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The Tomb-the Tomb (2009)

The Tomb-the Tomb (2009)

by 25/11/2015
"The Tomb" revolves around the relationship of a dark mystikistrias with Professor. The girl tries to gain eternal life by absorbing the lives of its victims and Professor xelogiasmeno uses to achieve its evil aims.

Michael Staininger


Jeff Most


John Shirley


Edgar Allan Poe


Wes Bentley, Kaitlin Doubleday, Sofya Skya, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts


Patrick Cassidy

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Jeff Most Productions, Lamplight Films, Most Films, Poe Vision, Yalta-Film

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)




English, Russian






Based on the short story "Ligeia" (1838) by Edgar Allan Poe in "The Tomb" deals with the world of mysticism, magic, erotic apoplanisewn, with almost of Alchemy and science. Unfortunately the final taste of the city this cocktail is intensely bitter. The case focuses on the efforts of a young mystikistrias to avoid death by perpetuating its existence through the absorption of souls or spirits (say it like you want) from unsuspecting victims who cleans up with the help of a partner. With the help of a strange machine like muzzle puts in the oral area victims, absorbs and collects their spiritual substance until the time of completion of the experiments.

The Mission of passes through the life of Professor of at the University which seduces with magical tricks pulling him away from his future wife. Has something important that the soul you see who needs the young witch. Professor will be able to escape from the nets of satanikis mystikistrias and regain his personal happiness with the partner? Or eventually named will prevail by implementing the Grand metaphysical vision?

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Before "The Tomb" Poe's short history had moved to cinema and from the great Roger Corman with ' The Tomb of Ligeia "of 1964.

The story moves very fast switching from one event to another with excessive speed. As a result the film loses in cohesion being a classic example of work odd jobs, extremely kakoftiagmenis. It is a pity to see notable actors such as Eric Roberts and Michael Madsen to charamizontai in this Holey as Director and film which not only cannot support its inclusion in horror films, nor in any other category. Mysticism of Plaka, tragicomic mix magic and science and culture pseytogkothik adoption of the wicked "witch" are the unsavory ingredients of the recipe failed "The Tomb". The Wes Bentley confirms how atalantos is and any movie set in starring role will probably fail. Instead the sensual Russian Sofya Skya is more convincing than the pretentious dark image that recruits.

Children's effects of pent souls in jars and tubes are reminiscent of 80s movie B complementing the overall image of The decadent "Tomb". Some characters show unlikely to achreiastoi in a feeble plot which vainly tries to create suspense and keep the interest. Even her partner mystikistrias unduly disappears after a point although it seemed that you played an important role. Not deceive the impressive trailer. And I so I pressed and I saw it. Like film is unacceptable and unexpectedly untidy. Definitely wants rich talent to set up a serious horror film magical/mystical themes and contributors to The ' Tomb ' is not supplied.

The Tomb

Movie Review Highlights
  • Can't find easily your scenes stay in "The Tomb". The male audience can be captivated by the daring presence of Sofya Skya …


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The imposing presence of Russian Sofya Skya, few scenes with nuggets of dark atmosphere.


Weak direction within the boundaries of amateurism, badly written and Holey scenario, use, inadequate atalantos co-star of many characters.

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Frustrating horror film. I grind the bones of Edgar Allan Poe by outrage!

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