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The Pact – the agreement (2012)

The Pact – the agreement (2012)

by 08/11/2015
In "The Pact" a young woman returns to her family home after her mother's death and harassed by a supernatural entity that would lead to shocking discoveries about the past of the House. A devilish secret hiding still inside the House.

Nicholas McCarthy


Ross M. Dinerstein


Nicholas McCarthy


Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien, Agnes Bruckner, Haley Hudson, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Samuel Ball, Mark Steger


Ronen Landa

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Preferred Content


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)






Some doors should never be opened. / The Future Is In Their Hands.



Box Office

$7.200.000 (έως 18/04/2013)




"The Pact" is the first long-lasting film of horror on the stage of the new Nicholas McCarthy. Based on making a short film he made himself in 2011, a year before this comprehensive form. It is obvious that the young director does not wish the risk but safe paths that are in demand in modern horror scene.

In other words chooses the supernatural motifs but enriches it with some good ideas from the realm of serial killers. In this film, then we attack that accepts a girl by an unspecified entity in metaphysics was originally home of her mother who recently left the mundane. Before the advent of the heroine at home, had been preceded by the mysterious disappearance of her sister who was in the House … in a quite psarwtiko.

What is the purpose of the metaphysical entity? What prompts the protagonist? What is the dark secret of the House? These are some basic questions that arise during the movie. Questions find answers shackled but not come across imaginative surprises in the field of responses.

Horror Trivia

The engine that drives the protagonist is a 1970 Honda CB350.

The effort of the Director is decidedly earnest but adversely affected the result. "The Pact" is an uneven film horror. While you might be a shocker to some bloody scenes or to keep in suspense as the heroine is investigating the mysterious case, at the same time provoking feelings of boredom with the perhaps slow progress but discomfort with the amateur interpretations of certain actors. Really what the psychics who brought the heroine in her house are among the most actresses atalantes we've seen in recent years.

Eventually worth seeing "The Pact"? The answer depends on what everyone expects from it. If you love too the metaphysical angst of modern era the film something has to tell probably. Certainly we've seen a lot worse in the sub-category of and it stands here better than the many ' soups ' who have served over the past decade. If you have more demanding try your luck elsewhere.

The Pact

Movie Review Highlights
  • The scary start.
  • The first harassment of the protagonist from the metaphysical entity inside the House.
  • A creepy and very juicy cutthroat.
  • The scary Wed-a-Tet of the heroine with the serial killer.


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On neat metaphysical combination and serial killer motifs, some violent scenes that are shocking, meticulous special effects.


Slow pace, many indifferent but atalantoi actors, klisarismeni and predictable nature of.

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Mediocre horror film that has made sincere efforts to stand out. See only if you are an avid lover of modern metaphysical terror.

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