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The Wild Hunt (2009)

The Wild Hunt (2009)

by 30/08/2016
«The Wild Hunt» focuses on trying a new guy to leave his girlfriend from a bizarre open-air game in which it participates. But the situation will escape dangerous when the young man enters the game and begins to lose his patience.

Alexandre Franchi


Alexandre Franchi, Karen Murphy


Alexandre Franchi, Mark A. Krupa


Mark A. Krupa, Ricky Mabe, Tiio Horn


Vincent Hänni, Gabriel Scotti

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Animist Films, Mad Monkey Films


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)






It's no longer a game.


CAD 300.000




Highly original and strange psychological thriller. «The Wild Hunt» deals with the theme of "Live action role playing games" where players have not enjoyed the role-playing game in the electronic computer or in table form as usual, but together live in this, wearing uniforms, historical or epic warriors, wizards, Elves etc and waging battles in specially designated areas of the countryside. In Greece this kind of game to be almost unknown but in countries such as Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Nordic countries booming.

In "The Wild Hunt" game conducted in Canada – Canadian origin is indeed the film – with a key pillar of the script the effort of a young to deliver his girlfriend from the game in which impersonates the captive priestess of Vikings. The young man is forced to participate in the game and to win within the rules. Gradually, however, things get out of control after a fiery dispute with another player for the "Priestess". How much is a fake battle from a true? How is the fake violence than the raw, real violence? And how close death lurks in all this? Apparently not much and just this dramatic shift presents the film in a convincing way.

Horror Trivia

The title of the movie which is a separate activity within the game, comes from a widely prevalent legend in Northern, Western and Central Europe. According to him a bunch of ghosts, lost souls, mythical persons, dead historical persons, deities or fairies go on the hunt is conducted either in heaven, either on the ground (or slightly above it). It is said that whoever mortal found over the "spectral" hunters can be kidnapped and sent into the world of the dead …

Certainly the film is not perfect and many may get bored, not so much because of the relatively slow pace of but mainly due to the unprecedented genre, which is not at all easily customizable in film data. Some technical glitches in the lighting and editing pass in second place. Nevertheless, the film manages to gain some impressions with the Nice medieval costumes, inspired and full of pretentious heroism one-liners of the protagonists in the context of the game and with the very dynamic ending. The last 20 minutes is very possible offering some shocking scenes of violence. In assured levels fluctuate and the interpretations of all.

Not looking at "The Wild Hunt" a thoroughbred horror film because it is not. But worth the search for sometime and see, preferably rested. It's not the most exciting thriller but it certainly is a different movie experience with its own strong signal.

The Wild Hunt

Movie Review Highlights
  • A despicable murder where the victim's head struck mercilessly into stones!
  • An impressive crushing the head with the "hammer of Thor"!


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Original case, good performances, nice suits, dynamic ending.


Slow pace, pretty "dead" spaces of reduced interest.

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Original combination of thriller and drama that unfolds in splatter mini-blonde when situations become. Strange film and much rather indigestible for the general public. Wants patience tracking but ultimately worth it.

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