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Theatre Of Blood-The Blood-forming Theatre (1973)

Theatre Of Blood-The Blood-forming Theatre (1973)

In the "Theatre of Blood" a Shakespearean actor takes revenge by critics who didn't ever gave the recognition which they craved through his work.
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Harbour Productions Limited, Cineman Films

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Theater Of Blood


1 Hour and 44 Minutes (104 Min)


It's curtains for his critics!
Vincent Price has reserved a seat for you in the "theatre of blood."
He gave his critics a bloody and violent taste of their own medicine!

Box Office

$1.000.000 (ΗΠΑ / Καναδάς ενοικιάσεις)

vincent price

Vincent Price

Only one can feel awe when looking at this unique actor, Vincent Price, to unwrap the endless talent and giving lessons in acting, expressiveness and nobility to the other. In every movie that plays and sucks to be this, he will never pass unnoticed and all that will remain of the movie are the expressions, the charaktiristikotati voice and poise.
In the "Theatre of Blood" impersonates an actor who has a passion for the works of William Shakespeare and throughout his career played roles only by that author. Loner and absolute, is never accepted by critics. The drop that overflowed the glass is when he didn't award the prize of best actress. There so desperate and after an astonishing monologue, commits suicide.

Horror Trivia

It is the favorite movie of Vincent Price. Used more than six gallons (23 liters) fake blood for the eight murders.

theatre bloodLong after his death, the mysterious killings of critics who recognized him not ever. Bloody murder, always with a poetic dimension and the proper dose of humor. Smart abandoned and with a Vincent Price to "needles". Absolutely delectable, lurid, with rabies for revenge to be reflected into the eyes, the body but also throughout his aura. Based on murders that have taken place in the works of the great Bard, kills one by one those who deprived the greatest distinction. Big surprise for me is his assistant. I understand why at the end of the film.
Acting lessons from this huge, unique, horror actress mansion. Through his role, we see the desperation of a man for the recognition of his work, the cult as to what they do and how much is devoted to this.

Theatre Of Blood

Movie Highlights

  • Each murder.
  • Vincent Price's role as the Avenger.
  • Vincent Price's Assistant who is a little surprise.
  • The amazing soliloquy just before the suicide, and of course the spectacular finish.

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Vincent Price himself, the imaginative murders, the performance of its role, the disguises and humor present in each murder.


Impossible to find a negative element.

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Excellent horror film with humor. Recommended to fans of a particular actor but also to those who are looking to find little gems to pile horror films.

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