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Vampire Journals-the Vampire's revenge (1997)

Vampire Journals-the Vampire's revenge (1997)

by 15/06/2014
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Subspecies - In the Twilight: Vampire Journals
Το Ημερολόγιο Ενός Βαμπίρ


1 Hour and 22 Minutes (82 Minutes)


The hunt has begun...


 Case: In ' Journals ' Vampire a vampire looks for another and most powerful vampire in Eastern Europe in order to avenge the murder of his mistress. When his search eliminates all vampires-target's associates that appear in his way.

The Journals ' Vampire ' sprang up as a separate direct to video film by controversial American series ' Subspecies ' that lasted from 1991 to 1998. As in the series, so here the Director Ted Nicolaou has undertaken.

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The "Vampire Journals" tells the dramatic story of Zachary, a lonely vampire who hates nature and who has devoted his life to the extermination of all genealogical line of vampires who transformed, depriving of the beloved. The Zachary then travels as Romania and Bucharest in order to kill Ash, a powerful vampire who is hiding in a clubhouse protected by collaborators are people. Afenteyei there a few loyal vampires but during sexual mood has put a view to Sofia, a beautiful girl who's playing (and apparently herself) has katagoiteysei. The Zachary now assumes dual mission whose aims converge: we must defend the Sofia from the appetites of Ash mochthiroy and simultaneously to exterminate him.

Horror Trivia

The shooting took place in Bucharest.

All these formalities with the flabby directing such a generally low profile and Puckered film's acceptance by a large part of horror together. Already the series that is the magnum opus of Ted Nicolaou has gained mixed reviews. Following the same route and self-contained "Vampire Journals". Of course it can stand on its own regardless of the number, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a mediocre film on many levels. Perhaps slow despite the short duration and too prosaic hasn't stunner to contributes to the subspecies of vampire films. Once seen relatively pleasant and may liking a couple characters like vampire starring Zachary with the Gothic style and the dismal narrative but right up there. Most characters suffer from lack of depth and imagination. The negative effects are added and imierasitechnika. However eroticism emanating through the sensual activity vampires have a recognizable authenticity by being the loudest parts of the film. Nice is also the narrative style of the "Vampire Journals" that at least remains faithful to the title.

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It certainly doesn't have the mess later, fully amateur bampirotainiwn as unacceptable "Vampire In Vegas ' or say bad movie. I believe that justice is achieved only if you cut the watermelon in half. So …

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Vampire Journals

Movie Highlights

  • The original erotic film climate.
  • Two beheadings that stand out from the total gore.

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Some nice characters, beautiful narration, Frank eroticism, Gothic atmosphere.


Lack of effect down, slow, flabby Director in most of the film, incomplete development of most characters.

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Mediocre movie with vampires. Strictly for fans of vampirism only.

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