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Truth Or Dare-Courage or True (2012)

Truth Or Dare-Courage or True (2012)

by 30/05/2016
In "Truth or Dare" five friends go to a cabin in the Woods to have fun but there are faced with furious brother of a dead friend that wants to avenge them through a bloody version of the game ' Courage or True ".

Robert Heath


Rupert Jermyn, Richard Johns


Matthew McGuchan


Tom Kane, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Florence Hall, Jennie Jacques, Alexander Vlahos, David Oakes


Richard Pryn

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Corona Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Truth or Die


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)


United Kingdom




The truth could kill you. Spin the bottle... you decide.






I confess that I had many reservations about this film. The many clichés of the case and the unreliable in recent years Great Britain from whence comes the film, made me very cautious and expect that it will be watched "more of the same". However, the ' Truth or Dare ' was a pleasant surprise that we must applaud.

The famous youthful game ' Courage or True "that everyone once we played in our teenage years serves here as the Foundation of anguish and violence. The full of hate and revenge of a young brother who committed suicide after a nasty prank his friends, invites friends of his brother in a secluded cabin in the woods with the guise party and eventually manages to trap them. Using as Assistant (other than the pistol's) the most fobitsiari by the company, the Moor in chairs and through the aforementioned game tries to elicit information from everyone who is responsible for the death of his brother. At the same time threatens their lives with a killing machine if the ' players ' choose ' courage '.

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"Truth or Dare" is the third film of long-lived Director Robert Heath.

The film despite its formal nature manages to keeps you in suspense until the inventive and highly shocking finale. Has good pace, well-made mystery slightly reminiscent of Agatha Christie works, measured but shocking violence and certainly not indifferent characters. Definitely not a masterpiece and occasionally runs into wishy-washy excesses and mass, but the total shows tethered and the film as a whole worked.

In short the "Truth or Dare" is a little surprise in the field of tired and saturated ' youthful dismay "that will satisfy you. Especially if you see it in company and the traditional feast, you will enjoy it more. Give him a chance. The worth.

Truth Or Dare

Movie Review Highlights
  • A gruesome death from ingestion of liquid battery.
  • A shocking breaking hand!
  • The shocking revelations of the finale.


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Rich mystery, touches of freshness in the scenario, some very powerful moments murders and widespread anxiety, fast pace, shocking surprise ending that leaves with the mouth wide open!


The existence of some clichés such as the notorious "cabin in the Woods" and naive college boys. Also some interpretations are not so convincing and scenario to a handful of sites shows some excesses.

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Surprisingly pleasant surprise from Great Britain. Yes, this youthful thriller deserves your attention!

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