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Vampire Bats — vampire bats (2005)

Vampire Bats — vampire bats (2005)

by horrormovies.gr20/06/2016
The "Vampire Bats" revolves around an attack killing bats in a small American town. A combative biologist tries to stop.

Eric Bross


Christopher Morgan


Doug Prochilo


Lucy Lawless, Dylan Neal, Timothy Bottoms, Craig Ferguson, Jessica Stroup, Liam Waite

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Sony Pictures Television, Von Zerneck Sertner Films, VZS Productions, L.I.F.T. Production, Violet Blue Productions


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)






It's Feeding Time.




The famous Xena, the warrior princess once enjoyed overwhelming that our tv starring in this indifferent horror film destined for television. The Lucy Lawless played an evolutionary biologist and Professor in a small American town which I crossed swords not with villains of the epic era but with thirsty for blood bats. The bloodthirsty animals for some mysterious reason approached the city of our heroine, starting a series of lethal attacks, first in deer and then in humans. The authorities mobilized immediately despite the Mayor's hesitation that in trying to avoid panic hamper the plans of biologist for the proper treatment of bats.

Reminds you a bit of "JAWS" the attitude of the Mayor? Obviously since this pattern kopiaretai incessantly on horror movies with animals since Spielberg released the timeless masterpiece. Anyhow coming in we see cigarette case a general sloppiness in almost every field of "Vampire Bats". Direction without bug and inspiration. The small script spent in bangs, exaggerations and parapanisies actions. At the same time the story is overloaded with a mediocre cast to atalantwn cast their tales that evoke laughter.

Horror Trivia

At some point the shooting interrupted due to the approach of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where they filmed and the footage. Continued in Halifax, Canada.

Boredom comes very soon and the track evolves into martyrdom whose end is tantamount to redemption in the eyes of tired spectator. As nice though shows the warrior princess is hopelessly alone to save the situation (not that this is some great actor paste but as ' yeah we like). Selected sequences like Doo of bats in a rave party where they find the opportunity to mpixoyn the increased numerically their fangs (Oh yes!) in the bodies of their victims is unfortunate and nearby graphically bloody their royfixiwn shots seem as instantaneous oases in arid landscape of "Vampire Bats".

We do not expect masterpieces by such efforts, however, we are entitled to demand a fundamentally meticulous work that I can at least keeps the interest while also presenting and a team more serious actors. In "Vampire Bats" none of this is true. Therefore …

Vampire Bats

Movie Review Highlights
  • The rabid bat attack at rave party where among other chomping a mastoyrwmeno type, helpless to move or react.
  • The bat attack on a couple enjoying a swim in the pool.


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A few good scenes bat attacks with enough gore, the feeling of nostalgia that awakens us to the little Lucy Lawless which fysikaden is enough to save the film.


Draft direction, prosaic and naïve storyline, plenty of bad and indifferent cast, boring pace.

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Probably will never see serious horror film with bats. This film confirms more ...

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