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The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013)

by 29/09/2013
In "The Conjuring" (the calling), an American family is beset by a malevolent demonic entity who cower in her new home. Investigators of the paranormal Ed and Lorraine Warren come to the family home and trying to dismiss the demonic presence.

James Wan


Tony DeRosa-Grund, Peter Safran, Rob Cowan


Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes


Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor


Joseph Bishara

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

New Line Cinema, Safran Company, Evergreen Media Group


1 Hour and 52 Minutes (112 Minutes)







Box Office





The energetic James Wan (Saw, Insidious etc) returns with another film metaphysical horror which has a bang both proceeds ($ 285,970,763 worldwide) as well as positive reviews public and critics. And here's the weird for me. While the general public that fills the halls following the trend of metaphysical horror films wont deifies such style, films critics usually exhibit more restraint without hesitating to reveal their weaknesses. Of course the dithyrambic comments weren't so universally after already highlighted for example the similarities with "Poltergeist" (1982) and "The Exorcist" (1973) and the plethora of clichés that contains the "The Conjuring".

But let's take things in order. The film is called that is based on true events from the file of researchers of the paranormal Ed and Lorraine Warren who are remembered for their involvement in the notorious Amityville case. Here is an earlier case, this supposedly Perron family experienced metaphysical phenomena in her home in the northeastern State of Rhode Island, USA. The Ed and Lorraine Warren are visiting the Perron House to help them rid the demonic entity who torments them. Soon will follow an agonizing and very intense battle with the demon that the impact of the spread and the personal lives of the two researchers.

It was not difficult to suspect the klisarismeni nature of "The Conjuring" that potentially would work against him. Reasonably would ask ' Oh well, why complain since you knew the I see? ". The answer is that of course I knew but I was expecting something more, even a few dynamic touches of freshness that I altered "The Conjuring" by the pile of metaphysical horror films. Unfortunately it doesn't display this diversity and I see no reason to put above any supernatural horror film shorter-range with haunted houses that are just ok from directorial viewpoint. Because James Wan's film is generally kaloskinothetimeni, with the necessary professionalism needed for mass-market blockbusters. This means that the effects, the makeup, the downloads, acting, editing, lighting, sound and all the technical elements are in the expected levels carefully.

Horror Trivia

The Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson traveled to Connecticut to meet the actual Lorraine Warren before filming while the true researcher of paranormal makes a cameo appearance in the film, as a listener of the presentations of the two actresses.

Where is lacks in scenario ideas apart from trivial is and sometimes parapanisies. A typical example is completely mismatched ypoploki that stops for small spaces the main events at the home of Perron. In this track the intimate moments of a pair of paranormal investigators that show a fatigue from years of dealing with dangerous paranormal events but also a fear both for the weakened endurance of Lorraine but also for the life of their daughter after the battle with the demonic entity at home of Perron has expanded and in their own environment. In fact this "intermission" serves the famous Director's fury with the creepy dolls in action (see the Jigsaw from the Saw, the dolls of Dead Silence etc) but as an idea has not tied at all well with the main theme of the project. Another serious disadvantage is the slow pace and the unreasonably long. Indeed the film is annoyingly tedious halfway around where the constant bombardment with scenes of high intensity, suspense and terror.

Individual scenes are themselves ridiculous as the naive, tsatra-Patra exorcism which tries the Ed Warren after the "special" Vatican staff is stuck to the pitfalls of bureaucracy. The next time let's make him and the milkman of the neighborhood guys. If all the above-mentioned negative add and nerdy, without surprises finale then I am extremely timid in its final verdict on the "The Conjuring". To clarify the situation – and because I suspect that many will have annoyed or thought from my writing – the movie is not bad in any case despite the obvious disadvantages. Just "Call" did not fulfil the expectations that I had something more important than a talented and promising Director and from them also active writers.

I'm also sure that many would like, will scare and would really enjoy it, especially now that is played on the kinimatografoys. But I can't help but reflect on the future of the scene of horror. How effectively will be able to avoid the chiliopaigmena cliche, foods and spend tedious recycling similar issues? When and how the metaphysical dread will make the step above leaving long quagmire that has him trap? Certainly not with "The Conjuring" …

The Conjuring

Movie Highlights

  • The sudden onslaught of a terrifying entity that karadokoyse over the wardrobe in one of the daughters of Perron.
  • The frightening scene "demonisation" of mother Perron from a foul demonic presence that hovers over her bed.
  • The Tet-a-Tet of Lorraine with some truly eerie presences in the basement of the home of Perron.


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Dynamic sound, many terrifying and intense scenes after half of the project, mainly professional and serious direction.


Slow tempo, absurdly long, defective script full of clichés but regardless, weak finale subordinate of high expectations.

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If you wish kaloskinothetimeno terror metaphysical type and not bother trivial production patterns, then you will probably enjoy "The Conjuring". However, the weaknesses in the scenario and perhaps slow the progression of events did not go unnoticed and the film finally leaves a sour taste.

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