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Vampire in Vegas-Vampire in Vegas (2009)

Vampire in Vegas-Vampire in Vegas (2009)

by 27/09/2013
Three young friends lying for spree in Las Vegas are victims of Sylvian, a powerful vampire who is trying to make a serum of protection from sunlight with human blood. The "Vampire In Vegas ' monitor this strange story ...

Jim Wynorski


Bryan S. Sexton, Julie K. Smith


Nicholas Davidoff


Tony Todd, Delia Sheppard, Edward Spivak

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Industry Releasing, Nu Image Films

Γνωστή και ως

Dark Evil


1 Hour and 22 Minutes (82 Minutes)








It is known in Esperanto the horror scene the wide range of mediocre to awful movies with vampires, especially the last 10-15 years. From the pile there are those somewhat lated and those who don't even deserve to put in the dvd player. In the second category belong unfortunately completely unacceptable "Vampire In Vegas".

The narrative begins by recommending the Sylvian (Tony Todd), a powerful vampire who here and 3 centuries survives powerful having tasted all pleasures of life bampirikis. The unique challenge that has not outgrown is the sunlight – the number one mortal enemy of vampires. The Sylvian tries through scientific experiments and cooperating with a biologist (Delia Sheppard) to discover the coveted serum that would make him invulnerable to light. The ambitious plan is to dominate the world in the world (what original!) without hiding the day. Simultaneously 3 young friends visit Las Vegas for a unique entertainment. The three friends lured by beautiful and juicy strippers that promise liquid delights in a forbidden night club of the city. There are faced with thirsty vampire and Sylvian himself who delighted that the blood of one of the friends is what we sought to make the serum!

Horror Trivia

In France circulates as "Dark Evil".

The central idea of preparation serum immunity in daylight isn't bad for movie vampires. But when the execution suffers in all areas we can only take the shovel and bury the film in the bowels of the Earth. This is really lousy movie. The interpretations are literally, lacking realism, emotion and expressiveness while some moments you justifiably enters the idea that actors pretending that bad deliberately, to break our nerves! Us catches grief seeing Tony Todd, who once stood out for its gruesome interpretations as Candyman, descends to the decline of such saboyras. The trisathlia effects are reminiscent of past decades telemovie Threepenny and wonder who gave the ridiculous idea of completely fake bat wings flying some vampires. The Director is so amateurish and anempneysti as the novice film students were edited. The plot makes incredible leaps of logic that cause our intelligence and the dialogues are inexcusably kakogrammenoi. We are feat if you see the film without working simultaneously with something else unless you promptly stop presses on the controller of your dvd. And you know something? I've done very properly …

Vampire in Vegas

Movie Highlights

  • If a movie vampires only excites us for awhile is instant shots fancy buildings of Las Vegas then you understand what a mess talk!


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