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Undead-Undead (2003)

Undead-Undead (2003)

by 15/05/2014
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Γνωστή και ως

Nightbreakers - The Undead


1 Hour and 44 Minutes (104 Min)


Prepare Yourself
Crazy has come to town for a visit!


AUD 1.000.000

Box Office

$187.847 (μέχρι 12-7-2011)


 Plot: in the "Undead" a small fishermen's village of Australia accepts meteor shower that mysteriously turn residents into carnivorous zombies. A small and erratic group of survivors trying to survive and move away from the area.

Before the remarkable ' Daybreakers ' 2009, the Spierig brothers had created another, less interesting, but definitely not bland horror film the Zombie (and not only)! This is the "Undead" in 2003, a relatively enjoyable horror comedy that mingles bloodthirsty zombies and science fiction, with scope a small fishing community in Australia.

At Berkeley, Australia well, an unexpected fall of meteorite turns most people into zombies who fed on human flesh. At the same time a strange acid rain falls intermittently while some otherworldly figures dressed with dark glossy mantle shown in carnage having initially undefined role. Also the stripes of a mysterious light emerge from "restless" clouds gasping for both humans and animals. In these really crazy and extreme conditions a group of non-infected people including two cops, a psychakias fisherman with appeal to the unsaturated gunplay and a young woman who has been awarded by the community as Miss "catch of the day" (!) trying to escape from the fury of zombies and escape from the dangerous area. But clashes with the zombies are inevitable.

Horror Trivia

For plenty of gore on film, used over 600 gallons of fake blood!

As perceived by the case, the "Undead" is an absurd movie, rough-and-tumble and crazy. Humor-sometimes clever, sometimes naïve-came with numerous action sequences and spilt blood leaving hearty though not always good impressions. There is a lot of gunplay, but very abundant and varied, as gore and stressful kryftokynigito that keep the audience in suspense despite occasional xeneres received from some overly fake actions, from unjustified behaviors or foolish sayings of the protagonists and some bulging humorous points. The plot however is not left in apparent shallowness that prepares us the beginning of the film and generally marrying science fiction, zombies and other natural (or unnatural?) phenomena considered satisfactory despite obvious weaknesses. The contingencies for the final straight is interesting but doesn't build with all due attention, resulting in the most unpredictable part of "Undead" to lose in quality. Special effects standing at decent levels considering the low budget.

The format that stands out is undoubtedly the mad fisherman/farmer and a Gunslinger named Marion, who kills zombies stylish, with particularly inspirational ways, taking advantage of mostly pistols. From atmospheric terms the "Undead" shows ups and downs while the music sometimes becomes lively and humorous, sometimes atmospheric, taytizomeni with the respective events. In "Undead" will locate generally influenced by similar horror comic strips such as the legendary "The Evil Dead", "Return of the Living Dead" and "Braindead" but the comparisons are of course unnecessary. If you enjoy that particular item, then it is worthwhile to check out the film.


Movie Highlights

  • The disembowel a resident community of small wretch from meteorite piece which the penetrating literally! H the ideal stage to put into climate of the film.
  • Lovely extirpation of the brain of an unfortunate woman by a female and very hungry zombies.
  • The more aggressive actions of Marion is to highlight but one that really stands out is the blowing up of the head of a zombie using a pen and a box energy drinks. Now that the managed … see for yourself and enjoy one of the most hilarious moments of the film.

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Interesting characters, scenario-firsts, plenty of bloodbath, intense moments of action and suspense, fitting music.


Some failed comic one-liners, psiloadexia introduction of unforeseen items on sci fi-plot, some irrational actions of the protagonists.

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Nice movie with zombies who follows in the footsteps zompotainiwn horror comedy like "Return of the Living Dead". It is not free from backsliding and imperfections, but the ultimate outcome convinces without impressing.

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