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Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part V – Christopher Lee

Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part V – Christopher Lee

christopher lee youngThe fifth and most small age, huge actor of horror scene, the only one alive until recently but also highly active in the world of Arts, Christopher Lee, died on 7 June 2015 due to cardiac and respiratory failure at the age of 93 years, leaving a huge amount of work behind him in the field of cinema and music. The death was announced by his wife publicly on 11 June. An actor who left indelible mark on horror movies and not only, the most famous Dracula from all who have embody that role. An emblematic presence, distinctive voice, unbelievable talent and morality. Characteristic and Manor appearance, man low-key but very talented with great love for every form of art. He spoke flawless English, Italian, German, Spanish and French, Swedish, Russian and good Greek and could be consulted in Mandarin.

christopher lee draculaSir Christopher Frank Carandini the Lee was born on 27 May 1922 in Belgravia of Westminster in London and was an actress, singer and author. In a career of 70 years, Lee began his career playing the villain and became widely known with his role as Count Dracula in collaboration with Hammer Films for a film series with this ' evil '. The other important roles were those of Francisco Scaramaga in the James Bond movie, "The man with the golden gun (1974)», as Saruman in the Lord of the rings" trilogy (2001-2003) and the trilogy the Hobbit (2012-2014) and as Count Dooku in the Star Wars movies last two prequel trilogy (2002-2005) and "Star Wars: The clone wars (2008)". Was knighted for his services in film and philanthropy, was awarded the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011 and with the BFI Fellowship in 2013. The Lee believed that the best appearance was that of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the film "Jinnah (1998)" and that the best film was the English production "The wicker man (1973)".

rhapsody chrisptopher leeLent his voice to several animated films, videogames and animated roles. She also sang at many film soundtrack. It was a very good singer, had a deep and powerful voice and recorded several pieces of Opera and musicals from 1996 to 1998 and 2010 he presented his first symphonic metal album: the sword By Charlemagne and the cross ", since he had already collaborated with many bands in the metal scene since 2005. In 2013 the follow-up drive "Charlemagne: The omens of death". Honored with the award of the 2010 Metal Spirit in Metal Hammer Golden God Awards and delivered it to the Tony Iommi. His first contact with the heavy metal music was when she sang a Duet with Fabio Leone, former lead singer of the Italian symphonic metal band Rhapsody of Fire,. Participated in 4 of their records. Another collaboration was with the Manowar album Battle Hymns for MMXI released in 2010. Τhe 2012 launches a EP with Christmas songs metal style, A Heavy Metal Christmas and the 2013 follows the second EP, in the same style, A Heavy Metal Christmas Too. 2014 To circulate the third EP to celebrate his birthday 92a.

christopher lee early yearsHis first contact with the stage was when his mother took him and his sister, after the breakup of his father, in Switzerland and wrote in Miss Fisher's Academy in Territet, where he played his first role, that of Rumpelstiltskin. Returning to London by his mother xanapantreyetai the George Harcourt St-Croix Rose, who was a banker and uncle of Ian Fleming. Later she moved to Fulham and stay next to actor Eric Maturin. One night, Lee knows Prince Yusupov and Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovits, who were the assassins of Grigori Rasputin, whom she brought many years later.

He won scholarships to the classics and studied Ancient Greek and Latin. Apart from a small role in a school project, did not play at all during his stay in Wellington. It was relatively good tennis player swordsman and able cricket player but not at all good at other sports. Hated the parades and training with weapons.

Participated in the second World War as a volunteer of the Finnish Army in 1939. Of course not involved in front line nor myself nor compatriots. After a fortnight returned to England. After his father's death in 1941, Lee enlisted in the Royal Air Force. Having trained with de Havilland Tiger Moths, on the penultimate of the workout showed terrible headaches and blurred vision. Was diagnosed with damage to the optic nerve's and told him he won't be able to xanapetaxei. A rundown of these new and by the death of his colleague, Lee decided to apply to join the secret service of the Royal Air force where he was admitted.

He returned to London in 1946. During a dinner with the xaderfo of Nicolo Carandini and while Lee o described in detail the adventures of the war, the Nicolo offered him to become an actor. The Nicolo sent him to a friend of the lawyer, Filippo del Guidice, who recently had turned in the space of film producer and the latter looking at him from head to toe said that was exactly what was needed by the film industry. Sent him to Josef Somlo to sign a contract, but he said he was too tall to be an actress, and sent him to the see the Henley and David Dodds Olive who signed a seven-year contract with him.

At the beginning he and many colleagues of the had to find work. Eventually his debut was in the film "Corridor of mirrors (1947)". And there his role was just a quip. The "apprenticeship" in space lasted ten years playing minor roles. Below is the comment of Lee for his statement that was too tall to play in movies.

"I was involved in movies for a long time – almost ten years. I had been told that I am too tall to be an actor. It was a very stupid comment. It's like saying to someone that is too short to play piano. And then I thought: ' Ok. I'll show you. At the beginning I didn't know anything about how to work in front of the cameras but I did the only thing that is the most important, watched, listened and learn. And so when the time came I was ready. Paradoxically, however, played a role which was not one-liners (the monster in the film The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 ").

christopher lee frankensteiThe first film with the Hammer was in 1957, "The Curse of Frankestein," where he played next to Peter Cushing. It was their first film together, collaborated on other twenty and tie their long friendship. In 1958 he played with Boris Karloff in the film "Corridors of Blood" but his role as Frankenstein's monster led him in the role of Count Dracula in 1958 in the film Dracula.

Xanaepaixe the role of Dracula on behalf of Hammer in 1965, in the film "Dracula: Prince of darkness". His role had no lines and there are two versions explaining why. One is that Lee had refused to tell those few words that had been written by the screenwriter but the writer argued that his role had never been one-liners. And rather thus established that this particular role in all the other movies had no one-liners. The Lee stated that Hammer basically was blackmailing him playing Dracula in all sequels reminding him that if he didn't make a lot of people would be left without a job. He admitted publicly that he turned those films because emotional rape. His roles in the films Dracula has risen from "the grave (1968)", "Taste the blood of Dracula (1969)" and "Scars of Dracula (1970)" ranged in the same pattern, IE had no line. He said that they begged to tell even a quotation from the novel by Bram Stoker. Any time she mentions some. Although not liked Lee regular of the Hammer, the world he loved these films worldwide. Participated in two more movies of Dracula in Hammer's production, but had no commercial success. It was the ' Dracula A.D. (1972) "and" The satanic rites of Dracula (1973), which was also the last appearance in the role of Dracula.

christopher lee mummyOther films that turned with the Hammer was: The mummy (1959), Rasputin, the mad monk (1966) and The hound of the Baskervilles (1959). In 1962 played Sherlock Holmes in the film "Sherlock Holmes and the deadly necklace" and in 1970 he participated as Holmes's brother, Mycroft, in the film The private life of Sherlock Holmes ". Considers that participation in these films was the reason I stopped being considered actor playing a particular kind of roles.

He was brought into contact the author Dennis Wheatley with the Hammer. The company turned two movies based on two of the novellas. The first is "The devil rides out (1967)" which is considered the culmination of the Hammer and the second is "To the devil a daughter (1976) ' which had many difficulties in production and was rejected by the same author. Although recovery went well, it was the end of cooperation with Lee Hammer.

lee price cushing caradineHe worked with other companies producing horror films over the Hammer from 1957 until 1977. Played in the movie serial Fu Manchu from 1965 to 1969, in "I, Monster (1971)," at "The creeping flesh (1972) and" the beloved "The Wicker man (1973)". Appeared and in European productions playing in two German films, at the "Count Dracula" and "The torture chamber of sadism". Other appearances in European cinema is in the movies, "Castle of the living dead" and "Horror Express". In 1972 he was a producer in the horror movie "Nothing but the night" which was the first and last attempt as a producer and did not like at all this experience.

scaramangaIn 1973 he played in the film "The three musketeers", 1974, "The four musketeers" and the 1989 "The return of the musketeers." 1974 appears in James Bond movie, "The man with the golden gun". Specifically for this role said he wanted the present as the dark side of the Bond. Also John Carpenter had offered the role of Sam Loomis in Halloween in Lee and Cushing before accepting the Pleasance. Later, Lee had said in the Pleasance that metaniwne that was not finally accepted the role.

1977 moving to United States stating that he didn't want to be categorized in roles such as happened with the Cushing and Price. His first film in America was the utter failure of Airport ' 77. In 1982, appears in The return of Captain Invincible, 1985 in Howling II, 1991 Incident at Victoria Falls and Sherlock Holmes in 1992 and the leading lady. And in the last two films the Sherlock Holmes incarnated. In 1994 he played in Police Academy: Mission to Moscow and in 1998 at Jinnah. He was a candidate for the role of Magneto but lost to Sir Ian McKellen.

sarumanHe also played in many tv series. In the Lord of the Rings we see as Saruman. He said it was his dream to play Gandalf, but because of his advanced age and limited physical condition that was not doable. Unlike Saruman's role was not as energetic. He had met Tolkien once a year and read his books. His role in the Lord of the Rings has renewed his career and thus played in two Star Wars movies, in Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). It was the favorite actor of Tim Burton and participated in five movies. Played the Burgomaster in "Sleepy Hollow", in "Corpse Bride" lent his voice to the Pastor Galswells and played Dr Wilbur Wonka. in "Charlie and the chocolate factory". In 2007 he played the spirit of Sweeney Todd's victims in the eponymous film by Burton but show that was cut from the tainia eventually. In 2009 he played in British drama "Glorious 39".

christopher lee berlin 2013To 2010 made his fourth collaboration with Burton lending his voice to the Jabberwocky. His role was just a couple of lines but the Director believed that it was appropriate for that role. In 2011, appears in the film of ' The Hammer ' resident, after thirty-five years. That same year appears in Martin Scorsese's film, "Hugo". In January 2011, announcing on his website that he would play the role of Saruman in the film "The Hobbit". Because of his age was difficult to attend in New Zealand and thus facilitated the production making shooting in London. The 2012 make the fifth and final collaboration with Burton in the movie Dark Shadows playing a small role, that of an English captain.

What to say about this artist will be shortly. Huge talent, commanding presence and active in many areas until his death. Honoris causa and only see again all the tapes. Each gave a piece of himself performing each role individually as only he knew and could. I have seen almost all his films from horror to dramas. It's just shocking to all of them. Simply magic. The arts lost a very great man and the horror scene in the fifth and last Holy Monster. Sir Lee, thank you for all these years of spectacle and acting courses offered us both years.

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