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You'll Die At Midnight (1986)

You'll Die At Midnight (1986)

by 21/01/2016
In "Die You'll At Midnight" an unfaithful wife murdered wild in the shower by a unknown assailant. A detective with the help of a psychologist starts searching for the murderer and the murdered woman's husband is the number one suspect. At the same time other murders have wracked the region whose pattern similar to that of a serial killer last considered dead. What actually happens? Is the furious husband the real killer? Returned the old serial killer? Or did something else happen?

Lamberto Bava


Lamberto Bava, Massimo Manasse, Marco Grillo Spina


Lamberto Bava, Dardano Sacchetti


Valeria D'Obici, Leonardo Treviglio, Paolo Malco, Eliana Miglio


Claudio Simonetti

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dania Film, Reteitalia

Γνωστή και ως

Midnight Killer, Midnight Horror

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Morirai a mezzanotte


1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)








Can the Lamberto Bava is better known in the horror audience for films Demons in the mid-80s, but his notable filmography testified moments and in other genres such as giallo. This is a typical giallo film that not just not differentiated at all from the familiar recipe but plays as a homage motifs from older horror films associated with the giallo filmography.

The most typical example is the scene of the massacre of the wife of a guy in the shower from unknown murderer who is impossible not to remind you the classic murder of Janet Leigh in the shower from the chitskokiko masterpiece "Psycho". The scene where a woman struggling with a guy with gun knife (for spoiler reasons do not disclose figures) as well as the murder of a staff member at the clothing store with swallowing underwear strongly resembles "The Bird With The Crystal Plumage" (1970) and "Tenebrae" (1982) by Dario Argento.

Horror Trivia

To ' You'll ' Die At Midnight is the 9th Lamberto Bava's film.

Some might consider lack of inspiration these options of Bava and the truth is that the ' You'll ' Die At Midnight not showing anywhere of innovative trends. But that doesn't mean it's bad movie. Has an interesting plot, enough angst to moments of murder and katadiwxewn from the murderer, while the main Trump of the terrific soundtrack of Maitre Claudio Simonetti, the former keyboard player making the legendary Goblin who both with the former band and as a solo artist offered the sublime music for many Italian horror films of that era and later.

If you are a friend of the giallo scene, take a look at ' You'll ' Die At Midnight. May not be impressed, but will definitely have a good time.

Midnight Horror

Movie Review Highlights
  • The murder of wife in the shower – a tribute to the famous shower scene of "Psycho".
  • The murder of a woman in clothes after twisted killer game necessary.


midnight horror midnight killer morirai a mezzanotte


you will die at midnight


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Interesting case, well-made mystery, several scenes with increased suspense, wonderful music themes by Claudio Simonetti.


The lack of prwtotypiwn, sporadic shortcomings and rough stuff in the scenario, some mediocre performances and minimum unrealistic reactions from the actors.

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Decent giallo that pays tribute to Hitchcock and in Argento.

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