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Tower Block-Silent Occupants (2012)

Tower Block-Silent Occupants (2012)

by 18/11/2015
In the "Tower Block" the few remaining tenants of an apartment building threatened by a sniper who punishes them for their silence about a murder committed in apartment building three months ago. None of the tenants did not want to talk about the crime and now have to pay ... with their lives!

James Nunn, Ronnie Thompson


James Harris, Mark Lane, Ronnie Thompson


James Moran


Sheridan Smith, Jack O'Connell, Ralph Brown, Russell Tovey


Owen Morris

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Creative Media, Tea Shop & Film Company


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


United Kingdom




twelve tenants. one sniper. no escape.




Not that I didn't have reservations but this film with "ate" to track because of the interesting case. And Yes, eventually it was nothing great but the ending entertained seen. The reason for the British thriller "2012" Block Tower that you can enjoy it only if you don't have high expectations.

The topic that discusses the "Tower Block" is more serious than you probably think they themselves the creators of. It is the indifference and the convenience of "non-participation". The residents of a building under demolition that refuse to leave witness violent murder of a young man from being beaten in public corridors of their apartment building. None of the residents do not want to give information to the police. No one heard, saw and of course … does not speak.

This provocatively indifferent stance Angers an unknown shooter that three months after the event grabs the sniper and finding a good position near the apartment building begins to eliminate unscrupulous residents. They try to survive and simultaneously to understand who and why does this. Wouldn't take long to understand. But how easy it is to escape from the armored assailant?

Horror Trivia

Because the shooting suffered from "attacks" seagulls in the area, brought along some time a trained Hawk to reject the seagulls!

This is a movie that keeps you in suspense in greater durability. Dead spots are minimal. Awesome (and bloody) spectacle offering the shots the shooter who is not given to anyone. Anxiety grows as the tenants try various ways to escape. When inside the elevator, when from the roof, sometimes from the same entrance. But their efforts usually fail and have as a price of their own life.

Unfortunately, interpretations vary in mediocrity and scenario is displaying some annoying imperfections. Another disadvantage is the overloading of the leading group with too many characters, more than those who could afford the limited directorial capabilities of the creators of the film. In General, however, the "Tower Block" can entertain you, especially if you care to see it without great expectations and you furnish with popcorn, soft drinks and of course … good company!

Tower Block

Movie Review Highlights
  • The sequences with the opening bursts of shooter that contains rich blood bath and very suspenseful.
  • The scenes with killing traps that have been set up by the sniper.
  • The impressive bursts with nail gun in the mouth of a victim.


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Attractive case, rich suspense, impressive bursts from the sniper, claustrophobic feeling.


Moderate interpretations, existence parapanisiwn characters, problems in the script.

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