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Tremor and Motoring

Tremor and Motoring

by horrormovies.gr14/10/2013

When the horror cinema meets the 4 wheels …

Among the thirsty for blood, vampires, werewolves, in brutal in horrific zombies, serial killers to rogue, in haunted houses with the scary ghosts that torment the living, there is another group threatening "bad" in horror cinema that sometimes attracts our attention: cars and trucks! Stylish, efetzidika, fast but also very agriemena, these vehicles are proving deines killing machines when effectively incorporated in the activities of a horror movie. Can the movies ' car horror ' genre to be numerically few compared to the other categories of horror, but this makes them distinct in their sporadikotita and eykolomnimoneytes although not always catch high qualitative standards. The presentation below may not be the most complete in terms of the number of relevant movies, but includes all the necessary horror films that shaped the consistent pattern of "terror on the asphalt." Along with the most popular coexist and some lesser known efforts that we think deserve your attention. Tie well your seatbelts and enjoy the frantic race that follows!

Starting point of our journey is the special quality to the scene of the 70s horror. In this decade, two major films that delimit the pattern "terror on the asphalt" by setting a solid foundation for the continued: the legendary "Duel" of 1971 with the stamp of Steven Spielberg and "The Car" of 1977 by Elliot Silverstein. Both movies offer many tents anthology. But clearly the mid boss is Spielberg's film (and first!) being superior at all levels. Alas, Spielberg is he! The "Duel" focuses on stalking of a guide from a huge tanker truck. The great Dennis Weaver in the role of driver talaipwroy gives great interpretation with the basanistikoys monologues to stand out on film. A us film filodwrei with numerous action scenes and suspense and along with ornate Spielberg downloads off to great heights.

"The Car" offers to turn several scenes anthology to delight fans of the genre. The mysterious car brand Lincoln Continental Mark III terrorizes a small town in Utah and the heavy James Brolin in the role of Sheriff tries to stop it. In this entertaining film the viewer enjoys among other precipitating cyclists from a bridge, killing blows of cab in lowercase, speedarista Doo in caravans and other such "beautifully". Between the two aforementioned films there and a bit more different "Killdozer", an unknown, decadent horror/fantasy film of 1974 rotating around a "possessed" somehow bulldozer attacks on workers of a construction site on an island in the Pacific.  This film except ftiniariko is also very boring, with most memorable moment of the duel, or better titanomachy between the bulldozer and a backhoe!

maximum overdriveThe 80s is undoubtedly one of the most productive periods for the category under discussion. The first hit comes at the dawn of the decade with "The Hearse" (1980), with the Greek title being more efetzidikos, i.e. "the man with the Hearse". In this film, the evil car is a hearse that once laid siege to her house and sometimes hunts on asphalt the frightened Trish Van Devere. The great co-star Joseph Cotten is another reason to deal with the psiloaniaro but this atmospheric ergaki. The second blow is the most powerful of the Decade. None other than the classic ' Christine ' 1983, directed by the master of horror John Carpenter. ' Christine ' is transfer of the novel by Stephen King, one of the best transport book to the big screen generally speaking. The Red Plymouth Fury 1958-model-will go down in history as one of the nastier vehicles at the scene of terror and one of the most recognizable. The strong pull of the Christine in the young driver has fatal results for those around him and especially for those trying to get between him and his car. For many the "Carpenter's" Christine along with Spielberg's "Duel" are the best examples in the sub-category of automotive horror, a view that although in our opinion can be challenged, however it appears certainly justified taking into account the high level direction of two giants who treated their material in the best way.

In 1983 but gave not only the classic Carpenter's film. The most hip will probably remember that modular kitsch horror film under the uninspiring name "Nightmares" which was released in September of 83, two months before the "Christine". Contrived by the highly energetic in the television sector and Joseph Sargent with participation of actors such as Emilio Estevez, Christina Raines and Lance Henriksen, stimulates our interest in the third story titled "The Benediction". There the grave and always atsalakwtos Lance Henriksen played the frustrated priest who loses his faith after the death of a toddler. God – apparently – I am going to try putting an original torment: as the priest expelled from the monastery with his car, accepting successive attacks from a black Chevrolet four-wheel drive that sprang out of nowhere! Although the end of the story is at least funny and simplistic, convincing presence of Henriksen and successful dynamic compaction action scenes in the short time that requires a modular story film, making it "The Benediction" at least sympathetic eyes.

But most important was the year 1986 with two well-known horror films on the asphalt. In February made its appearance the violent "The Hitcher" by Robert Harmon who is established in the collective consciousness of Greek fans as "The Auto Stop of terror". In this film, a threat is not a murderous cab but a paranoid killer who terrorizes the American provincial highway making hitchhiking and then killing his victims. The Rutger Hauer plays a particular role and really go Mitt! The paranoid look with one eye that glows menacing and generally psychotic behavior, make it number one threat on asphalt and simultaneously disrupting viewers. Dynamic counter with C. Thomas Howell reaches high levels of intensity and violence, leaving the viewer with his mouth wide open. Can the "The Hitcher" differs considerably from the films described in this tribute after the tremor comes squarely out of various human actions and not by a car itself, however, the extended time action sequences that unfold on the asphalt and the prolonged use of vehicles as means of attacks, make the inclusion of logic and necessary. Moreover we are talking about a very good horror-action film that is considered "classic", at least for the 80s.

The second and perhaps more classic movie with deadly vehicles after the "Christine" in the 1980s is the "Maximum Overdrive". The script is loosely based on Stephen King's short story titled "Trucks". With Emilio Estevez in the role of protagonist contains innovative scenes of murders carried out by ' crazy ' akybernita trucks but also of the most improbable machines such as beverage vending machines. Also is remembered for being the first and only film directed by Stephen King as well as for the excellent soundtrack with pieces of legends of Hard Rock AC/DC. Although the "Maximum Overdrive" revered by many fans of the 80s horror parakmiakoy, professional critics buried the film well while denounced in a recent interview of King himself. Their right of course but also our right to disagree with them …

Before we left though since 1986 (and from the 80s in General) is worth mentioning another kitsch film with lethal car and bizarre Wizard that popped the nose that year. This is the "The Wraith" (Director Mike Marvin) with the catchy title "Greek Avenger ghost" that moves between sci-fi, horror and action. There a young Charlie Sheen in the form of a mysterious visitor from the ' afterlife ' returns to the world of the living to avenge members of a gang that assassinated him and led by Nick Cassavetes. Futuristic Avenger with the racing outfit and the metal shielding devastates asphalt with a black Dodge Turbo Interceptor M4S with which kills the gang pankides after kontraristei with them in fast races to the finish! Beyond the funny script we distinguish the wonderful soundtrack, which in full form consists of many great artists of rock and pop music scene (Billy Idol, Bonnie Tyler, Robert Palmer, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, etc.).

wheelsterrorThe 1990s are poorer compared to the rest as the minimum relevant horror movies are in desperately low levels with one exception. The two early for 90s ' car horror ' movies display diametrically opposite image. Initially we are tiring and one-dimensional "Wheels of Terror" (1990) with the extremely annoying for the average person subject of abuse young girls. The Pervert's Guide vehicle is a black Dodge Charger in the 1970s that terrorizes a small town in the Arizona desert, killing and kidnapping kakopoiwntas underage girls. Until one courageous mother and guide the school decides to put him in his place once and for all and to save his kidnapped daughter.

The second film of 1990 that concerns us is the extremely scarce "Mirage" by composer Bill Crain who some might forestall some metamesonychtia had in view of private television. This is film-surprise that combines wheeled horror and slasher. The paranoid driver who makes killer leads a black Jeep and targets a young friends vacationing in. .. hot desert. Bloody murders, agonized chases, atmosphere of isolation and despair, compose an addictive horror film unfortunately much of the horror audience unaware. From 1990 to 1997 to find the next and last relevant films of this decade. Refer to the "Trucks", which is a more faithful transfer of the book by Stephen King in relation to the "Maximum Overdrive". Unfortunately, apart from occasional moments of suspense and action, the film proves to be helpless to lift the weight of the pen of the King of horror writing.

jeepersThe drought of relatively arid 90s comes to cool the abundance of material interest ' car horror ' 00s direction. Indeed, the past decade has offered us some highly memorable horror movies on the road, some of which are considered by many modern "cult". A typical example is the "Jeepers Creepers" of 2001, creation of aspiring Victor Salva. Although the main attraction is the monstrous Creeper that wakes up every 23rd spring to feed from human members for 23 days, paliatzoyriko truck that leads and chases the two brothers-actors is anything but harmless. Another example is the "Joy Ride" of creative John Dahl that appeared the same year shortly after the "Jeepers Creepers". In this frantic road horror film, three young men traveling on asphalt with their car becomes a crazed trucker with the nickname "Rusty Nail". The frantic driver stalking his victims with the huge truck in an anguished race till you drop and whoever stood. If anything the film teaches us to do distasteful pranks on strangers that the highway is their base of operations. You never know who is driving next to us, in front of us, behind us ….

Needless to say of course that both films they fecundated sequel counterparts – in 2003 and 2008 respectively – maintaining thriving terror on asphalt with even greater bloodshed! You don't need to move away very annals of these films until they meet again with the terror of asphalt. The 2003 is year two other related horror films. In May of that year the "Black Cadillac", an interesting, dark and strange film in which they terrorists of asphalt is becoming a black Cadillac in 1957, as the title suggests. The streets here dressed in white because of their high snow covering the Wisconsin and the mysterious driver of the Cadillac stalking three eccentric young people returning to their homes in Minnesota after a brawl in a bar. Although the film lacks in the field of responses, however offers delicious Chase and conflicts on the asphalt, contains kalogrammenoys dialogues and characters and takes care to maintain the atmosfairikotita of throughout most of the course.

The second horror film that we want from the same year is also disturbing, dark, atmospheric and sometimes humorous French-create named "Dead End". The vehicle responsible for the terror – beyond the cab of desperate protagonists who have lost night asphalt – is a hearse that "hosts" a an unfortunate protagonists who succumb to some difficulty … usually to the death. Although the "Dead End" was made with a low budget, she managed to save $ 77 million from DVD sales, confirming the sympathy of horror together about it. Only if you have a broad sense of humor or appetite for jazz ftiniariko, you could enjoy the "Blood" of the 2007 Car. It is a black comedy horror, ludicrously low budget that places the events in the not-too-distant future, where the price of gasoline has reached rocketing! For this reason a psychakias vegetarian kindergarten teacher invents a car that consumes blood as fuel instead of petrol! Humor, madness, chabales, bloodshed and sex is insatiable patent the recipe for this "so bad that it is good» entertaining film.

In 2007 also gave us another noteworthy film of paranoia in asphalt although not say anything horror film Thoroughbred (although you will often find in section of horror films in video clubs). I refer of course to the crazy ' Death Proof ' Quentin Tarantino's which is a homage to exploitation films and slasher in replicating the Grindhouse aesthetic decades earlier. In the frenetic film of eccentric Director a former Stuntman playing psychakias by magkiti Kurt Russel, terrorizes with two different, inside armored cars, two different groups of hot and sexy women. The shock they receive from the typical, detailed scene of vehicle frontal impact of Stuntman with what leads one of the two women's groups is really big enough to include the entire movie in tribute, although it includes other memorable scenes of violent character. Dangerous cars that dominate the paranoid in "Death Proof" is a 1971 Chevy Nova and a Dodge Charger of 1969.

The current decade appears not to have given so far something remarkable that represents car horror themes. The disgraceful and tedious "Super Hybrid" (also known as plain "Hybrid") of 2010 in which a monstrous drive that changes forms plagues humans, causes more sneer of friends of horror with the general silliness that the Spurs despite the estimate. The main massacre takes place in a police garage in Chicago with victims of a team of engineers. The ill effects, the gullible and moronic characters identity of mysterious carnivorous car will make you xenerwsete …. Although I will always lie and dissidents, as in almost all film.

The future of car class horror remains uncertain. But one thing is for sure. It is an offshoot horror films that are not at all saturated as the slasher or ghost stories for example. This means that there is room for new additions that will enrich, offering to friends of the scene of horror new thrills. Enough of course future filmmakers to learn from the older Maitre of the kind with historical projects showed clearly how made a genuine car horror movie paving the way for their successors …

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