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The 12 best horror movies With Killing Dolls

The 12 best horror movies With Killing Dolls

by horrormovies.gr07/01/2014

It is true that the horror movies that revolve around eerie dolls with murderous moods are a problematic and fairly controversial offshoot in horror cinema. The somewhat "kiddie" nature makes them light and not particularly frightening in the eyes of many spectators not given great importance in any well characteristics. May the dear to many Chucky (random example) seems extremely scary in the eyes of a mpompira, but an adult will probably see his films for "Jazz" and more fun and not in the context of true search and ' serious ' horror. Surely such an attitude is justified to a certain extent after the long killing dolls/toys repertoire we find many moderate to poor productions which cause laughter and frustration. On the other hand there are horror movies with killing dolls offer a genuine feeling of terror, authentic thrills, shocking scenes and distinguished by convincing and dark atmosphere to rival other offshoots of terror.

In this special issue of we present the 12 best horror movies with killing/scary dolls in order to remember the old and to learn the younger viewers the most remarkable relevant material in accordance with the evaluation criteria of the editorial team of our website. This is a difficult undertaking as sectioning greatest films through a controversial and particular subcategory terror requires careful research to bear fruit. We hope that with the presentation that follows, you will find movies that will convince even the most moderate and strict spectators. Anyway it is a list that is of great interest and becoming some hidden or forgotten brilliance may occur beyond the better-known productions. Good reading!


The Inheritance (1987)

(From the tv series Friday the 13th "horror")

the inheritanceThose were warm friends of horror cinema scene at the end of the 80s and early 90s of you probably will remember that Nice horror series that was running Friday nights in private television with the Greek psarwtiko "the Mystery of Friday." The "Friday the 13th: The Series ' or ' Friday's ' Curse, as were the English titles, revolved around two cousins with the help of a man still looking for cursed objects that their uncle had sold from the antique shop that worked. Their uncle had made a deal with the devil and the items sold were capable to cause great harm to their buyers or those around them. The cousins, who inherited the store after the death of their uncle tried to identify each object and to close once and for all in the store.

In the first episode of the series entitled "The Inheritance," attraction was a diabolical horror girlish doll that would sway in evil deeds a unsuspecting girl. The doll was pretty terrifying Visual and the episode offered some very powerful and entertaining scenes simultaneously as bloody neck vents, dangerous falls from ladders, attacks with bombing of disks (!), attempted strangulation, etc. The anatrichiastikoi doll's grimacing completed ideals that satisfying episode. Its inclusion in this tribute warranted.

Director: Franc Mancuso Jr, Larry B Williams.
Writer: Franc Mancuso Jr, Larry B Williams.
Cast: Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, John D. LeMay

Puppet Master (1989)

puppet masterIn the late 1980s and early 90s we notice a mild ' bombing ' horror films with dolls who seemed to lead to a slight predominance of a particular subclass in the coming years. Although ultimately such dominance never existed, the fact is that in that brief period saw some of the greatest horror films, with the dolls as primary horror decor. In this period released the remarkable ' Puppet Master ' which soon acquired the status of cult and among others gave us some of the most memorable bloody dolls on a single movie! Can the numerous unneeded and ' rigged ' sequels to somewhat marred his reputation first and historic "Puppet Master", though for the most updated cult audience the film retains its dignity until today.

Scenario can have weaknesses and bangs, may not get the 100% efficiency of any indifferent cast, can the pace might not be so rattling as we would like, but the movie manages to counteract all scrambled disadvantages due to that wonderful group of murderous dolls that captured our attention. It is basically the formidable company of Blade, Pinhead (not the demon from the "Hellraiser") Jester, Tunneler and Leech Woman shaping the cult fame ' Puppet Master '. This inspired a variety of deadly dolls with each has its own separate deadly method depending on the technical/anatomical features are the primary reason that the "Puppet Master" is found in almost every list of best with killing dolls. Their victims, perceptive (r.r. Psychics) guests of an Inn. Give a chance to this deadly and charmingly cheesy company. If you do not startle, at least I'll have fun.

Directed By: David Schmoeller
Screenplay: David Schmoeller, Charles Band, J Kenneth Hall.
Cast: Paul Le Mat, William Hickey, Irene Miracle

Child's Play 2 (1990)

(Child's play 2)

childs play 2Chucky's return in the early 90s was something more than just satisfactory. More violent but funny, the fiendish ' doll ' tries to get into the body of the little Andy after the failed attempt of the first part and in the course of sowing death in various ways. Electrocution, drownings, stabbings, beatings with sticks and several still killing methods included in bloody menu of threatening doll that fans of the franchise will definitely enjoy.

In the Director's post, we find this time John Lafia, screenwriter of the first ' Child's ' Play and we can say that the talented American do an excellent job creating a horror film which is very pleasant and proves worthy continuer of the critically acclaimed first film of 1988. The young Alex Vincent is distinguished once again giving a great for the cubic interpretation of the movie while dynamic is the appearance of Nice Christine Elise as the adoptive sister of Andy who helps him with fervor and determination in the difficult task of tackling the Chucky.

Directed By John Lafia
Screenplay: Don Mancini
Cast: Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter, Gerrit Graham

The Doll Master (2004)

(The master of souls)

the doll masterAnother surprise from the Asian cinema, this time not from the usual suspect Japan but from neighboring South Korea. "The Doll Master" (original title "Inhyeongsa") is one of the most extraordinary films of class of killer dolls. Therein, responsible for killing is a doll dressed in a scarlet kimono, which assassinates with callous ways youngsters visiting a gallery, isolated in the forests of Korea. The interest lies in the choice of victims is not random as the Gallery hides a secret Satanic and maintainers of odd play fishy game. Why they were invited guests there? How easy is it to stop the murderous rage of the doll? These questions find answers only if you watch "The Doll Master".

It's a dark film filled with frightening scenes that freezes the blood filled anatrichiastikoys murders that are shocking, full of mystery and otherworldly atmosphere that fascinate. All of these things added and fairytale narration of the past of the doll that gives a ' poetic ' twist in the film, fitting with the whole climate and any excesses. Once again remove the hat among Asians, who with convincing works like "The Doll Master" prove that he is the most qualified to create dark, ghostly films.

Director: Jeong Yong-ki
Screenplay: Jeong Yong-ki
Cast: Yu-mi Kim, Eun-kyeong, Lim Hyeong-tak Shin

Amelia (1975)

(From the anthology "Trilogy of Terror")

ameliaIn this cult horror anthology starring the charming Karen Black in all three stories, witnessing one of the most exciting battles between deadly puppet and human victim. In the third story called "Amelia," the worshipful Zuni Indian doll race evolves into an absolute nightmare for a woman who bought her in order to donate to her favorite. When the magic chain that keeps the dormant spirit of the Zuni Hunter accidentally falls from the doll's body, she unleashes a very severe attack on the idioktitria inside her apartment and we viewers enjoy dynamic scenes of horror and suspense that captivate us well in our place.

The attack of the puppet kakomoytsoynis – who is spooky and only appearance-is so wild, so tearing and determined that only a similar fightback can hold. The finale of this segment of the "Trilogy of Terror" is unpredictable, shocking and extremely creepy. Although the duration of attack is small, manages to mark our memory for long proving that this story just does not pass unnoticed. Besides the impressive directed by Dan Curtis horror Maestro could not allow something inferior. This story is based on a short story of a great writer Richard Matheson entitled "Prey".

Directed By: Dan Curtis
Screenplay: Richard Matheson
Cast: Karen Black

Ventriloquist's Dummy (1945)

(From the anthology "Dead of Night")

dead of nightFilm-or better story in episodic film-with great historical significance for the subclass under consideration. The pattern of sick mentally eggastrimythoy and sick of tying with the doll of the show, is the main theme of this story. A story especially kalogrammenis and attentive Director, who triumphs with the chilling interpretation of the protagonist of Michael Redgrave. Eggastrimythwn dolls seems to be hiding something scary and in ' Dummy ' Ventriloquist's this fear portrayed with great skill.

This segment of the British cult horror anthology "Dead of Night" is the first film that deals with this topic, as the dramatic musical "The Great Gabbo ' (one of the earliest film with sound) holds the primacy. But at the scene of horror is the initiator and teacher for a few more films that were released in the distant future that perfected the lessons of their master (r.r. see below). However, even today, after a huge interval that exceeds the half century (!), the "Dummy" Ventriloquist's maintains the frightening identity spitting in your face time. Of course all the "Dead of Night" is a must for every friend of the old horror quality but for the sake of this tribute focus is this story. For many it is the best of the entire anthology and I find no reason to disagree. So good is this story.

Directed By: Alberto Cavalcanti
Screenplay: John Baines
Actors: Allan Jeayes, Michael Redgrave, Frederick Valk

Dead Silence (2007)

(Dead Silence)

dead silenceOne of the first efforts of Malaysian origin Director James Wan who has passed psiloaparatiriti because of bigger hits, like ' Saw ', ' Insidious ' and ' The Conjuring '. Poorly. ' Dead Silence ' offers many compelling horror installments and contains twists that are shocking. Although the film is largely a formal ' ghost story ' revenge, however leave enough margin and in gruesome of dolls to scare the Viewer. The film focuses on the dramatic story of a eggastrimythoy which was accused by the residents of a small town that killed a small child who questioned the plausibility of the show. The Mary Shaw well, as was her name, was murdered by locals after the first cut the tongue and then buried as doll according to her own desire. The restless ghost of yet not sat quiet and returned to avenge those killed and their descendants.

So when the wife of a young man killed wild in their apartment, he returns to the city where Mary Shaw appeared as the murder of his beloved seems to be connected with the murdered eggastrimytho. Apart from the grisly Specter of Mary Shaw, ' Dead Silence ' filodwrei tromares the audience through dolls belonging to the collection of eggastrimythoy. Of the relevant variety most frightening doll highlight (Billy reminds you of something that name from another film by James Wan do?) you look and more time. The psarwtikos way wag ominously his eyes lifts our hair banister. So does another clown doll in a very creepy encounter with the protagonist. Excellent movie that if you had best actor I was taking off at great heights.

Director: James Wan
Writer: Leigh Whannell, James Wan
Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg

Tourist Trap (1979)

tourist trapThe "Tourist Trap" is a forgotten brilliance from the end of the 70s that many friends of terror – and mostly younger – ignore. E, time to learn and seek a special horror film that deserves mention for several reasons. The otherworldly sound effects like whispers the names of victims, the extraordinary, eerie soundtrack of Pino Donaggio Maitre, atmospheric direction of ' special ' in low budget horror films David Schmoeller, the dark photo and above all the unstoppable and extremely menacing villain with the equally menacing and dangerous wax figures that decorate the ' Museum ' is the main reason to bother with this movie. Mannequins turning their eyes ominously, kakomoytsoynes dolls-old ladies who laugh derisively when the death zygwnei, Indians and cowboys of the Wild West shooting relentlessly … Huge selection of dolls has the menu, ready to satisfy everyone.

The klisarismeni case wants a group of young people to become isolated in a remote part of the province because of damage to their car and take refuge in a wax museum. The manufacturer and owner of the Museum welcomes friendly at first, but in the course of a mysterious masked killer begins to xepastreyei young people but not for himself. You see … something very strange is going on with the dolls and Dummies of space but also the tilekinitikes forces that motivate with bad aim. Young people are faced with an ineffable nightmare from which there seems no escape. Super combination slasher and supernatural motives of the main Trump of ' Tourist Trap ' and despite the expected mikroafeleies and simplifications in the scenario, I can safely say that puts the glasses on many ' gklamoyrates ' horror films that goods advertised more. Oh, is he the creepy murder with lethal weapon … the plaster used to cause agonizing suffocation in a victim! Talk about a truly shocking scene that will take too long to forget!

Directed By: David Schmoeller
Screenplay: David Schmoeller, J Larry Carroll.
Cast: Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness

Pin (1988)

(Torn Killer)

pinO Canada is a country of surprises in the scene of terror although no hits as often as other film schools. But when pounding, doing with so special way we remember him for long. The "Pin" of 1988 is one of the pleasant surprises of kanadezikis school and of course could not be absent from this list. The scary subject of celebrity eggastrimythwn psychoses who release their paranoia through live their puppet, is a reference to "Pin" which came from transfer of the novel by famous writer Andrew Neiderman (the creator of ' The Advocate ' Devil's). The title of the film refers to the name of an actual human size doll medicine which uses a father-doctor to teach young children of the anatomy of the human body. But that his son Leon, schizophrenic and tied closely with the Pin in. .. an alarming degree. When it develops and the ability eggastrimythoy the situation goes beyond the normal range.

The psychotic, overprotective behavior of larger Leon anymore towards his sister, pushes their relationship to extremes with the Leon should not hesitate to reach out even to murder in order to protect it from all sorts of external "threat" as the new "Amore" and the influential aunt. However, Leon is the real cause of aggressive behavior or is the most shocking with the doll that seems to ' steer ' the protagonist? Search this wonderful horror film and you won't regret it. Has nothing to envy from competitors of the American market. Direction, script, performances … all are found in high levels in "Pin", and sometimes even higher. Well done!

Directed By Sandor Stern
Screenplay: Sandor Stern
Cast: David Hewlett, Cynthia Preston, Terry O ' Quinn

Magic (1978)

(The killer with Two Faces)

magicAnother – and perhaps the top – film that focuses on the interesting subject of double figures and a doll domination eggastrimythoy onto human "boss". Relying on the self-titled book by award-winning author/screenwriter William Goldman and pressing on solid foundations which built the story "Ventriloquist's" Dummy from the classic anthology "Dead of Night" 1945, "Magic" follows the same recipe but taking him/her a level above. The morbid relationship eggastrimythoy-doll pictured with convincing realism, framed by the most insane dialogues or monologues (depends on the perspective that sees anyone!) that we have seen in this subcategory. The sickening hero's outfit from seemingly harmless game may lead him to the most horrific acts when the rampant alter ego ' "of the first finds an outlet towards paranoia through the puppet.

Can we talk about an unknown movie in general public (r.r. especially in Greece), but the cast of "Magic" only unknown or irrelevant is not. A young Anthony Hopkins still, a dynamic Ann-Marget and a great Burgess Meredith make up the vanguard of this execrable horror film with dramatic implications. The ornate, dark directed by Richard Attenborough giant nails, highlighting a difficult Executive theme. Protagonist emerges naturally the Hopkins in the role of salemenoy eggastrimythoy that through eerie puppet named Fat, drifting in abominable actions without hope of return. Nominated victims demanding agent who wants to go through psychological tests, the love of his life and the decadent husband. But the biggest victim of the case itself is the perpetrator? Beyond the sublime acting, the film takes off from the captivating soundtrack of enormous Jerry Goldsmith. Look for the "Magic" If you do not startle even slightly, rather you saw other movie …

Director: Richard Attenborough
Screenplay: William Goldman
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Marget, Burgess Meredith

Dolls (1987)

(Bloody Dolls)

dollsWhen a clairvoyant, open-minded, and arguably greatest filmmaker takes over directing a horror film with puppets, then the result can only be amazing. The reason for the superb "Dolls" by Stuart Gordon that was released in 1987 and deservedly won a place in the best horror movies of the subclass under consideration. This is one of the last films of Empire Pictures of producer Charles Band before the company ceased the cinematic firmament after thorny economic problems. H film presents the events of one night only but these are so nightmarish, so convincingly executed, so kalogyrismena (Stuart Gordon is that!), which may excite or to frighten even the most "serious" audience older ages.

In the "Dolls" six people whose vehicles were penned in mud during a brocheris night, find shelter in a large house in the countryside apomonwnomeno. The mysterious elderly owners welcome them heartedly but behind the warm welcome is hiding a terrible risk. The elderly couple's home is filled with dolls, crane games and various games yet while the pair pursues the art of koyklopoiias. During the night the guests are going to confront the murderous fury of dolls but not attack without serious reason. And here is the whole point of the movie which tries to look deeper and visit and ultimately succeeds without difficulties. The dark atmosphere within the House, the fierce storm outside, menacing and well-designed crane games, persuasive effect, imaginative murders and the nice variety of characters guarantee a hearty experience intended for wide age range audience. Despite the short duration (less than 80 minutes), the "Dolls" is so addictive movie, that if you make the "click" bored to the see and the xanablepeis … countless times. The graphs at least has become a victim of "Dolls" and hardly will be saved from the dark and irresistible attraction of …

Directed By: Stuart Gordon
Screenplay: Ed Naha
Cast: Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Lorraine Carry

Child's Play (1988)

(Child's play)

childs playPretty much predictable choice will say many readers and probably would have been right. But not otherwise. The "Chucky" is something like little King in poor, but loveable subcategory of, that of the killer dolls. I don't see what other doll could take the lead or to overshadow widespread fame as the likable redhead ' doll ' has it all. Humor, jazz, irony, wit, rage, insatiable thirst for blood, menacing expression, endless obstinacy, orderliness as Slayer, paranoia in the highest degree … Like a little ' star ' of horror scene stands proudly among the leading sacred monsters of horror cinema, even if it is thrown, de facto since the context in which it operates is not ' severity ' of most offshoots of terror as the metaphysical , the psychological, the slasher, torture porn, vampires, Werewolf etc. Of course the "Play Child's" categorized generally as a slasher and even from those few ' 80s who gave a metaphysical connotation in particular idiom with the "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984). But further specifying the nature of, and transitioned in the phylum ' Killing Dolls "/" Deadly Games ", as the leader of this group. This integration can downgrade (together with all related movies) in the eyes of several spectators, but creates the preconditions for emergence of temporal cult forms that remain Evergreen through time and overwhelm the film limits (see e.g. related for sale Chucky dolls).

But assessing the ' total ' Child's Play like a movie, we find that it meets the necessary criteria as to triumphs in the relevant best of lists, and to gaining wider acceptance among horror fans. Beyond the undeniable virtues of Chucky and the successful effects of the film regarding the puppet movements, we are witnessing a serious, professional and high-level direction by Tom endowed Holland, who has given us some very remarkable horror movies in the 80s and 90s. The kid Alex Vincent plays the role of an amazing small Andy which targets the Chucky (or better the criminal Charles Lee Ray that has trapped in the body of the doll) with the aim to conquer his body coming out from this doll. Andy's mother also has a very good presence. Other notable features of the film is the dark atmosphere inside Andy's House before the lethal outbreak of Chucky and few but inspired murders that occasionally accompanied by the stinging one-liners of Chucky. The suspenseful finale seals ideally this historical horror film that was established in the Greek market with the most marketistiko and psarwtiko titled "Satan's Doll". Rightly therefore the ' Child's stroggylokathetai ' Play on top of several related lists. It is not only the dynamics of Chucky as traditional horror figure that infused the first but also the fact that a great horror film is like.

Director: Tom Holland
Screenplay: Don Mancini, John Lafia, Tom Holland
Cast: Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent


The episodes The Dummy (1962), Living Doll (1963) and Caesar And Me (1964) from the television series "The Twilight Zone".
Puppet Master III: Revenge Toulon's (1991), by David DeCoteau.
Dolly Dearest (1991), Maria's Lease.
Demonic Toys (1992) by Peter Manoogian.
Pinocchio's Revenge (1996) by Kevin Tenney.
Bride of Chucky (1998), Ronny Yu's.
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