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Urban Legend-The Awakening of Legends (1998)

Urban Legend-The Awakening of Legends (1998)

by 11/11/2013
The central theme of "Urban Legend" is the urban legends by haunting murders. The legends make them act a paranoid killer aimed at students of an American College.

Jamie Blanks


Gina Matthews, Michael McDonnell, Neal H. Moritz


Silvio Horta


Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Loretta Devine, Tara Reid, Michael Rosenbaum, Robert Englund


Christopher Young

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Canal+ Droits Audiovisuels, Original Film, Phoenix Pictures

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Urban Legends


1 Hour and 39 Minutes (99 Minutes)






"It Happened To Someone Who Knows Someone You Know... You're Next", "What You Don't Believe Can Kill You", "Just because it didn't happen, doesn't mean it can't", "Urban legends can kill", "At Pendelton Univ., Urban Legends are coming true!", "Never Talk To Strangers, Never Answer The Phone, Never Flash Your Lights, Never Leave The Car, And Always Believe, What You're Told"



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After the "revolution" that brought the ' Scream ' in the middle of the 90s by restoring to prominence the fashion of youth films horror/slasher, sprang up several movies with similar style to take advantage of the renewed interest in the world at the same time hope to commercial success. A well-known horror film animated on this course, with a youthful, exciting scenes and bloody available straight out of the 80s is "Urban Legend" of 1998.

The film is based on various urban legends of modern era who are associated mainly with cases of murder. Begins with the brutal murder of a young student that time leading, beheaded by an obscure format that was hiding in the back seat of the car. .. as described in a related urban legend. In a nearby University a student team learns about the incident but nobody seems to take it seriously besides Natalie, the protagonist of the film. Along the way they follow several curious murders based on well-known urban legends and Natalie happen to be witness to them.

Horror Trivia

The Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally to play in the "Urban Legend" playing the character of Sasha. Eventually withdrew due to difficulties with the program at the time, assumed the role of Buffy Summers in the successful tv series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (1997-2003), the role Eventually went to Nice Tara Reid (the great Lempofski, American Pie, etc.).

Meanwhile a young journalist approximates the Natalie and trying simultaneously to learn information about the school's past. He discovers that the 1973 there had been a series of bloody murders and the sole survivor is one of the professors who teach at the school today. In addition, Natalie confides to her friend that the girl who was beheaded at the beginning was an old friend with whom he had previously entangled in a nasty incident: they decided to implement the known urban legend according to which it will be chased by car the first guide that the lights lit, while these were unlit. The result was the death of a youngster when during the pursuit he lost control of his vehicle which overturned.

The situation slowly begins to face more slayings during a nighttime partying and Natalie trying to save her friends and herself as she is now in the crosshairs of the mysterious assassin.

The picture that leaves you with the "Urban Legend" is generally good but certainly has striking weaknesses. Some of these are the various cliches that often occur (e.g. the restless girl that nobody thinks the killer) as well as some moderate interpretations that are not particularly convincing. On the other hand, the idea to exploit urban legends bloody way offers a touch of originality and diversity by making the movie appealing and interesting (albeit from an informational point of view). Also in the crucial last part, the suspense intensifies and the mantepsies of the identity of the killer cycled continuously in the mind of the beholder. The charm inserted in the "Whodunit" element is really enjoyable. Eventually I think most have been satisfied by the "Urban Legend". To these belong too loose.

Urban Legend

Movie Highlights

  • The strangulation of Natalie's flatmate within gothic room. Although Natalie entered the room and was stopped, not got wind of anything after the obnoxious roommate had warned not to bother her when "good", nor to kindle the light! Intelligent and ironic scene really.
  • The last anguished 15-20 minutes of the film that captivate the Viewer.
  • The menacing figure of the killer with the axe and coat with the hood. Not bad…


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Good pace, intriguing and original idea about the pattern of urban legends that follows the Slayer, continuous mystery about the identity of the maniacal.


Many formalities, some inferior circumstances interpretations.

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Among the most notable descendants of revolutionary "Scream". The film is ideal for Saturday night, hanging out with friends and lots of junk food.

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