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The Woman (2011)

The Woman (2011)

by 16/09/2013
«The Woman» focuses on dramatically torture that experiences a primitive, uncivilized woman when she is captured by a "decent family man". But revenge will be much more violent than the martyrdoms in the basement of the family home.

Lucky McKee


Robert Tonino, Andrew van den Houten


Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee


Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee


Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Carlee Baker, Alexa Marcigliano, Zach Rand, Shyla Molhusen


Sean Spillane

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής



1 Hour and 41 Minutes (101 Minutes)






Not every monster lives in the wild.




Finally, a different horror movie. Inside the anempneystwn bombing, modest, recurring horror films intended for easy entypwsiazomeni Plebs, well that is something hip, sometimes able to grab the attention of the most demanding spectators. "The Woman" comes from the USA but it is by no means yet another plastic amerikania that easily digested along with the popcorn and coca cola. This is a movie with deeper content, for a creation that beyond the rawness and the aesthetics of sleaze, extends to social themes in a smart way, shocking and problimatizontas the public. If you need to find similarities with other films, I would say that it moves somewhere between "I spit on your Grave ' and ' Texas Chainsaw Massacre '. Anastatwsa you at all? For go …

What we have here then? Without giving clear explanations in our film knowing a wild woman that circulates in the forest, in a primitive State, being one of the last samples "cave dwellers" in the modern world. The woman is diagnosed by a seemingly normal family man who traps and leads to the underground bunker of the holiday residence. There keeps it tied and after the shows full of pride in not-so-normal family, declares pompously ambitious plan: will civilise! Not alone of course but with the assistance of his family, assuming each Member a unique role. Other cleaning, other food and so on. Unfortunately for the unlucky woman "civilizing" includes and mistreatment by the father and son who have turned into a sex game. However, soon befalls discord within the family for the choice of the father, though the strong guy always manages to require showing characteristic rigour and fist. But when the wild woman freed will unleash an unprecedented angry revenge against those who mistreated.

Horror Trivia

Considered a sequel of ' Offspring ' of 2009, a horror film with kanibalistiko content where she plays an actress who stars in "The Woman" (Pollyanna McIntosh).

"The Woman" is not a one-dimensional character but brings together diverse elements of various cinematic motifs. Elements of drama, comedy, horror, sleaze and extreme gore incorporated into a special mixture that although initially impresses by creating the false impression of "saboyras", however the course of events justifies the project creators of offering genuine moments of terror and shock. Initially we have a very good presence from the actor who impersonates the primitive woman. The troubled, scruffy face, the sharp, bestial behavior of and above the menacing look of causing the first shock. The second shock comes from the behavior of the father and his son to the unlucky woman who is more than cruel. The shock is not found only in direct their behavior towards her but and in unprecedented attitude of the father to encourage his son to violence, or forgiving of bad acts to the detriment of the victim either asking for his help in realising the unhealthy ideas. The third and biggest shock comes from the final sequences where the primitive woman gets her revenge with a fierce way watering our screens with plenty of blood while the US film filodwrei and with a super bad surprise equally sokaristikis nature. Beyond the ' Woman ' The nails and no violent outbursts, especially with the portrayal of incredibly annoying behavior of phallocentric father who demonstrates a strong authoritarianism that causes queasiness. If all these add wonderful interpretations of all actors understand why ' The Woman ' is proposed between the pile of modern horror films. Keep the course in wild finish. Just don't tigkarismeno have your stomach …

The Woman


  • Torture of a woman's breasts son.
  • The scowling, full of thirst for revenge look of primitive woman.
  • The woman's bloody revenge that besides leveling is smartly and selectively giving the message that everything little humanity fits even in the most savage outbreak.
  • The chilling surprise to the finale. What really hides this barn? F, f. ..



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Many violent scenes that are shocking in their tales, great performances, interesting characters, the emergence of social considerations without showing pseytokoyltoyras.


The most basic complaints involve jarring music and slow pace. Overcome relatively easily, however ...

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Dynamic horror film with deeper content. Violent and philosophical simultaneously. Worthy of your attention.

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