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The Purge-catharsis (2013)

The Purge-catharsis (2013)

by 02/01/2014
The year 2022, in u.s. State permitted every crime for one particular day and for 12 hours. In "The Purge" witnessing the effort of a wealthy family to survive by a gang of cruel invaders who besiege their house in above period on the occasion of the shelter offered by the family to a potential victim of invaders.

James DeMonaco


Jason Blum, Sébastien K. Lemercier, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller


James DeMonaco


Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Adelaide Kane, Max Burkholder


Nathan Whitehead

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Blumhouse Productions, Overlord Productions, Platinum Dunes, Universal Pictures, Why Not Productions.

Γνωστή και ως

American Nightmare


1 Hour and 25 Minutes (85 Minutes)






"Reminder all emergency services will be suspended for a 12-hour period during the purge", "One night a year, all crime is legal", "Survive the night".



Box Office

$89.328.627 (έως 20/11/2014)




It is true that in the scene of horror "home invasion" has given us some pretty good to brilliant films that have written history with golden letters in the horror genre. What to prwtothymithoyme … "The Last House on the Left" (1972), "Black Christmas" (1974), "When a Stranger Calls" (1979), "Funny Games" (1997), "Them" (2006), the latest "You're Next» (2011) … OPA because I write them all! In this relaxed "subcategory" belongs "and" The Purge ", a quirky film, with the original assumption causes a keen interest to follow.

What tells us the "The Purge"? We are in the near future, namely in 2022, and country action is the United States (which another!). The U.S. society has reorganized some vague "founding fathers" Harris in which unemployment and crime have almost eliminated. The way he achieved it is extremely innovative (and apparently non-realistic). Each year, a specific day, allowed any crime with minimal restrictions that protect mainly the elite senior government officials. For these twelve hours i.e. anyone can kill anyone who wants by staying away. State authorities completely inactivated as long as 19:00-07:00 at that unique day.

Expected, this day of "Catharsis" marked terrible bloodshed on the streets. The rationale behind this practice is to make the world all accumulated rage of a single day but remains quiet the other days of the year. And of course this system seems to work fine with the support of the whole urban ' civilized ' world. Of course, the victims of the case are poor, unprotected, abandoned streets beggars, beggars and similar outcasts of society. So when a homeless enters the kleidamparwmeni residence of the wealthy family Sandin, thirsty for blood persecutors threaten to invade home and kill them all. The father (Ethan Hawke) initially wants to cooperate for the safety of his family and deliver the homeless but the reluctance of other members turns night into a nightmare. The masked intruders at home mpoykaroyn and carnage ensues.

Horror Trivia

About the masks worn by the attackers in the film, examined over 100 masks before ending up in concrete!

Through this fascinating idea, the dystopian "The Purge" tries to pass a variety of social and favorable messages. Social, class and racial discrimination highlighted quite often during the events. The fact that chased homeless who puts in Sandin Adventures is rather Negro was not random. The question of institutions and traditions with disobedience and adolescent ' revolution ' is illustrated through the reaction of the children of the family against the perceptions that their parents consider ' correct ' socially necessary as the bloody night of catharsis that enables instant purification from accumulated anger and the desire for violence in favour of a stable peaceful society. From the egeiromena themes, dialogues and behaviours of the actors, resulting in further social considerations but I don't think deserve extended analysis after the way he approached, evidenced makes and simplistic in most cases without proper care in order to exalt the ideological connotations of serious and measurable levels. In other words the film trying to look "deep" and the "most searched" but fails miserably.

"The Purge" tries to maintain interest by following the usual tactic of sokaristikis and striking Visual force. In other words the deadly shootings, the blood-stained knife and well-considered tsekoyries used profusely as a mainstay of the spectacle offered by the film. The problem is that sometimes the action is non-believable and makeshift structured. The protagonist Ethan Hawke seems overly powerful cleaning relatively easy multiple attackers who do everything they can to … fail when confronted. In addition, the stale cliches of "machina gods" to save the situation appears with annoying frequency in hopelessly predictable scenes. From the first scenes of violence at the House of Sandins ' know ' that from now on everything will be a savior for every victim of the family is in danger. Mercy anymore!

Senariakoi absurdities like too easy change of attitude of the father Hawke for ' use ' of wounded the homeless certainly are not convincing. The finale is oscillating between problepsimotitwn and a few smart atakwn. It is not the best but the most damage has already been done by the previous backsliding. Ultimately, "The Purge" Although it created the conditions for a heroic step into the scene of horror, unfortunately collapsed from its own mistakes and lost the opportunity to stand out from the majority of klisarismenwn, modern horror films. Not a bad movie but cannot escape the limit of mediocrity. Hopefully the sequel that is in the making, to do better.


Movie Highlights

  • The couple's dramatic attempt to Sandin chain Negro homeless.
  • The intense and suspenseful sequences conflict of Ethan Hawke with a pair of intruders who don't lets get breath and followed by new heavy clashes.
  • The violent behaviour of Mrs Sandin against an annoying neighbor who "he was taking" the Agency.


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The Purge (2013)

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Original and interesting case, claustrophobic atmosphere, many intense and violent scenes, high doses of suspense.


Many problems and excesses in the scenario, insufficient moralizing, show several clichés, predictable plot.

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Uneven effort that had the opportunity to make the surprise but eventually lost following trivial bloody routes requires that the public of the current thirst for violence and extremism.

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