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Tucker And Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil (2010)

by 26/04/2014
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Reliance Big Pictures, Loubyloo Productions, Eden Rock Media, Gynormous Pictures, Kintop Pictures, Urban Island, Alberta Film Development Program of the Alberta Government, National Bank of Canada TV and Motion Picture Group, T&D Productions


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)


This Year Spring Break is Cut Short!
The perfect love story... with a high body count...

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 Case: The "Tucker And Dale vs Evil" portrays the funny antics of two decadent friends that recently bought a sarabaliasmeno House in the Woods. Their meeting with a group of kolegiopaidwn will receive unexpected and bloody dimensions when the spoiled frat boys misinterpret the assistance offered by the two friends on a girl from the Group was injured.

In an era where the subspecies of horror comedies is in great productivity and competition of certain movies is great, comes this excellent film from Canada to make the surprise. The "Tucker And Dale vs Evil" manages to stand out through the plethora of comedy horror film character of mainly thanks to fresh and clever ideas that it presents but also because of her eccentric, protagonists of the series.

The story revolves around two antikoinwnikoys Vlachs who recently bought the House of their dreams "– i.e. a kakodiatirimeni cabin in the Woods. While enjoying their new "resort" resorting, inter alia and in their favorite activities like fishing, rimada luck brings so that the carefree holiday will be upset by a youthful company encountered. Two Vlachs – bearing the names Tucker and Dale as can be seen from the title of the film – rescue from drowning one of the girls in the gang and get into their home to treat her. The girl's friends, however, misinterpret the event and organize mission "rescue" them from their girlfriend's seemingly "paranoid" Tucker and Dale. The results of the mission there and bloody comic full House …

The "Tucker And Dale vs Evil ' is a separate film horror comic for several reasons. Originally made clear his intention to satirize the cliche horror specific idioms such as slasher and paranoid families. This of course is nothing innovative or awesomely subversive as they make more horror movies past. The implements but with finesse and effectiveness without CD is deducted at the level of cheap parody. The innovative component that leverages the Visual difference is masterfully between the two conflicting groups upon which is built the solid development of intense history.

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Several times during the filming the actors fled to improvisations. The scene that the Tucker pours a beer in his face to relieve sores from Wasp stings were pure product of his own inspiration.

The ample action accompanied by rich gore and inexhaustible jazz. What to prwtothymithei anyone? The monumental fall of a person into a wood cutting mechanism? Falls people on sharp objects after inane blunders? The comic death of a COP from fall studded crisprolls at patri glory? The aytopyrobolismo chazobioli a rather sadly comic teenage? The "Tucker And Dale vs Evil" is full of such scenes anthology that you will love.

I suspect also that the creators of "Tucker And Dale vs Evil" sought a more likely looked for, "philosophical" approach to their work, albeit on a very limited scale. For example, the reference to ' Stockholm Syndrome ' by a character or ' Psychoanalysis ' through healthy comparison views attempted by another character might betray this effort. Whatever the truth, in no way detracts from action these small "breaks".

The only complaints focus on sporadic failures of the script which seems to be stretching after a point. Perhaps the characters were too many numerical forcing authors to the xepastreyoyn with absurdly easy ways. Luckily the minimum mass of "Tucker And Dale vs Evil ' prospernioyntai on easily and doesn't damage the overall picture we gain. We welcome the commendable effort of Eli Craig and Morgan Jungerson and expect the upcoming sequel already is preparing! The first part, however, has already become a cult!

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Movie Highlights

  • The droll a victim's death pinned on sharp tree branch!
  • The hilarious "Introduction" of a victim in cutters for wood … and the following bloody results.
  • The funny death of a COP from a Board with nails.
  • The fierce titanomachy of Dale m ' College boy having a furious. Talking about battle of epic proportions!

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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)
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Fresh and original idea, smart script, rich humour, remarkable characters, wholesome bloodshed, fast pace with a lot of action.


Few excesses and imperfections in the crazy scenario, 1-2 parapanisioi characters that don't offer anything substantial in the film.

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One of the most impressive and original horror comedies of recent years! Fans of idiom should not lose anything!

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