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Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

by 18/11/2014
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ABC Circle Films, Dan Curtis Productions

Γνωστή και ως

Tales of Terror / Terror of the Doll


1 Hour and 12 Minutes (72 Minutes)


An electrifying experience - you won't believe your eyes!


 Case: The "Trilogy of Terror" is a horror anthology with three stories in which starring the great actress Karen Black.

"One woman show" is probably the phrase to which condenses all the essence of the "Trilogy of Terror". In this Telefilm which aired first on the American television network ABC, shines as an absolute charming star Karen Black which stimulates interest in all three stories where the leader. The segments of the "Trilogy of Terror" are based on stories of the great American writer Richard Matheson and directed by the master of gothic horror and the macabre Dan Curtis. All this certainly creates high expectations that the film generally fulfills though probably not completely. Be that as it may, the status of "cult" has already won with its value and we think there are many who disagree on this.

Let's go now to the stories. All take their title from the names of the protagonists who impersonates any time the Karen Black. So at the first story called ' Julie ' monitor Black playing the role of a charming college professor who falls victim to extortion by a young student who craves sex. Unfortunately for the overly ambitious student, the Professor hiding unpleasant and dangerous surprises and the young charmer will regret bitterly that got caught with her. In the second story titled "Millicent and Therese" central figures are the two sisters listed and in the title. The timid Millicent believes that Therese is wicked and dangerous by recording the testimony of in a letter. Indeed poses designed to assassinate via voodoo practices. But the relationship of two brothers proves more complicated and unexpected than it seems. In the third story under the title "Amelia", Black played the oppressed by her mother Amelia, an ordinary woman who wants to spend time with her lover, canceling the meeting with her mom. The young girl has indeed purchased gift to friend of a ritual of the Zuni Indian tribe a Teddy, which is called that holds closed within the spirit of the Zuni Hunter. Hence the little chain that skirts. But when this chain accidentally falls from the doll's body, she animates and attacking with wild moods on unsuspecting Amelia inside her apartment. Will enable the unlucky woman to survive and with what consequences?

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The Karen Black initially had refused to participate in the film. Eventually she changed her mind when the cast would then-husband Robert Burton. The Black has contributed vastly to the scenario of the third story.

Placing the three stories on a scale of assessment from the best to the less good, would put the last story safely in first place, followed by the first story in the second place, with assumed the middle (second) history. The doll of the third story has foul appearance and no one will want to decorate his apartment. The rabid attack that unleashes the Amelia is terribly suspenseful, bloody and breathtaking. The finale is unexpectedly creepy! The second story has seemingly formality but interesting reversal of where revealed the true face of the Professor, the match sending strong bursts of fear in the Viewer. The second story is not indifferent, but somewhat tired with the monotonous narrative while the end is quite predictable (at least for the most experienced eye).

The Karen Black leads effectively the entire effort bringing out three quite different roles. The interpretation of peistikotati is managing to adapt chameleon like acting on each separate role without problems. Ideally embodies both the victim's case and that of the abuser, emitting strength without sentimentality and parapanisies sauces. But the rest of the cast gets along well in short piece called complement. Just the Black – and apparently due to longer duration participation – is the one that stands out. Beyond the languid second story the major disadvantage that is easy to detect the absence of a central story-which would lead to the wrapping each separate story. Maybe with a well-made central narrated the result was more spicy and trimmed, and the film as a whole showed more full. Not that we enjoy and the existing form of course, just judging by the majority of vertebrate horror films, the story-wrapper guarantees greater thrills and usually surprises.

The success of the "Trilogy of Terror" led to a (junior) sequel which was released late (r.r. in 1996), also for American tv, again with Dan Curtis at the helm of Director and partly of the script. But before they see the sequel, first see the "cult" first place is better. For informing readers the three stories of Richard Matheson underpinning this horror anthology is in order "The Likeness of Julie" (1962), ' Needle in the Heart "(1969) and" Prey "(1969). Good fun!

Trilogy Of Terror

Movie Review Highlights

  • The hair-raising finale of first story.
  • The shocking if a little predictable evolution at the end of the second story.
  • The agonising and brutal battle of Karen Black in the wild Indian Dolly in the last story and the hair-raising finale that freezes the blood.

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Great performance by Karen Black keeps the whole film almost alone, anxious moments heroine's conflict with the live doll in the latest history, generally well written stories, forming a charming climate pesimistikoy.


The slow pace of the second story, the lack of a central story-trunk that would make the film more spicy.

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Satisfactory horror anthology that is gaining in popularity mainly due to its extraordinary protagonist. Although in some places the film seems obsolete, the set still keeps very well and successfully passes the test of time.

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