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The Frighteners-Ghost Hunter (1996)

The Frighteners-Ghost Hunter (1996)

by 23/08/2013
In "The Frighteners", an active Ghost Hunter who can communicate with the dead, trying to stop a malicious spirit that kills living smashing their heart.

Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson, Jamie Selkirk, Robert Zemeckis


Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson


Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson, John Astin, Dee Wallace Stone, Jeffrey Combs, Jake Busey


Danny Elfman

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures, WingNut Films


1 Hour and 50 Minutes (110 minutes)


USA, New Zealand




Dead yet?



Box Office





Before the New Zealander Peter Jackson ektinachtei in the film world with the ultimate epic-fantasy trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", had taken care to give a slope of directorial credentials with a series of comedy-horror films in particular were loved by fans of B movies but also from a wider audience of the scene of horror. ' The Frighteners ' 1996 movie B is not judging by the high budget, but retains a decadent aesthetics as well as plenty of evidence respecting the comedy tradition of older films (e.g. Jackson Braindead, Bad Taste) and proclaiming the special style of Neozilandoy in this first period of his career. May not have fared well at the box office, perhaps because of the competition from "Independence Day", but won positive reviews from critics and continues to like in the horror audience.

Starring Michael J Fox. multi-tasking the film ' The Frighteners ', tells the bizarre story of Frank Bannister, an architect who after a serious car accident in which he lost his wife, he developed psychic abilities, which allow him to communicate with the dead and seeing all those "entities" that are trapped in the world between the living and the dead. At the same time has developed friendly ties with some ghosts that help him to make a living by putting the tsarlatanistiko profession of psychic investigator/Exorcist. The Frank visited "haunted" houses that display "intellectual activity" (courtesy of ghost friends of course) and removes the malicious forces using the «special», maϊmoydistiko equipment. But at some point the spirit of a serial killer, responsible for a massacre in a psychiatric institution in the past, escapes from hell and in the form of Death intervenes in the world of the living killing people without mercy, squeezing their hearts! The Frank recognizing the gravity of the situation is trying with the help of his friends and a natural to stop the lethal spirit.

Horror Trivia

"The Frighteners" was originally intended to be released as an episode of the series "Tales From the Crypt" (1989-1996) but the producer Robert Zemeckis as a result of his worship scenario, preferred his movement as a separate film.

"The Frighteners" contains elements that marked his films Peter Jackson until that period. Continuous action, rich chabales, sharp humorous one-liners but shrunken gore, at least in comparison with the previous gory work, feature film, but giving him a separate identity through a creative recycling of the past. Apart from the above positive elements, assets are also impressive effects and the variety of characters make the film fun and multidimensional. We must give credit to the creator and to the original screenplay which if had no special treatment of a filmmaker's level of Jackson probably could not have emerged and looked extremely naive. But the New Zealander made the miracle of delivering an entertainment film "The Frighteners", which if it were shorter in duration will eycharistiomastan even more. Special mention deserves to be made and for the participation of Jeffrey Combs in the role of secret FBI agent city, which embodies better than anyone the nature of nervous researcher with the paranoid obsessions, reflecting the glorious moments of "Re-Animator ' (1985).


The Frighteners


  1. The impressive effects of ghost and especially the mourati figure of the ' General '.
  2. The hero's flashback where pass in front of images of mayhem at the hospital.
  3. The hilarious presence of Jeffrey Combs in ' The Frighteners ' as the psychakias, symplegmatikos and paranoid FBI agent.


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Plenty of action, adventure and jazz, imaginative characters, good effects, fresh script idea with firsts, high-level direction by a maitre of the modern mainstream cinema.


Too long, lack of rich gore while comfortably could match the structure of the film floodtide.

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The required monitoring by the friends of horror comedies. It is of course for film that can easily entertain a wider audience horror action, sci-fi, etc.

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