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V/H/S (2012)

V/H/S (2012)

by 28/04/2014
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8383 Productions, Bloody Disgusting, Collective

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Amateur Night
Second Honeymoon
Tape 56
The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger
Tuesday the 17th


1 Hour and 56 Minutes (116 Minutes (


This collection is killer.

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 Plot: in the "V/H/S", a gang invaded alitiriwn in an abandoned home seemingly to collect a rare videotape. There he discovers more videotapes with unexpectedly shocking content.

The "V/H/S" is a remarkable and original effort in the field of vertebrate horror films, supported by many filmmakers and actresses asimwn. The fresh idea exploits the widely used technique "found footage" adjusting to the modular structure of anthologies. The project is considered generally successful but not full, introducing weaknesses at the heart of individual stories.

The Central story – under the name ' Tape ' 56 – from which originate the other is also filmed in found footage style and focuses on a spiral mikroegklimatiwn that invades into a House to get a rare cassette and to collect a large amount as a fee from someone anonymous ' employer '. The House is dark, impenetrable and more macabre … the corpse of a man is dammed in a Chair in front of a tv and scattered videotapes. Burglars explore the House while shooting their mission. Some of the videotapes to put the play and the shocking content is on each separate ' movie ' that makes up the skeleton of the "V/H/S". Now let's look at the content of "videos" with titles and their resume …

Amateur Night: three friends filming the night the fun in club and then at a hotel room where they bring and the women who experienced for extra fun. But it turns out that one of the girls is not what it seems. Soon the entertaining young turns into an unexpected nightmare!

Second Honeymoon: A married couple travels to the Western U.S. for second honeymoon shooting their adventure. On this trip, however, is not alone. A menacing presence is approaching with malicious intentions …

Tuesday the 17th: A new company enters into a forest for camping or something similar. There they are the target of a bloodthirsty killer, paranoid appearance on manual camera children seem strangely blurred.

The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger: An unsettled mentally girl conversing by computer via webcam with the erotic of mate and future doctor. The girl tries to convince him to show a girl-Ghost in her house and the camera is proof. However events evolve completely unexpectedly for herself.

10/31/98: three friends go on an eco House to celebrate Halloween. But instead of the wild party expecting to find, are experiencing nightmarish metaphysical phenomena and their lives put in terrible danger.

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The film was screened at numerous renowned festivals of USA, Great Britain and Canada as well as in our own Athens International Film Festival. At Sundance Festival, USA two people fainted during the delivery.

If something stands out from the "V/H/S" is rich and bloody violence, along with subversive trim of the stories except certain exceptions. A sense of "realism" — given the way filmmaking-is there but not the most convincing so far compared with at least the most important horror films that have used the method found footage in the past (e.g. Rec, The Blair Witch Project). The interpretations have adapted well to the "amateur" style deliberately views the film, thus covering any weaknesses reflected the traditional way of filmmaking.

Coming now to the stories themselves, there is a generally satisfying job, but not without flaws and quality highs and lows. A characteristic example is the third story whose naive screenplay with huge deficiencies making it totally unnecessary. Because what you do the gore when the whole idea is plaque? The remaining stories are standing to the occasion but do not eliminate our complaints as they leave unanswered questions about the unexpected developments. Personally I have chosen the second and fourth story as the most kalogyrismenes and shocking. Especially the fourth with the conspiratorial nature of and many tromares, is the pleasant surprise of the whole project. The "V/H/S" lags a bit and in turn getting the Central story with burglars, which testifies to some backsliding in the whole set-up of good idea in General.

In conclusion, I appreciate that fans of horror should applaud the pioneering idea that despite its weaknesses has a lot to offer to everyone. Gore, horror, shock, thrills, surprises and suspense are key ingredients of the recipe of "V/H/S". Get a taste and you won't regret it.


Movie Highlights

  • The startling finale of first history along with the creepy xerizwmata male genitalia.
  • The unexpected and bloody finale of the second story.
  • The unexpected, terrifying and shocking developments of the fourth story.

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V/H/S (2012)
Διαβάθμιση Gore:
5 = Ατελείωτο λουτρό αίματος - 4 = Πολύ αιματοβαμμένο - 3 = Αιματοβαμμένο - 2 = Ελάχιστα αιματοβαμμένο - 1 = Σταγόνες αίματος - 0 = Ανυπαρξία αίματος

Διαβάθμιση Βαθμολογίας:
5 = Αριστουργηματικό! - 4 = Πολύ καλό - 3 = Καλό - 2,5 = Μέτριο - 2 = Κακό - 1 = Πολύ κακό - 0 = Δεν βλέπεται με τίποτα!


Much gore, shocking twists in most stories, original idea.


The weak and flat third story. The rough stuff and untidy structure of Central history. Also the lack of clear answers to many parts of stories leaves the impression of a generally unfinished picture.

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Original horror anthology that takes advantage of the prevalent found footage technique. Despite the horror and shock that causes it, degradation of some disadvantages of losing a chance to make the big blast on stage.

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