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The Sentinel-Antichrist, the Lord of darkness (1977)

The Sentinel-Antichrist, the Lord of darkness (1977)

by 14/10/2015
"The Sentinel" focuses on a young girl who works as a photomodel and rents an apartment in Brooklyn that hides Satanic secrets. Wacky residents, strange visions and dreams, annoying and terrifying sounds are just some of the problems that afflict the katatromagmeni girl in her new House. Soon she and her beloved will be confronted with a shocking discovery on the role of the House ...

Michael Winner


Jeffrey Konvitz, Michael Winner


Michael Winner


Jeffrey Konvitz


Chris Sarandon, Cristina Raines, Martin Balsam, Burgess Meredith, Beverly D'Angelo, Ava Gardner, José Ferrer, Eli Wallach


Gil Melle

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures, Jeffrey Konvitz Productions

Γνωστή και ως

Τα Μυστηριώδη Εγκλήματα

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

The Sentinel


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)




English, Italian, Latin


She was young. She was beautiful. She was next!



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Old, good and atmospheric horror from the immortal 70s. A decade of the best of our beloved scene which gave excellent diamonds as well as some minor horror films but stood very well to the challenge. "The Sentinel" by Michael Winner (Death Wish) may not be an "Exorcist" or "Prophecy", but remains in the hearts of older friends of terror being a separate movie supernatural horror, responsible for many thrills in those distant years.

Using a true Galaxy Star (just take a look at the cast), the Winner and his team handed us one of the scariest movies of the decade with a dense atmosphere captures from the start. The Cristina Raines gives great interpretation in a difficult role. Impersonates the Alison, a successful model who moves into an apartment in Brooklyn and is confronted with horrific events in which the boundaries between real and imaginary is not always clear.

Is real or fictitious persons who sees in the building? There is or there is no one in the top compartment from where sound sounds overwhelming making the chandelier above the head of the heroine swinging creepy? What is the role of the mysterious blind priest who is constantly ahead in rooftop window? Stressful questions like the above makes the film highly addictive and astonish onlookers.

Horror Trivia

The Winner was criticized for the use of people with problems of distortion in scene the protagonist is besieged by a large group of phantoms in one of the scariest movie scenes.

The surrealist aesthetic and unwavering sense of paranoia and refer us to the films of Roman Polanski and especially in the epic "Rosemary's Baby". The "fear of partition" that developed Super Gallopolwnos the filmmaker in his filmography, utilized by the maestrika Winner here, but giving in "The Sentinel" autonomy and undeniable reason for existence.

In other words the Director successfully managed to combine psychological and claustrophobic horror of school with Polanski metaphysical/religious issues high-profile horror films of the 1970s such as those mentioned above, reaching into a convincing result that produces pure terror. The ending of "The Sentinel" is simply riveting, bombarding viewers with successive scenes of genuine terror. Even today is considered a really scary movie. You still wait?

The Sentinel

Movie Review Highlights
  • The memorable scene where Alison sees the ghost of her father and of attacking in the darkness of the House! It is a scene where the terror lies in our body and does not leave us to breathe!
  • The chilling scene where a cat plagues a birdie before the startled eyes of Alison.
  • The scene of massive attack accepts Alison psychological nature by an incredibly terrifying army of dead souls to the finale! The tremor is ejected at high altitudes …


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Outstanding performance by the lead actress Cristina Raines, incredibly frightening atmosphere within the House, plenty of terrifying moments some of which freeze the blood!


The overload of the film with some parapanisioys characters, occasional weaknesses and bangs of the script.

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A wonderful and full of scary Exorcist mix, her baby and Itch of prophecy clearly his own identity and momentum.

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