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When The Lights Went Out-The Spirit of darkness (2012)

When The Lights Went Out-The Spirit of darkness (2012)

by 06/12/2015
"When The Lights Went Out" revolves around an English family who moved into the House of her dreams to discover that there resides a malevolent spiritual power that converts their stay into a nightmare.

Pat Holden


Bil Bungay, Deepak Nayar


Pat Holden


Kate Ashfield, Tasha Connor, Steven Waddington, Craig Parkinson, Martin Compston, Jo Hartley


Marc Canham

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Kintop Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Speak No Evil


1 Hour and 26 Minutes (86 Minutes)


United Kingdom






It is widely known for anyone watching the horror news and particularly the horror of metaphysical scene in recent years, whereas the latter suffers from a prolonged nteformarisma. Many kakoftiagmenes – sometimes the levels of absolute amateurism – pester movies the supernatural genre, mainly amerikanies, but not only. The often gaffeuse Great Britain has put this in one of the stone and movies like "The trisathlio When Lights Went Out ' confirm.

"When The Lights Went Out" or "the spirit of darkness", as is the Greek and much more marketistikos title, exemplifying kakoftiagmenoy, within the boundaries of amateurism terror metaphysics. It is said that it is based on true events revolving around the terrifying experiences that experienced an English family in 1974. A spirit-poltergeist supposedly racked Pritchard family at her house in the market town of Pontefract West Yorkshire. The case is remembered as "The Black Monk of Pontefract" after reportedly family for a koykoyloforo form and then the researchers of the paranormal who studied the area, responsible for the restless spirit was a monk who raped and killed a little girl somewhere in the early 16th century.

Horror Trivia

The movie is filmed in the town of Pontefract where supposedly played out the metaphysical events experienced by the Pritchard family.

This is also the case that tells us this movie. Sidestepping the expected cliches that surely there would be monitored "When The Lights Went Out" is plain torture. Beyond the measured fingers eerie scenes, the film stagnate at almost all levels. From the beginning it seems that the actors are performing completely wooden, sometimes even ridiculous. The script suffers from a lack of creativity and imagination, as well as the generally clumsy direction while the procheirogrammenoi dialogues cause laughter. Talk about something incredibly tragic one-liners such as "go pee"/"watch out not lerwtheis" and many more are "pearls". The characters are wholly Jazz's culminating a priest who is forced to perform an exorcism after threats that will emerge in the forums with an erotic maid irregularities! Talking about the heyday of developing intelligence!

And since we mentioned the exorcism, he becomes doubly respecting the historical accuracy of the above-mentioned case. Before the lustful priest had attempted an unsuccessful exorcism a paranormal researcher-travelling salesman after the way he was introduced to the family reminds exactly what you write! Simply knocked on the door of the House and told the family that can stave off the evil plaguing them, leaving even your business card! Still a culmination of developing intelligence! The exorcism that realizes the priest is so grotesque that made him naïve, tsatra Patra exorcism of "The Conjuring" to resemble a majestic liturgy of Vatican. Skip fearlessly …

When The Lights Went Out

Movie Review Highlights
  • The sudden appearance of a human figure in the reflection of the tv.
  • The appearance of a creepy girl under the covers.


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Minimum eerie scenes.


Problematic and anempneysti direction, many clichés, kakogrammenoi dialogues with some incredibly ridiculous one-liners, predictable and typical scenario full of insults, false interpretations, indifferent and ridiculous characters.

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The abuse of metaphysical horror is synonymous with this movie. Once again the British horror scene disappoints.

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