainment and other very interesting and kaloskinothetimeno "The Exorcist III" (1990) which sounds like a sequel of the classic "Exorcist" but judging by its content, only thing isn't. ' Maniac Nurses ' is an incredibly decadent film from Hungary with English voiceovers & dubbing that contains sex, nudity, sadomasochism and bloody killing Recalling the golden age of exploitation cinema of the 70s. Only that here there's nothing worthwhile to remember the movie is seen only after deep busted, when he won't understand what we see. Instead the "The Exorcist III" (the Exorcist 3) William Peter Blatty great and author of the first "Exorcist" offers horror, mystery, suspense and great performances through a remarkable list of actors such as George C. Scott, Brad Dourif and Ed Flanders. From the few relationships that has this particular film "Exorcist" is the use of police William Kinderman. F in leading role to seek traces of a serial killer whose bloody deeds associated with Satanism.

Maniac Nurses 1990

Maniac Nurses (1990)

the exorcist 3 1990

The Exorcist 3 (1990)

Barely able to make reference to and in ' Dr. ' Giggles of 1992 that the older will remember from the VHS cover of psarwtiko which was the imposing and cheesy title "Devil doctor". 3-4 extensive Chronicles but also important scenes in a hospital setting force us to include it in tribute. In the other it is a mediocre slasheraki that belongs to that wave of controversial horror films of the first half of the 90s and survives thanks to the overwhelming presence of Larry Drake as diabologiatroy who kills with surgical methods of the residents of a small town.

In the mid-and specifically in 1995, the interesting if a little tiring "Exquisite Tenderness" is known as "The Surgeon". The Greeks distributors are unsatisfied by the foreign title (as often happens) and decide to make "the doctor with a light hand"!! In the film we are watching the lethal outbreak of a man in a hospital, with two doctors and usually delayed police trying to stop him. The man was a murderer with medical style because she says she saw shocked her little brother died on the operating table. Ok, the plaque hypothesis but the film likes having the Trump group of actors. Malcolm McDowell, Peter Boyle, Charles Dance, Isabel Glasser, James Remar, Sean Haberle… fine friends keep us all they like and the high levels of gore …

Exquisite Tenderness 1995

Exquisite Tenderness (1995)

dr giggles 1992

Dr. Giggles (1992)

Decade 2000

The previous decade is probably the best and certainly the richest of hospital horror material. The top is made with the "Anatomy 2 2003 (lessons of Anatomy 2) from Germany. The remarkable this sequel of "Anatomy" (2000) by the same Director (Stefan Ruzowitzky) brings to the fore the "Anti-Ippokratikoys", that secret medical organization without a shred of ethics that we met in the first film. Here a young doctor relocates to Berlin to complete the internship and comes face to face with the evil of circuit "anti-Ippokratikwn". Can the second Anatomy not has the freshness of his predecessor but is a worthy successor of intriguingly effort that began at the dawn of the Decade in the field of medical horror by Austrian filmmaker.

Next stop the paranoid "Infection" of 2004, known in the Greek market as a "Virus of terror". And we say paranoid with all the meaning of the word. See the Japanese school knows how to creates unique mad with horror films and this adds another brick to the edifice of stereo. In the film we are watching the spread of a lethal virus into a nearly bankrupt hospital with deficient equipment and shrunken – because of statements – private. Carnal decay, paranoia, claustrophobic atmosphere and … green color contaminated blood is in short the basic construction materials this energetic horror film from the far East.

Interesting work is the ' Fragile ' 2005 which besides well-written like film, offers strong scenes of shock and horror focusing on creepy human bone fractures. You see, that mysterious "mechanic girl" who constantly cite a children hospital in their new nurse, wants to keep him forever younger guests hospital forcibly terminating those standing obstacle on purpose. In the Greek market will find it with the simple and standard title "the ghost".

infection 2004

Infection (2004)

Anatomy 2 2003

Anatomy 2 (2003)

fragile 2005

Fragile (2005)

Surely we cannot express the same (positive) view of the unequal "Boo" (Ultimate Nightmare) of the same year in which a group of young people spends the night of Halloween in an abandoned hospital facing the evil ghosts of the past of the hospital. Apart from a few good scenes of horror and abundant gore, the film turns generally an amateur picture of fatiguing the same time with the defective script.

Subsequent years up to the 2008 move many class of movies that we are considering, with more to be at least interesting.

robert englund

The Robert Englund in Heartstopper

In "Heartstopper" 2006 (graphic Greek title: Blood Fury) have the opportunity to enjoy for a limited period of cinema horror legend Robert Englund in the role police but unfortunately not a good film overall. Since May the risen dramatically to eradicate death row journalist hearts in a hospital, but the naivety of the script, the nonchalant characters and some obsolete chantakwnoyn effects the film under different conditions could give katitis above.

In March 2007 the psychological horror film "Sublime" (Sublimation), quite a strange task with touching atmosphere, enough violence and surreal atmosphere. The action unfolds in a hospital where he was admitted an unlucky man following a serious medical error. And what's wrong. From a typical kolonoskopisi that was originally made, underwent a serious surgery that left him in a permanent coma. The wretch protagonist has now caught in a nightmarish world where intermediate unfold excruciatingly worst fears. Alongside his family in the real world faces the dilemma of whether to disconnect the cable that keeps him alive or not. Nice film that touches but also a little annoying with the lengthy narration and the false plateiasmoys.

Heartstopper 2006

Heartstopper (2006)

Boo 2005

Boo (2005)

Sublime 2007

Sublime (2007)

Notiokoreatiko award-winning "Epitaph" of the same year (original title: Gidam) recounts the dramatic but hair-raising events that take place in a Korean hospital during the second world war. There arrived the corpse of arrabwniastikias a doctor working in the hospital which had never seen! The dynamic continuum characterized by ghost visits and a serial killer so the film becomes even more spicy. The film is very interesting capitalizing masterfully dynamic storytelling, the ghoulish atmosphere and supernatural elements.

At theotrelo Thai film ' Nurses ' Sick (original title: Suay Laak Sai) witnessing the heinous murders of nurses caused by another nurse's spirit which the female counterparts of killed gangbang. The menu includes bloody anatrichiastikoys amputations, cuts, drowning in jaw Aquarium and decapitation by … handbags (!) among other while reserving and an ill surprise for the finale. Eventually this demented inventiveness of Asians filmmakers don't seem to dry up with anything!

The originality and the well-made psychological-horror synwmosiologikos are trademarks of the thriller "Awake" (Awake) that saw the traffic light at the end of 2007. With a remarkable cast (Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, Terrence Howard, etc.) the film tells the tragic moments of a young man who during a severe heart surgery remains awake despite the administration of anesthetic, feel any physical pain. Beyond the ultimate nightmare that is forced for several hours to pass, will be found ahead and terrifying revelations about the role of arrabwniastikias.

Sick Nurses 2007

Sick Nurses (2007)

Awake 2007

Awake (2007)

Epitaph 2007

Epitaph (2007)

The year 2008 has exhibited two other interesting and particularly bloody horror films where the action unfolds in the unhealthy environment of hospitals: the American "Autopsy" and the Norwegian "Fritt Viltt II" (or Cold Prey 2)-the sequel of the successful Viltt Fritt (Cold Prey – Booty in the snow) of 2006. The "Autopsy" focuses on a group of young people after a car accident in which they participated, led by an ambulance in a mysterious hospital whose medical staff likes to ruthlessly slaughters guests as part of an experiment which wants to complete the mastermind of space to save his dying wife. Abundant liters of blood and human tracks dominated our screens. In the highly exciting "Fritt Viltt II" (More Booty in the snow), the protagonist of the first film was transferred to hospital after the bloody events of the first part. But there has been transferred and the serial killer ' Mountain Man ' who terrorize friends and now the two of them will have new potential Wed-a-Tet with many physical collateral damage …

Fritt Viltt II 2008

Fritt Viltt II (2008)

Autopsy 2008

Autopsy (2008)

However in the late noted a "belly" in hospital quality horror films. The action-horror film "Against The Dark" 2009 in which the Ageless and timeless obnoxious macho man Steven Seagal kills infected zompoeideis people in an abandoned hospital for a post-apocalyptic world, hard to find nice, even if you happen to be a fan of these "Karateka". The languid horror comedy "Diagnosis: Death" of the same year in which two people become guinea pigs in a possibly haunted hospital leaves bitter taste although some jazz scenes and good gore the rescue by total shipwreck.

Small oasis at the end of the Decade is the limited period horror story from Thai anthology "Phobia 2" or "Ha phraeng». The story is titled simply "Ward" and shows us the horrific events in a hospital room where a young patient is attacked by the next-door old bed that just died after prolonged stay in a coma! Very scary segment infused with traditional Asian filmmaking that causes shudders but unfortunately I do not speak for the entire movie here.

Diagnosis Death 2009

Diagnosis Death (2009)

Against The Dark 2009

Against The Dark (2009)

Phobia 2 2009

Phobia 2 (2009)

Decade 2010

H this decade has not so far to show neither significant quantity nor quality on hospital horror movies. The top is made with the Visual and quite confusing "as The Sylvian Experiments» 2010 (original title: Kyôfu, Greek title: Human Experiments). In this tiring Japanese film horror/sci-fi witnessing chilling experiments involving brain surgery in abandoned hospital that an obnoxious doctor reiterates her daughters with experimental animals. The ultimate objective of the acquisition of knowledge for fuzzy field between life and death. Ok, don't say completely indifferent like film but too heavy and tricky. Certainly not to entertain …

paz de la huerta

Paz De La Huerta

2013 is the last year of the decade that will concern us in this tribute since duration released two other horror movies horror hospital. The cheesy but sympathetic Nurse ' 3D ', in which a demented nurse cleans with bloody processes infidels men and people who impede the desired relationship with a beautiful co-worker, offers endless blood baths, fear and jazz and space within the hospital. The sensuous female protagonist-killer named Abby, immediately gaining popularity with the explosive and relentless presence. Certainly no one wise man wouldn't like to have exclusive …

On the other hand the disgraceful, trisathlio and hopelessly amateur ' The Hospital ' not seen nor for jazz. So for the record, mention that focuses on a psychakia, rapist, murderer and sadist who is hiding in an abandoned hospital carrying out appalling acts against young girls. At the Hospital of the paranormal investigators arrive to study local legends about ghosts who reside there but succeeded the psychakia. But the ghosts are preparing to make Doo with chaos and bloodshed being the expected developments. A pity, however, that this whole mess is presented with disappointing Clipboard and messy way. Probably, of course, "The Hospital" to like a bit of friends of sleaze and sexploitation, although in these categories we meet xepesmenes senior movies from this here.

nurse 3d 2013

Nurse 3D (2013)

sylvian Experiments 2010

The Sylvian Experiments (2010)

The Hospital 2013

The Hospital (2013)


Somewhere here we arrive at the end and this tribute. As in any horror phylum, and special group of hospital horror films we find good and bad moments. In general though, and always in accordance with the criteria of our editorial team, the remarkable films are rather more. So don't waste any time and browse the movies that made you impression of short reports that you have read. Hopefully in the near future we will see interesting films horror in horror hospital category although indications from this decade is not the most encouraging …

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