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Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part II – Boris Karloff

Tribute To Sacred Monsters Of Horror Scene Part II – Boris Karloff

The Boris Karloff in his youthThe second part of our tribute belongs to Boris Karloff. O William Henry Pratt was born in Honor Oak, London, England on 23 November 1887. He became known by the artistic name, Boris Karloff which rumored borrowed from a mad scientist from the novel The drums of jeopardy "Boris Karlov. The Karloff claimed that he chose the name Boris because it sounded more exotic while Karloff was a family name. One reason for the name change was that he followed the profession of the actor. The brothers considered him the black sheep of the family for his choice. The Karloff chose to stay away from his family for this reason. And so he met his brothers again in 1933 where he accepted with great pleasure posing next to their famous brother anymore.

Once Karloff arrived in Hollywood began playing in the silent cinema, but the roles were sporadikoi. To live well made various manual jobs. The movie in which appears for the first time on the big screen is "The masked rider (1919)". But his first major film was "The criminal code (1931)," a drama that had to do with prisons. Another important role was in "Five star final (1931)", where she had the role of a corrupt journalist. The film took the prize for best film.



And here begins the glory for Karloff. Starring in the film "Frankenstein (1931)", playing the role of the monster and is truly sensational. The bulky suit and coarse and tall boots was particularly painful for the actor but the costume and makeup are the ones who made the appearance of the monster classic. The Universal immediately patented own makeup which was inspired and created by Jack Pierce P.. A year later the Karloff stars as Imhotep in the movie "The mummy (1932)", in "The old dark house (1932)" and "The mask of Fu Manchu". Movies that made the famous Karloff.

Karloff's name was associated mainly with horror movies in the 1930s and made a series of films with Universal, many of them with co-star Bela Lugosi him. He played twice more the role of Frankenstein's monster in the film "Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939)".

Although the long collaboration with Bela Lugosi drove not long friendship, the two actors have worked in several notable films such as "The black cat (1934), Gift of Gab (1934), The raven (1935)," "The invisible ray (1936)," Black Friday "(1940)," You'll "find out (1940)", "The body snatcher (1945)".

From 1945 to 1946 he collaborated with RKO and, as he said in an interview, because he believed that with the Universal role of the monster was doing anymore its cycle. Aside from the horror films through which became known to the general public, Karloff played in other genres of cinema. One of his performances is in "Scarface (1932)". Often participated as a guest on radio shows, has played several roles on Broadway, he has appeared in television series, was Narrator in the television movie made for the Seuss's the Dr How Grinch stole Christmas and has lent his voice to the Grinch for the song "mean a You're one Mr Grinch. Also made many recordings for plays, children's fairy tales but also horror anthologies.

1968 plays in the movie "Targets" by Peter Bogdanovich. This was the last film that he turned to America shortly before he died. The Karloff finished his career by turning four low-budget Mexican horror movies. The ' Snake People ', "The Incredible Invasion", "Fear Chamber" and "House of Evil". All four films were released after his death. During the filming, Karloff had only half of one lung and between shots made using oxygen mask.

boris-karloffHe was a very kind and generous man and dealt with charities related to children. Never officially changed his name to Boris Karloff. Always sign with your real name. He married five times and had a daughter with his fourth wife. The birth of his daughter coincided with the filming of "Son of Frankenstein" Karloff went to hospital wearing the suit of the monster.

He spent the last years of his life at his country in England, in a Hampshire village, at Bramshott. After a long battle with arthritis and emphysema, ended up with pneumonia at King Edward VII hospital, Midhurst in Sussex's, on 2 February 1969 at the age of 81 years. He was cremated in a simple ceremony at Guildford Crematorium, in Godalming, Surrey's where he is found and a commemorative plaque.

Great actress, from the big kind, gave lessons in acting on the big screen and beyond. Remains unforgettable himself and his works until today. He is the man that nobody so far has not outgrown playing the role of the monster in various adaptations of Frankenstein.



Προτεινόμενες ταινίες:

1. Frankenstein (1931)
2. The Old Dark House (1932)
3. The Mummy (1932)
4. The Black Cat (1934)
5. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
6. The Raven (1935)
7. The Black Room (1935)
8. The Invisible Ray (1936)
9. The Walking Dead (1936)
10. The Man who Changed his Mind (1936)
11. Son of Frankenstein (1938)
12. The Body Snatcher (1945)
13. Isle of Dead (1945)
14. Abbott and Costello meet the killer, Boris Karloff (1949)
15. Black Sabbath (1963)
16. The Raven (1963)
17. Targets (1968)

Of course the filmography is vast. Personally I think these are the best and for this reason the suggest. Good viewing angles, well.
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