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Xtro (1983)

Xtro (1983)

by 29/12/2014
In ' Xtro ' a man who had been kidnapped by aliens returns home after three years to claim his son and his wife. But there is something wrong with this guy as the nature appears to have changed dramatically.

Harry Bromley Davenport


Mark Forstater


Harry Bromley Davenport


Bernice Stegers, Philip Sayer, Simon Nash, Maryam d'Abo, Danny Brainin


Harry Bromley Davenport

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Amalgamated Film Enterprises


1 Hour and 21 Minutes (81 Minutes)


United Kingdom




A brutal excursion in terror.
This Alien is Pure Evil.
Some extra-terrestrials aren't friendly.




xtro alien extra terestrial monster cult movieThis film was released at a time when the great success of ' Alien ' (1979) had provoked the expected fertilization ' copies ', moderate and tasteless in most cases. Of course the «Xtro» looks less in the legendary film by Ridley Scott in comparison with other power of exploring the weird and often paranoid ideas of the creator.

What we have here then? A man kidnapped by aliens at the time that he played with his son in the backyard and after few years returns in place of … digitized. That is also true of form but the undercurrent of extraterrestrial. After summarily cleans some unfortunates who are on the road to his house, is reborn through the uterus and the genitals of a woman and is heading towards the son and his wife aimed at the coveted reunion.

xtro birth cult movieHis wife certainly did not stay faithful but has mpasei at the home of a new romance. The two men met and understood that their relationship isn't the best. Then the father exhibits bizarre behavior and the first witness is his little son. After the initial fright, father and son develop closer relationship and the son's actions are influenced by the dark nature of his father. What does end this crazy and wacky story?

To find out all you need to see the ' Xtro '. To stress that monitoring is difficult for current data and different tendencies of horror television viewers. A key problem is the film's disparate and incoherent screenplay structure. Full of crazy and ' what ' yes ' ideas causes concern and is not easily convinces for its severity. Essentially it is a animated film between sci-fi, horror and drama that tries to look serious. Other places even explores the field of supernatural!

Horror Trivia

It is reported incorrectly in the past that the ' Xtro ' was included on the infamous Video Nasties list in Britain.

In contrast, we find good effects, adequate doses of gore, surreal atmosphere and great music. Especially the latter is an integral part of «Xtro» and fascinates intensifying the surreal feeling. Eventually the film managed to acquire the status of cult and the creator made two other movies Xtro with matters unrelated to the initial release. This is the "Second Xtro II: The Encounter" (1990) and "Xtro 3: Watch The Skies" (1995). Between the two prefer loose first.


Movie Review Highlights

  • The bloody father's ' regeneration ' as alien by the unfortunate woman's genital a instrument.
  • The horrific slaughter of a woman from a dummy-soldier.
  • The emotive finale with intense extraterrestrial aura.


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Good effects, evocative music themes, surreal atmosphere, adequate quantitative and gore design.


Mediocre performances, erratic script with some really crazy, naive and incongruous ideas. Also the development of the alien party is hopelessly poor.

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Certainly talking about cult movie horror/sci-fi but today seems outdated and erratic. It is recommended only to friends of B movies.

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