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The 25 (+ 5) best horror movies With Killing Animals

Time for plenty of Horror Animal or Natural Horror as also said the films examine species! This is definitely a challenging horror subcategory. Horror movies where the role of perpetrator is a creature of the Animal Kingdom does not enjoy wide recognition by comparison with other movies subcategories (eg. ghosts, serial killers etc.). Objectively be difficult for a filmmaker to coin a horror movie by making the lethal animal truly threatening in a way that will convince the Viewer. You see, these efforts often accompanied by kwmikotragika results with films that at best disappointing. Of course – and as in each sub-class of terror – in this sub-heading encounter and some very dynamic and extremely kalogyrismenes movies, some of which have written their own distinct history in horror genre. Some others, does not have such a high status but remain interesting and definitely can be better assessed if disclosed to a larger audience.

Guided by these considerations, the editorial team of has been prepared for readers of the following tribute brings out the 25 best horror films with killing animals in the history of horror cinema. Note that this tribute includes all creatures of the Animal Kingdom without restrictions, namely aquatic species, amphibians, mammals (land and sea), birds, insects and various bugs of mother nature. Another important observation for the tribute type films that we chose. More specifically, we chose films that killing the animals either remain as they are, by their nature, or have undergone some mutations that have changed little but their external form and their properties. While IE may encounter tapes that the animal has become aggressive due to a failed experiment, however you won't find movies in which the animal has e.g. gigantwthei. In other words we tried to include in our list of movies that show each lethal animal as close as possible to the "natural" form. So you won't find movies with giant insects, giant spiders, giant monkeys, huge monsters Godzilla-type sayroeidi and its on. These belong in another category and could be accommodated in separate tribute. In addition, the following special issue contains no sequels, as we are interested to emerge the first movies that were filmed (and usually exceed the sequels).

At the end there is a bonus details of five other films (from best to worst), less important in our opinion but sufficiently worthwhile to refer. So settle back in your Chair, take your pc and indulge in the sinister world of "natural" and more specifically "livestock" horror. Perhaps after reading the tribute to beware of further contacts with your pets, your swimming in the seas and lakes, even visits to zoos!


The Breed (2006)


the breed 2006

Has the cliché, has a sense of kitsarioy and amerikanias, however, "The Breed" has the undeniable ability to hold your interest with the constant suspense resulting from dynamic attacks of dogs. Nominated their victims are five young men who decided to make a holiday on a desert island. Unfortunately they did not know that the island live genetically modified dogs with deadly mood and relentless aggression.

Directed By Nicholas Mastandrea.
Screenplay: Robert Conte, Peter Wortmann.
Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning.

Piranha 3D (2010)


piranha 2010

The remake of the old classic movie aquatic terror finally proved higher expectations and meaningful existence. May not reflect the authenticity of the original "Piranha", however, effectively exploits the beneficial effects of CGI and gives his friends natural horror a spectacular Visual and bloody theme during the attacks of carnivorous Piranha fish. The 3D version is even more enjoyable.

Director: Alexandre Aja.
Screenplay: Peter Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg.
Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd.

Prey (2007)

(The Prey)

prey 2007

From the particularly agonized horror movies with Lions is unfairly undervalued "Prey" of 2007. With trump the unwrinkled Peter Weller in the title role and effectively utilizing the claustrophobic terror recipe inside the vehicle that he taught the "Cujo" (1983), "Prey" offers a brute force, relentlessly terrifying lions and plenty of suspense in a movie that might not innovate but never ceases to see Jolly keeping the audience firmly in place. Candidate of engineering family victims who impersonates the Weller which got trapped in the wild Savannah safaris making while the father was dealing with professional obligations. The father will try to find his family with the help of an experienced Hunter and blood is going to flow freely.

Director: Darrell Roodt.
Writer: Darrell Roodt, Beau Bauman, Jeff Wadlow.
Cast: Bridgett Moyanahan, Petr Weller, Carly Schroeder.

Anaconda (1997)


anaconda 1997

I never understood why this natural horror film sympathitikotati apaxiwthike direction from much of critics and viewers. The "Anaconda" has all those characteristics that he wishes his friend idiom. A particularly sinister and well-made animal (in this case a huge Anaconda), many nominated victims, impressive action sequences, imposing natural landscapes (from Amazon), at least one obnoxious bad (Jon Voight) and a decisive lead actress (Jennifer Lopez) standing in her work as a decent, the heroine of the "good guys". Can from the start and until about half the film moves somewhat slowly, but when the huge Anaconda begins attacks on National Geographic's mission unlucky, the suspense and action are constantly in the red.

Directed By: Luis Llosa.
Writer: Hans Bauer, Jim Cash Jack Epps, Jr.
Cast: John Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz.

Orca (1977)

(Orca The Killer Whale)

orca 1977

It was considered copying the ' Jaws ' resulting debased. But given the huge influence that brought the legendary masterpiece of Spielberg generally in film, hardly a film like "Orca" would remain completely unaffected, especially when it belongs to the same phylum with the ' Jaws '. The "Orca" despite the obvious influence received from the "Jaws" manages to roll out its own virtues presenting a bloody but emotional history simultaneously, rotating around the relentless against a captain-Hunter and a wild Orca who lost the match by Hunter's fault. The icy environment where the action unfolds is another trump card as it intensifies the sense of threat. The story seems to justify the film giving the status of cult, albeit shrunken circle of loyal followers.

Directed By: Michael Anderson.
Screenplay: Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Donati, Robert Towne.
Cast: Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Will Sampson.

Razorback (1984)

(The Boar Of Death)

razorback 1984

And an unusual animal that decided to declare this dynamic in tribute. This is … wild boar! And even for a much larger than usual boar that roams the desert of Australia killing anyone unlucky found in his path. In those and an American reporter who went there to do reportage for hunting, something that would motivate her husband to travel to the region seeking answers on how and why. This film from the Director of "Highlander", belongs to the so-called "Ozploitation" movies, because "exploits" elements from the natural environment of Australia from which it originates. It has jazz, decadent atmosphere, "desperate" photo from the hot Australian desert and of course an unstoppable lethal boar that I scared her at first even Obelix!

Director: Russel Mulcahy.
Writer: Everett De Roche.
Cast: Gregory Harrison, Bill Kerr, Arkie Whiteley.

Man's Best Friend (1993)

(Man's Best Friend)

mans best friend 1993

By the time they appeared on the VHS version was impressed by this film. Replaying the ' Best Friend ' Man's relatively recently, slightly apomythopoiisa some aspects, but not the whole movie. Because the truth is that the film is a good choice for light-hearted horror horror natural direction and evening entertainment. Has a pleasant flow, good performances and interesting cast. The mutant dog who stars here does an excellent job, especially in … kills. Some inventive scenes, such as mini anthology devouring an entire cat raise the bar, with the total figure to be generally satisfactory. Man's best friend told you? After this movie may revise your opinion for dogs (ok, just kidding a bit).

Directed By John Lafia.
Screenplay: John Lafia.
Cast: Ally Sheedy, Lance Henriksen, Robert Costanzo.

The Swarm (1978)

(The Flock)

The Swarm 1978

From the "Lord of the Irwin Allen disaster" comes this classic horror film/disaster that we all enjoy in Greek television in the past. "The Swarm" despite the remarkable cast was considered ' bad movie ' from the vast majority of "experts" while up to the protagonist of Michael Caine said that was the worst movie of his career. We – and as we have done in other cases – we critics of Allen's movie. ' The Swarm ' rather than the ' kitsch ' aesthetic and mediocre dialogues is a full fun movie with lots of scenes anthology from the murderous action of bees. Mass bee attacks on innocent civilians, in helicopters, on trains, in nuclear power plants, etc. accompanied by awe-inspiring scenes of destruction guarantee entertainment. The same swarm of bees with its impressive formations in the sky seems truly invincible enemy. You dare to compete with him?

Directed By Irwin Allen.
Screenplay: Stirling Silliphant.
Cast: Michael Caine, Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark.

Monkey Shines (1988)

(Wild Instinct)

monkey shines 1988

Surprise film of the Great George Romero who is recognized primarily for his trilogy of "living dead". Here the American original, specialized in the field of threatened animals and in particular with a charming monkey which will cease to be so nice when externalize anger. The Ella – as is the name of the Monkey – has dangerously increased IQ because of the pilot virus of granted by a scientist. So when the gift is given to Ella as "Assistant" a parapligikoy by the scientist, tries to defend the close relationship that has developed with the helpless boss of busting out of the way any harassing them. The "Monkey Shines" may not be approaching the quality of "living dead", however, remains an interesting film with original case, remarkable interpretations, serious Director and balanced doses of social criticism. Certainly the most peculiar films of Romero.

Directed By: George Romero.
Screenplay: George Romero.
Cast: Jason Beghe, John Pankow, Kate McNeil.

Shakma (1990)

shakma 1990

It certainly is one of the most agonizing horror film with killing animals. Without being terrible movie, "Shakma" puts the glasses on many similar primarily thanks to the incredibly fierce and full of aggressive Baboon (whose name gives the title in the film) who is responsible for the bloodshed that we enjoy.  This primary turned into unstoppable killing machine after an experiment in his brain that went awry and begins to xepastreyei after their fad unlucky students/teachers of the scientific centre who barricaded there at night to play a bizarre game. Let's being watched …

Movie Review

Director: Hugh Parks, Tom Logan.
Screenplay: Roger Engle.
Cast: Christopher Atkins, Amanda Wyss, Roddy McDowall.

White Dog (1982)

white dog 1982

An actor in wounding the cab of a white German Shepherd and treats him, takes him home. Observing that the beautiful dog becomes absurdly aggressive, goes to a black (the irony of the case) dog trainer to heal from this terrible aggression. See the racist owner had trained to attack only to blacks! But how easy is the "reprogramming" of dog's behavior? This scarce and relatively unknown film, released as allegorical critique of racism. Through the white male dog, the film poses the dilemma of whether racism is treatable as a social "illness". Despite the lack of promotion and advertising in the USA, the film found a response in Europe and eventually won the appreciation it deserved. Because actually talking to an excellent film, with good performances, original concept, dramatic atmosphere and a friendly dog that when tsantizetai is causing terror and panic.

Director: Samuel Fuller.
Writer: Samuel Fuller, Curtis Hanson, Romain Gary.
Cast: Kristy McNichol, Christa Lung, Vernon Weddle.

Alligator (1980)

(The Horrible Crocodile Dispels Panic)

Alligator 1980

Finding the ideal ratio between horror, jazz and kitsarioy, the highly entertaining "Alligator" leaves his own stamp on the natural horror field attracting more friends of B movies, although not perfectly. The great rejuvenation of the film is the massive alligator, who grew up in the sewers of New York, began to spread panic, first underground and then overhead. A dud COP tries to stop him but of course the lethal animal proves very difficult nut. Despite the drawbacks and taste ' tyrilas ' that clearly leaves the ' Alligator ', it is impossible not to entertain anyone seen, as it offers plenty of scenes of anthology that excite me. It certainly is much better than many new productions (mostly sequels) with same or similar killing amphibians.

Director: Lewis Teague.
Screenplay: John Sayles, Frank Ray Perilli.
Cast: Robert Foster, Robin Riker, Gazzo Michael V..

Savage Harvest (1981)

(Blood In The Jungle)

savage harvest 1981

The "Savage Harvest" tells the anguished family adventure in Africa whose members try to survive the onslaught of hungry Lions who stormed their residence. This forgotten brilliance stands capable of offering generous doses of suspense and terror. The "Savage Harvest" remains threatening and does not seem to have lost their freshness despite the many years that he carries on his back. He marketistikos the Greek title "blood in the jungle" from the VHS was all money and could lure many kid's teeth – as it happened then and with the writer. Lion attacks easily convince, being realistic and kalogyrismenes. If you like lions, this movie is for you! Discover!

Directed By: Robert L. Collins.
Screenplay: Ralf Helfer, Ken Noyle, Robert Blees, Robert L. Collins.
Cast: Tom Skerritt, Michelle Phillips, Shawn Stevens.

Piranha (1978)


piranha 1978

The great Steven Spielberg has described as the best copy of "Jaws". Something knows of course, although this definition is not 100% accurate. "Piranha" can be seen more as a parody of "Jaws" by following basic patterns of legendary film Spielberg but putting his own cheesy touches upon satisfaction of all of us. The well-made for the Piranha era spray-paint blood a great river on which operates a tourist resort and an insurance investigator with the help of a local trying to stop. Action, entertainment, and a funny and addictive roar of attacking Piranha – something like zoyzoynisma – are a recipe for success after all when a horror movie players we find names such as Joe Dante (Director), Roger Corman (production) and Pino Donaggio (music), then this can only be very dignified.

Directed By: Joe Dante.
Screenplay: Richard Robinson, John Sayles.
Cast: Bradford Dillman, Heather Menzies-Urich, Kevin McCarthy.

Of Unknown Origin (1983)

(Unknown Origin)

of uknown origin 1983

From the most substandard works by George Cosmatos. But loose and one of the most fun and original. In "Unknown" Origin Of the great Peter Weller trying to exterminate a pesky rat nests in his home in New York. While initially the case appeared to be a formality that would end quickly, the elusive rodent turns our hero's life in hell which affects negatively and his career. Fatal well all leading to the ultimate battle between man and rodent and whoever stood. The great success of the film is that it manages to shows Computable and serious utilizing masterfully a seemingly naive and simple theme. The fun here is guaranteed. Our congratulations.

Directed By: George Cosmatos P..
Screenplay: G Chauncey. Parker III, Brian Taggert.
Cast: Peter Weller, Jennifer Dale, Lawrence Dane.

Lake Placid (1999)

(Lake Placid)

lake placid 1999

Welcome and graceful combination of comedy and horror natural flanked by interesting cast. This short sentence we can describe in general the film krokodeilenio of Steve Miner. What does the "Lake Placid" special movie in the sub-category of is original and bloody scenes of anthology, quite unusual for the horror audience. How to do … beheadings, cow and bear fagwmata katabrochthiseis (among other things) with actor crocodile rarely meet in the cinema. The misfit team that hunts this crocodile spearheaded by Bill Pullman is one more reason to bother with the "Lake Placid".

Movie Review

Director: Steve Miner.
Screenplay: David E. Kelley.
Cast: Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt.

Link (1986)

(Link Terror)

link 1986

Undoubtedly one of the finest horror film with primates. In the "Link" have the opportunity to enjoy the lethal outbreak a pyromani oyrakotagkoy with the Link name that began to become overly violent just before the boss of the xaposteilei home where performs scientific experiments. A student of Zoology who came home to help the teacher and owner of Link will experience absolute terror as the orangutan is not letting go, manifesting the wild moods of more and more. The film apart from scary is and informative as it provides information about the monkeys, but intelligent orangutan remains the undisputed protagonist throughout. The wonderful music and beautiful scenery of steep cliffs and the sea offer extra points in the ' Link '.

Movie Review

Director: Richard Franklin.
Writer: Everett De Roche, Tom Ackermann, David Lee Zlotoff.
Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Terence Stamp, David O ' Hara.

Black Sheep (2006)

(Black Sheep)

black sheep 2006

The New Zealand also contributes in turn to natural horror category with an intelligent, bloodied and entertaining horror film in which we meet the last or one of the last animals you would expect in a position of ' evil '. The reason for genetically engineered sheep who develop sarkobores moods, spreading terror in a small community of New Zealand. Scenes from bright red blood and entrails plucked included in main menu of "Black Sheep" which owes a lot to the team who made the excellent special effects. Fast, fun characters, majestic landscapes of lush hills and some ithikoperiballontikes and scientific concerns added to the bloody movie recipe forming a delicious meal for all of us. After this movie might see the sheep with more cautious eye. XE XE …

Director: Jonathan King.
Screenplay: Jonathan King.
Actors: Oliver Driver, Nathan Meister, Tammy Davis.

Cujo (1983)


cujo 1983

From the respectable transport Stephen King novel. "Cujo" is perhaps the most scary dog we've seen on film. A dog that no one would want to have a pet from the moment he contracted rabies after bat bite. This evolution will start an increasingly violent behavior on the part of the massive dog with the tearing a woman's siege and the small son whose car made their temporary shelter against the aggressive bluster of Cujo. Mainly thanks to this monumental lengthy sequences – one of the most exciting occasions a siege trapping an "evil" that we have seen in the scene of terror – the film retains an air of "classic", and we could ever matter to uploaded to huge heights. The Dee Wallace in the role of dramatic mother proves once again impressive.

Director: Lewis Teague.
Screenplay: Don Carlos Dunaway, Laurren Currier.
Cast: Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh Kelly.

The Ghost And The Darkness (1996)

(Shadows In The Dark)

The Ghost And The Darkness

Can the "The Ghost And The Darkness" not considered traditional horror movie because of intense exotic-adventure elements containing but two lions that are the hallmark of, say … disagree with us. The bloody attacks have been staged and masterfully leave no room for anything else, except for terror! Beyond the terrible lions, whose nicknames "Ghost" and "Darkness" respectively give the film its title, "The Ghost And The Darkness" is fortunate to be supported by the great duo Val Kilmer – Michael Douglas. The two stars turn out excellent chemistry combining the unbending determination of bridge engineering (Val Kilmer) with the predatory ability of an experienced Hunter (Michael Douglas) with the common goal of addressing two killer lions that threaten completion of construction of a bridge in Kenya katasparazontas workers. The beautiful photo from wild savannahs of Africa is another highlight which will be unforgettable! Don't miss this delicious bloody adventure.

Director: Stephen Hopkins.
Screenplay: William Goldman.
Cast: Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Tom Wilkinson.

Arachnophobia (1990)


Arachnophobia 1990

Perhaps the best horror film with bugs ever. "Arachnophobia" taught somewhere there in the early 90s how should be done properly and wisely marrying natural horror and comedy, exploiting perfectly repulsive to crowded poisonous spiders. One of them is sufficient to transfer within a coffin (!) from South America in a small us town to reproduce rapidly and then to spread terror among residents along with her children. Surely the fun would not be so great if actors lacking-delights for such cases as the Jeff Daniels and John Goodman. The first as an unlucky doctor and the second as a wacky insect exterminator offer top-notch action scenes and jazz, while the close-ups of spiders give distinct sweetness in ' Arachnophobia '. The music of the lining is also amazing. Generally this is a wonderful film that flows water and guarantees fun and horror at the same time. Must see!

Director: Frank Marshall.
Screenplay: Don Jakoby, Al Williams, Wesley Strick.
Cast: Jeff Daniels, Julian Sands, John Goodman.

Rogue (2007)

(Carnivorous Threat)

rogue 2007

The "Rogue" is one of the two great horror movies with crocodile from Australia that were released in 2007 (for another look in the next post). This spectacular film was the second completed work of the gifted Australian Director Greg McLean who had given credence two years earlier with the remarkable ' Wolf Creek '. Attraction of the second film is the oversized crocodile that attacks the boat of one group in a river of Australia, sowing terror and panic.  The "Rogue" contains scenes with great anxiety and tension without losing consistency anywhere. It is also said that partly inspired by the true story of a great Australian crocodile that attacked boats frequently in the 1970s but without causing deaths. Luckily for us viewers, the crocodile's ' Rogue ' do the exact opposite! Ormiste so without qualms. Will definitely kataeycharistitheite!

Directed By Greg Mclean.
Screenplay: Greg Mclean.
Cast: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington.

Black Water (2007)

(The River Of Terror)

Black Water 2007

Talking about one of the more realistic horror movies with crocodile and most realistic in the subcategory of natural horror in General. And how could it be otherwise provided in amazing Black Water systems ' ' true crocodiles! The film tells the dramatic story of a family that was held in the swamps of the northern territory of Australia and threatened by the attacks of a hungry crocodile. Want another touch of realism? E learn therefore that is based on true facts about crocodile attack in Australia, the country of origin of the film! Large doses of suspense, great performances, high intensity, authentically dramatic climate and beauty photography from the swampy environment where the unfolding action, promising an unprecedented and uniquely frightening experience that nails! And all this without the help of CGI is usually used in such films, which is of course memorable feat. Don't lose well under any circumstances!

Directed By: David Nerlich, Andrew Traucki.
Screenplay: David Nerlich, Andrew Traucki.
Actors: Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda.

The Birds (1963)

(The Birds)

the birds 1963

Okay, whatever you say about this wonderful, historic movie master of suspense will be superfluous, since the majority of friends of terror is familiar with the "Birds". After the colossal "Psycho," the Hitchcock placed the bar at rocketing that would be difficult to overcome. Of course the "The Birds" does this excess in any way but is another affirmation of the greatness of ' Alfie ' for fourth decade in print consistently high-quality jobs. The major achievement here is that Hitchcock manages to maintain suspense without helping ordinary offenders who has predominantly used in his films. Here the action and the suspense is not due to elaborate and persistent activity of an assassin or the insidious work secret agents and spies, but the aggressiveness of birds!

While the reference to birds was always a typical pattern of lesser importance in the Filmography of the great British birds here are highlighted in a primary threat. Birds of different species spread terror in the coastal area of Bodega Bay with no apparent reason and a family together with a beautiful visitor trying to survive! The film stayed in history including the awesome for its time Visual and sound effects. The emergence of strong female characters as well as some light social messages also work in favour of the film. A film that despite its outdated image, continues to see pleasant having to leave monumental scenes anthology such as birds attack the pupils of a school. O Hitchcock made another surprise and we can't help but bow to the undeniable greatness.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock.
Daphne Du Maurier: Scenario, Evan Hunter.
Cast: Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette.

Jaws (1975)



For many it was rather unexpected choice. Indeed the timeless masterpiece of Spielberg playing ball without rival in specific subcategory except maybe another Hitchcock's masterpiece. Judging though radiation in General and the legacy of Spielberg's film, we can say that "JAWS" are a click above being a landmark movie in many ways. The "Jaws" shark went on to create his own legend by influencing situations inside and outside of the cinematic world. This ultimate summer blockbuster was going to change the way Hollywood approached the productions of their advertising and promotion, highlighting the power of television advertising. In addition favored the release of many filmmakers from the shackles which rules threaten the large studio of film industry. At the same time the desire of tourists to swim in the sea receded as shown by the reduced number of swimmers on the seas in 1975.

Where to start describing the ' Jaws '? From the awesome and incredibly realistic shark (and without the CGI help please)? From the innovative and psarwtika underwater footage from inside the ' shark ' perspective? From the extremely dynamic attacks of his victims? From that monumental minimalist soundtrack that heralds the advent of shark-one of the most characteristic musical themes of all time in the cinema? Or from the delightful trio of heroes who chase the sea beast? The magic of "Jaws" is manifested in many ways and despite the many decades that carries on his back, the work of Spielberg looks not at all obsolete. Can be seen again and again by old and newer generations of spectators proving the Evergreen quality.
Inevitably, the success of "Jaws" sequels expected impregnated and many rip-offs with livestock killers, not only at sea but also ashore! But none of the descendants of film does not reach the greatness of ' Jaws ' iota. Could it not …

Directed By: Steven Spielberg.
Screenplay: Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb.
Cast: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss.

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