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Wolf Creek 2-Absolute Terror 2 (2013)

Wolf Creek 2-Absolute Terror 2 (2013)

by 28/08/2014
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Duo Art Productions, Emu Creek Pictures


1 Hour and 46 Minutes (106 Minutes)


Mick's Back With a Few Days to Kill

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 Assumption: The ' Wolf Creek 2 "revolves around the apotropaioys murders carried out by the killer of the first film in the desert province of Australia.

The paranoid killer of Australian province returns, this time with even more wild moods. Why Gabby Taylor Mick that he was a hermit too well at first "Wolf Creek" of 2005. As in the original film, this slaughterer reproduces what you showed us that knows how to do very well: slaughters and torturing his victims with callous ways enjoying the hideous spectacle!

After a relatively long time, the promising Australian cinematographer Greg Mclean offers us the highly anticipated sequel to the original successful film that had left positive impression on audiences and critics, though not universally. Unsurprisingly the "Wolf Creek 2" follows the formula of its predecessor with main difference the prosthikii even more gore and extreme violence. In other words not looking for novelties here but once again enjoy a time-tested but delicious recipe that consists of extensive bloodshed, imposing photo, climate of despair and of course a gifted murderer who turns out madness as well as lots of chatter.

Horror Trivia

Sounds ironic and contradictory with what we see in the film but the Topanga John Jarratt murderer in two ' Wolf Creek ', abhors the horror movies. The damage of the made Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho "who was scared when he saw it in childhood.

After the bloody murder of two police officers who made the mistake to tsantisoyn the murderer with the hat and the sniper giving call, several people, mainly tourists and locals fall victim of Mick astamatitoy Taylor in the hot desert of Australia. The lion's share of torment is invited to undergo a Brit tourist that pique the Taylor with historical knowledge of Australia and the idiosyncratic English humor. The two men originally consumed in an exciting and sometimes tedious tracking game that evolves in game … knowledge with stakes the fingers of the unfortunate British.

The upshot of all this crazed evolution will probably xenerwsei you. Invariably, the ' Wolf Creek 2 "despite its weaknesses and professed standard slasher/gore form that takes, as well being a pretty good sequel, at least compared with the many mediocre and lackluster sequels that circulate predominantly in our time. Perhaps it would be better to have released closer time in original film of 2005 but Mclean preferred then to deal with the time-consuming but also striking "Rogue" (2007).

Wolf Creek 2

Movie Highlights

  • A memorable shot by sniper in the beginning of the project that literally dissolves the victim's head.
  • A gruesome beheading with knife reminiscent of their respective cases. Iraq.
  • The raw dismemberment of an unfortunate corpse from the manic.
  • Creepy fingers bandaged a cut to chair the victim.

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Rich bloodshed with many scenes of shock and increased violence, sporadically increased suspense, the imposing photograph of the tanned desert province of Australia that creates a climate of despair and hopelessness.


Many anoysioi and loquacious dialogues, unneeded extended duration, controversial finale.

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It doesn't have the freshness and quality of the first "Wolf Creek", however the "Wolf Creek" is a worthy sequel that commemorates the bloody tradition of the original film by sending strong doses of shock and horror.

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