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Xmoor-fen (2014)

Xmoor-fen (2014)

by 08/07/2015
"Xmoor" focuses on the adventure that is experiencing an American student with her friend whose trip to the swamps of British Exmoor to film a Panther evolves into a nightmare when meet with a ruthless serial killer.

Luke Hyams


Wayne Marc Godfrey, David Gilbery, Robert Jones


Luke Hyams


Melia Kreiling, Nick Blood, Mark Bonnar, Olivia Popica, Simone Kirby, Sophie Harkness, James Lecky


Felix Erskine

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Fyzz Facility Film Two, The, thefyzz


1 Hour and 24 Minutes (84 Minutes)


United Kingdom








From Britain comes this low-profile horror movie and as we are tired (and rather tired) saying, our reservations were intense. What is to say well "Xmoor"? However, the case shows that something different is trying to tell us while finally continues with frustrating way. Let's see how film itself described or …

Determined to make history, Americans Georgia students and Matt go to a remote area of North Devon, in order to film the legendary Panthers rumored wandering around in there swamps. With them traveling and the Fox, an animal Tracker, but has its own set of purposes. The discovery of human corpses, have methodically abandoned in the Woods, without, however, show signs of aggression of some wild animal, pulling the interest of the group, but all upset when Fox confesses his real motives. Now the two students have become prey …

Horror Trivia

The shooting of the film took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The big problem of «Xmoor» is located in interpretation and in the scenario. Many times wondering whether he really bored to corrections non-credible expressions of the actors in the event of panic and doubt. With the exception of the girl from the leading pair, the other actors are judged from mediocre to bad in their performance. Scenario in turn disappoints in many ways. With unanswered questions, with silly and irrational decisions or reactions of characters, with hastily written or meaningless dialogues and with naive ideas in General.

Within the wider plight staple, the film suffers from a suicidal frenzy to xepastreyei characters with the most stupid ways. At least in two cases we are witnessing quite blakwdwn treaties during the death of two people. Some moments of gore zoymeroy and increased violence along with a few scenario uncertainties for the real motives and the identity of certain persons holding the "Xmoor" near the surface of the swamp but unfortunately can not elevate above this.

Think well before you see it. Surely there are much worse horror film the last two years, but this does not mean in any way that it is worth spending your time with any messy thrileraki appears in our beloved scene.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The annihilation of a person throwing kotronas in the head!
  • A creepy murder with several sharp blows in the victim's back!


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Some possible action moments accompanied by increased violence, nice photo from the wooded-swampy landscapes of the region 1-2 good twists in the plot of the film dramatising the events.


Moderate to bad interpretations on several occasions, many frustrated climate and outside dialogues, defective script with plenty of backsliding and deficiencies.

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Despite the nuggets of good ideas that distinguish the overall result is tantamount to a general sloppiness that xenerwnei as good moods and if anyone has.

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