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The Den (2013)

The Den (2013)

by 25/03/2015
In "The Den" a young student communicates with several persons on the Internet through her personal webcam in the context of Labour's honors thesis. But when she sees the violent murder of a girl from webcam, both the student and the people of the circle are faced with the same fate of skotwmenis girl.

Zachary Donohue


David Brooks , Dan Clifton


Zachary Donohue, Lauren Thompson


Melanie Papalia, David Schlachtenhaufen, Matt Riedy


Evan Goldman

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Cliffbrook Films, Onset Films

Γνωστή και ως

Death Online


1 Hour and 21 Minutes (81 Minutes)






online is the scene of the #crime / He wants you to watch.




The dangers of the internet is a matter that has been played sporadically in the scene of terror but fortunately has not saturate. It is always topical the present day that cybercrime is booming and many people can easily fall victim to malicious attacks with varying ways of allowing the rampant and largely unregulated form of the Internet. "The Den" which will examine here highlights this risk in a convincing way.

The film focuses on a young Elisabeth researching the behaviors of random individuals in online communications as her honors thesis theme work for the University. Use the online chat with the name The Den and through the webcam comes in contact with many and varied people. Normal, peculiar, perverts and each walnut … Sometime the Elisabeth witnesses abominable murder of a girl whom he attends State of shock in her webcam. While trying to convince the authorities about the veracity of the incident itself and the nearby faces become goal one or more paranoid who want to offer bloody spectacle via Internet …

Horror Trivia

"The Den" is the directorial debut of Zachary Donohue.

Although it contains a few glaring scenario excesses and bangs, "The Den" brings out the informal mission. Presents with brutal realism dangers the careless use of the internet and especially the contact with unfamiliar people. The message that they should not enter into fields that you don't know is reflected in the film convincingly which does not hesitate to become overly violent and shocking the audience a few times. We meet with great suspense moments such as when the heroine's sister threatened in her own home by a masked intruder. The final scene where the protagonist has moves well on the Lair of the paranoid will overwhelm you.

Eventually the "The Den" may not excite you, but definitely won't be and indifferent. The nice thing is that you can pause for thought (in the best sense) being a useful filmic ' manual ' to exercise more caution when communicating with strangers on the Internet. So your minds out there …

The Den

Movie Review Highlights
  • The present participle of choquer. murder of woman who sees in the webcam heroine and triggers the succession of terrifying events.
  • An eye-catching half-melting head with sledgehammer!


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Feeling of freshness in the main theme, some truly shocking scenes, rich suspense and good performance by the protagonist.


Scattered xecheilwmata arranged, some unrealistic situations, insufficient exploitation of a few characters.

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Interesting found footage horror film with an air of originality. It is recommended in particular to stuck with chatrooms and endless webcam use.

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