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Wolfen-Werewolf (1981)

Wolfen-Werewolf (1981)

by 10/06/2016
In "Wolfen" a peismwmenos detective investigating mysterious murders in New York City that seem to have been committed by wild animals. His research leads him to old indigenous legends that possibly related to the killing.

Michael Wadleigh


Rupert Hitzig


David M. Eyre, Jr., Michael Wadleigh


Whitley Strieber


Albert Finney, Diane Venora, Edward James Olmos, Gregory Hines ,Tom Noonan


James Horner

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Orion Pictures


1 Hour and 54 Minutes (114 Min)






Their hunting ground - New York City. Their prey - the people.
They can hear a cloud pass overhead, the rhythm of your blood. They can track you by yesterday's shadow. They can tear the scream from your throat.

Box Office

$10.600.00 (έως 31/03/2011)




In 1981, three were horror movies ' high-profile ' on the lykanthrwpia: The cult classic "An American Werewolf in London" by John Landhis, the wonderful "The Howling" of Joe Dante and the less known and somewhat underrated "Wolfen" by Michael Wadleigh. The truth is that the "Wolfen" Apart from the less commercial success in relation to both "antagonists", deviates quite a bit and in the field of basic matter as the scary element is not produced by the traditional werewolf figure that we are used to but from nearby creatures. Indeed, so is not distracted from the Greek ' marketistiko ' title under which the film was released on VHS. Let's look at look at the case.

wolfenDetective Dewey Wilson undertakes to investigate the brutal murder of a businessman and of accompaniment that took place in a New York Park at night. The investigation shows that the killings were carried out by non-human actor, rather than a wild animal. The detective works with a psychologist criminals and a coroner while feral killings continued in the city. At one point, Wilson will be informed of the ancient indigenous legends about mysterious spirits wolves …

The film starts out nice and cryptic with some majestic, panoramic shots of New York. In them we see two Indians on the pillars of a suspension bridge to engage in grotesque acts reminiscent of magic spells. Shortly after, some abandoned buildings torn down and an entrepreneur receives congratulations from the world that surrounds him. Don't slow the very brutal murder of businessman to enter into meaningful, realizing that here will watch something satisfying and interesting. Beyond the first reason takes the Detective Wilson playing from a very good Albert Finney (Murder On The Orient Express, Erin Brockovich).

The puzzles that must be solved is by no means an easy task, nor yet harmless, since there are few times that an unknown threat approaches him. Gradually our hero infiltrates the world of ancient Amerindian legends discovering that the world is not as it seems. Often we see the threat through its own eyes to approach prospective victims up and killing them. These are among the most characteristic scenes of "Wolfen" and one of the first horror movies where used "in camera" effects, a technique that became a habit and in later films like "Predator". Perhaps viewing the world with distorted colors through the eyes of ' evil ' to escape some but I think in "Wolfen" blends well with the mysterious climate and dark atmosphere bringing the threat even more.

Horror Trivia

The film is a metaphor of the horror novel "The Wolfen" author Whitley Strieber's Louis.

In the film involved and other interesting characters like psychologist (Diane Venora) that predictably will become the erotic partner of detective, the eccentric coroner (Gregory Hines) with pendant earring that feeds the protagonist with critical information about the wounds of victims, as well as the zoologist (Tom Noonan) with the scowl and the insatiable sympathy for wolves. More generally, the build up is exciting with enough mystery and suspense intensifies with the help of wonderful music themes of James Horner who has invested many great musical films. The dual nature of "Wolfen" is another advantage. On the one hand we have the image of modern city with the technocratic culture of bourgeois, and on the other the anexichniastoys worlds of metaphysics, ancient legends and mystical traditions living in darkness under the eyes of the civilized Western society. Traditions relevant to the few remaining Indians of the town but not the technocrats whites.

The combination of contrasting worlds becomes successful. There is gore but not in abundance, but no pounding badly given the "philosophical" film's profile. If the rate was fastest and were missing the bellies, holes, perhaps some script mikroafeleies you were talking about a masterly work. Even so the "Wolfen" is a very good movie, with a great cast, professional acting and mystical overtones and justifiably placed on the top lykanthrwpias movies of Trinity ' 81. And the best movies ever lykanthrwpias of course …


Movie Review Highlights
  • The first brutal murder of businessman, his wife and their driver. Harsh and dark scene simultaneously, ideal to grab in order to see and follow.
  • The murder of a homeless where we get a brain.
  • The ritualistic "transformation" of an Indian in front of the astonished eyes of the detective.
  • A bloody beheading to the finale reminiscent of … French Revolution judging from previous dialogue in the film.


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Original screenplay, dynamic presence of Albert Finney, the innovative effects of colour vision of wild creatures responsible for the killings, the philosophical-mystical nature of the film, great soundtrack, intense atmosphere, interesting – though not particularly rich – variety of characters.


Some scenario-weaknesses and excesses, the relatively slow pace that tired of worrying points.

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Original, atmospheric and multidimensional lykanthrwpikis film direction however varies markedly from the traditional patterns of lykanthrwpwn.

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