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When A Stranger Calls-Screams of anguish (1979)

When A Stranger Calls-Screams of anguish (1979)

by 08/12/2015
In "When A Stranger Calls" a babysitter bullied by a paranoid who's phoning from inside the home that make au sitingk. 7 years later the paranoid pops out of the mental institution that was closed and terrorizes the same girl again.

Fred Walton


Doug Chapin, Steve Feke


Steve Feke, Fred Walton


Charles Durning, Carol Kane, Colleen Dewhurst, Tony Beckley


Dana Kaproff

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Columbia Pictures, Corporation Melvin Simon Productions

Γνωστή και ως

When a Stranger Rings


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)






...Fear is the Message!
Every babysitter's nightmare becomes real...



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I suspect many will know this famous urban legend with the babysitter and the paranoid man who lies at the top of the House and phoning. In some versions the man reportedly asks if the check sleeping children and usually has killed at least one of the children whose number varies from story to story. The babysitter finally barely time to escape from the bloody axe of maniac who is arrested by the police who has just arrived at home.

This urban legend discusses the "When A Stranger Calls ' but need not disclose the precise version of the story in order not to spoil the surprise for those who are going to see. The film owes its reputation mainly on first creepy 20. At this time built an incredibly scary atmosphere that breaks and the most seasoned Viewer. From the moment the young babysitter accepts the frightening phone calls from unknown man captures us work in a veil merciless terror that culminates with the anguished ending of horrific evening.

Horror Trivia

The opening sequences with the babysitter who accepts the frightening phone calls placed in the 28th position in the list of tromaktikoterwn movie moments of Bravo channel in 2004.

Unfortunately, after terrible movie quality import plummets. The tremor is minimized and substituted from the police investigation to identify the same paranoid who escaped from the lunatic asylum where he had been placed after the tragic night before 7 years. Watching from an inspector's effort to locate him and the paranoid to ride, a middle-aged woman (Colleen Dewhurst). Eventually the roads of paranoid and babysitter will cross again for the finale, this time at home.

And fortunately for the movie that brought back the leading duo after the amazing start this movement the rescued from felling in sachet of mediocrities. The final scenes, although not reaching the levels of terror of opening sequences, however, offer sufficient doses of suspense and terror by closing this bizarre film ideals. To add to that legacy of "When A Stranger Calls" was not indifferent after having impregnated a sequel in 1993 (When A Stranger Calls Back) and a mediocre 2006 remake with the same title.

Finally, for those who wish to browse that particular urban legend in horror cinema, let's recall a few well-known horror films that use it in their plot, others less, and other more. This is the "Black Christmas" (1974), "Urban Legend" (1998) and "Amusement" (2008).

When A Stranger Calls

Movie Review Highlights
  • Becoming the first 20-which is one of the most terrifying sequences in the history of horror cinema.
  • The scenes of horror and suspense to the finale where the serial strikes back at her house now married babysitter.


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One of the tromaktikoteres introductory sequences at world horror cinema, rich suspense and thrills in the final scenes.


Steep and prolonged decline of interest after the first blast and 20 minutes before the final scenes of anguish, inadequate utilization of certain characters.

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If you want to see the tromaktikoteri version of the urban legend with the babysitter and paranoid she's phoning from inside the same House then "When A Stranger Calls" is the first movie I should prefer. But the overall result is not satisfying to the same extent as the great lengthy introduction.

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