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Wolf Creek-Sheer Terror (2005)

Wolf Creek-Sheer Terror (2005)

by 26/08/2014
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Australian Film Finance Corporation, The, South Australian Film Corporation, The, 403 Productions, True Crime Channel


1 Hour and 39 Minutes (99 Minutes)


30,000 are reported missing in Australia every year. Some are never seen again.
90% of them are found in a month.
How can you be found when no-one knows you're missing?
The Thrill Is In The Hunt.



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 Case: In "Wolf Creek" a group of young victim of a crazed killer in the desert province of Australia.

To "Wolf Creek" comes from the distant Australia to offer his own version at cinema horror/slasher. A version quite hard, relying on facts of the Australian continent with victims of tourists. The awards he has won several nominations for awards indicate that here we have a lot of bread … or maybe not?

In "Wolf Creek" witnessing the nightmarish adventure experienced by three young tourists, two women and a man, in Western Australia. After plenty of Merrymaking to various destinations in the country, visit a crater caused by the fall of a huge Meteor in the distant past under Wolf Creek (Wolfe Creek Crater is the actual name of the site). Sometime and quite unexpectedly, the clocks stop working and the car does not start. And there they were preparing to spend the night in their vehicle, approaching a mysterious native with his truck and takes them to tow up to the Lair to repair their car. Unfortunately for the three youths now begins the biggest nightmare of their lives after the native is in reality a sadist who has very vengeful killer world. And now came the turn of three friends …

Horror Trivia

The Prosecutor of the northern territory of Australia requested the delay of the wide circulation of "Wolf Creek" in order not to affect the trial of Bradley John Murdoch accused the fono a man and kidnapping of his girlfriend. The incident was one of the key influences of "Wolf Creek".

As a first conclusion shows that the film follows known trivial patterns horror films with psychopathic killer (one or more) who threatens a group of young people in a provincial and isolated place. Therefore there is no originality that thrills here. All substance is agony to violence, and to create a sense of rigis from harsh images unfolding before our eyes. Indeed after a boring and indifferent half hour film begins to throttle our presses presenting many violent scenes, with lots of suspense and tension in red.

Certainly gore lovers won't be disappointed but I don't think I will flip. Because it is true that in the style of Wolf Creek there are several baioteres films and with more interest in the field of the script. Positive and the lonely, otherworldly landscapes which in turn strengthens the ominous atmosphere of the film. The villain of the case, it is certainly not the most hateful or scary that we've seen in similar movies but is not indifferent. Especially when handling the sniper becomes a real killing machine! Some vague innuendo towards the end of the film they create food for various speculations and thoughts without easy riddance though.

A summary of the "Wolf Creek" is a worthwhile horror movie that moves in familiar and safe paths to at least sympathetic to most visitors. If you handle the first "dead" half hour after you will be satisfied with the result and for a long time on your skin will feel the anguish and pain of the victims. I think, however, that after a relatively short period of time won't have stayed and many remember over a few bloody highlights, not so scarce, however. And certainly not the "absolute horror" as claimed by the cover …

Wolf Creek

Movie Highlights

  • The extremely agonizing scene where the two girls are kept out of the rocks of a gkermoy, the time that the paranoid is just above them seeking their tracks during a wild night!
  • A bloody cut fingers when the real violence has begun!
  • An incredibly bloody shot from the sniper killer ending in extirpation of the eye and brain by atomization of an unfortunate victim!

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Convincing and sinister killer, otherworldly landscapes of Australian province, some striking scenes of murder and gore, high anxiety in many scenes.


Excessive delay in onset of action, showing several cliché slasher's idiom.

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Dynamic slasher with increased violence and suspense that keeps long dammed.

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