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The Woman in Black-the woman in black (2012)

The Woman in Black-the woman in black (2012)

by 06/10/2013
"The Woman In Black" focuses on the business trip of a lawyer in a village of the province which bullied by sightings of a dark woman while simultaneously suffers from incomprehensible toddler deaths. The lawyer tries to find answers for the strange events.

James Watkins


Richard Jackson, Simon Oakes, Brian Oliver


Jane Goldman


Susan Hill


Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer, Liz White


Marco Beltrami

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Cross Creek Pictures, Hammer Film Productions, Alliance Films, UK Film Council, Talisman Productions, Exclusive Media Group, Film i Väst, Filmgate


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)


United Kingdom




Do you believe in ghosts?



Box Office





Finally a modern horror movie with atmosphere! "The Woman In Black" resembles a mini surprise in pestered by mediocre horror scene creations and let not innovate. Initially I made two important observations: a) production is the historic Hammer which has accustomed us in the glorious past in atmospheric horror movies and now, in "the rebirth", it appears to walk on familiar but safe paths. (b)) in the direction is the Briton James Watkins, a name that had preoccupied us again in 2008 with the amazing "Eden Lake" from there onwards I was anxious to see the talented Daniel Radcliffe in a different role from the renowned Harry Potter anymore. And I can say with confidence now that went swimmingly.

"The Woman In Black ' transfer to the big screen the same title novel Susan Hill's 1983 around the mysterious woman with black. The Radcliffe played a London lawyer who goes to a distant village of England to settle some business. There, confronted with the frightening apparition of a mayrontymenis woman who terrorizes the residents and is associated with dark secrets from the past. At the same time the city is plagued by a spate of inexplicable death of young children, often with suicide! The lawyer-whose arrival is treated with suspicion by some residents–decides to solve the mystery. In an effort to find answers perizwnetai more and more closely by the sightings of the mysterious woman while experiencing a variety of terrifying experiences dramatising his mission.

Horror Trivia

"The Woman In Black" became the most successful British films of the last 20 years from the year of its release. Until June of 2012 had garnered 127,730,736 worldwide surpassing by far analysts ' expectations '.

Generally it is a psychological-metaphysical horror film especially sophisticated technically, something that successfully counteracts trivial points and cliches found in phylum of ghost stories. The kataskoteini atmosphere captivates even the most fearful spectators. The foggy landscape, especially in the area of the swamp, conjures memories of ancient atmospheric horror films that made the successful trick of fog to produce unearthly, terrifying atmosphere. The imposing interior of the Villa which explores the hero in his professional mission, is full of creepy items: potato heads who think they look menacing, he inexplicably sway-rocking armchairs, addled Windows ready to reflect dark figures, hidden letters and messages on the walls that ooze poison …

Mayrontymenis woman's meetings with the protagonist are governed by genuine feeling of terror that is transmitted seamlessly to ourselves. The dark woman pictured in detail and this option makes it even more eerie acting in favour of the produced tremendous climate. The Watkins has watched a lot of plans setting so you don't show ridiculous and at the same time playing with your psychology and in preparing for the intense tromares that follow. Sturdy directed by Watkins added the great interpretations, especially of Radcliffe, who definitely succeeded in the first serious project after Harry Potter. The startled gaze of is one of the more convincing that we have seen. I think that the great success of ' The Woman In Black "(beyond the commercial of course) is that it has managed to stand out from the clutter and let us not be masterpiece. Rare casual attitude so much for the cliche it may only occur within an kalogrammenis history supported by seamless direction and serious, high-level acting. A few holes in generally predictable scenario there but the overall result largely satisfies lovers of psychological-metaphysical horror films and of well-made films in General.

Woman in Black

Movie Highlights

  • The shocking scene toward the beginning with the simultaneous suicide of three little girls who creates a knot in the stomach. Certainly we are dealing with something very serious here!
  • The sudden and terrifying outburst of hostess who eat an evening with the hero to mark the dead little son.
  • The eerie and chilling figure of woman with black.


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Atmospheric direction, serious and fully professional interpretations, several eerie scenes starring the mysterious woman, spooky decorations.


The existence of several clichés, glitches in the scenario.

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Recent horror movies that deserve attention. Despite using well-known tricks for producing the horror movie offers freshness, seriousness and separate identity with the result that distinguishable from the "pile".

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