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The Dentist (1996)

The Dentist (1996)

In "The Dentist" a successful dentist in a rich suburb of the United States, catching his wife cheats on him. From that point onwards, certainly no one would want to be patient and to be in the Chair of surgery.

Brian Yuzna


Pierre David


Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, Charles Finch


Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman


Alan Howarth

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Image Organization, Trimark Pictures


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)






It's time for your checkup... pray it won't be your last.



Body Count





Certainly the dentists is not something that makes you feel beautiful in the idea that I would visit them and you have your mouth open for a long time, leaving them to mpainobgazoyn tools without seeing what … This is precisely the point I bet this cult brilliance of Brian Yuzna in terms of direction and Stuart Gordon and Dennis Paoli from the side of the scenario.

After earlier masterpieces such as "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond", Gordon and Yuzna, cooperated with famous, based on Lovecraft's books but also other small papers themselves, comes this footage, which certainly does not leave indifferent. This project combines the terror in suspense a point and you don't know what can make this crazy dentist with the tools is certainly not unknown to all of us, with gore on several points.

Horror Trivia

The film is inspired by the real serial killer and dentist by profession Glennon Engleman (1928-1999) who acted primarily in the State of Missouri, USA.

I remember the time when the projected several times, late night, private tv, several years back. It was then that the during and I had made a positive impression, since the originality of harmonization of various items of everyday life, with the terror that can cause if they fall into the wrong hands, is one of my favorite tracks on horror movies. You would think that underlies plerio and the element of cynicism and black comedy, something that makes the movie to innovate.

In conclusion, it is incontrovertible for something special, which comes from a filmmaker who, unfortunately, has heard much less than it's worth! A tip for end ..: Don't see this movie if you are going to visit soon dentist … I will be seeing even then, but I'm a special case … f f. ..

The Dentist

Movie Review Highlights
  • The first scene of outbreak dentist in unsuspecting patients.
  • The visions he sees the dentist in which unfolds what really wants to do to get revenge for his wife's infidelity.
  • The gore scenes in the film where finishes the General doom.


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1. Originality scenario.
2. The unsurpassed uniqueness inherent pleria in all films of Gordon and Yuzna.
3. The anguish I feel every time you see someone unfortunate to sit on the Chair of the maniacal dentist.


Perhaps gore could be most abundant element a and the film "lifted" comfortable ...

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It is a work that makes you pleasantly while seeing manages to provoking terror, repugnance, especially if you have eaten and simultaneously manages to entertain you to the fullest extent.

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