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The Burning-Bloody Weekend (1981)

The Burning-Bloody Weekend (1981)

by 27/12/2013
"The Burning" is a classic slasher in which a maniac terrorizes teenagers camping as a lethal weapon using a gardening Earwig. The Slayer is the victim of an old farce of which injured reaping heavy burns and now camping returns for revenge.

Tony Maylam


Harvey Weinstein


Bob Weinstein, Peter Lawrence


Brad Grey, Tony Maylam, Harvey Weinstein


Lou David, Leah Ayres, Brian Backer, Larry Joshua, Brian Matthews


Rick Wakeman

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Miramax Films, The Cropsy Venture

Γνωστή και ως

«Ο Μανιακός με την Ψαλίδα», "Cropsy", "The Cropsy Maniac"


1 Hour and 31 Minutes (81 Minutes)


"Gather Around the Campfire to Die!", "It will take you further than fear.", "A legend of terror isn't a campfire story anymore!", "Don't look, he'll see you. Don't breathe, he'll hear you. Don't move... you're dead!", "A brutal horrific act made him kill and kill and kill", "Come Face To Face With The Creation of Evil!", "If you go down to the woods today... Watch out for Cropsy!"



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burningAt the dawn of the 80 's and throughout the course of this decade, after the huge influence of cult slasher horror films like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" sprang up to machine-gun rhythm countless slasher uneven quality. One of the most remarkable was The "Burning" of 1981. Obviously influenced by the "Friday the 13th" but much more violent is located prominently on lists of slasheradwn looked. The craftsman of the Tom Savini special effects was the number one reason that "The Burning" to overcome many of its competitors.

The case is very simple. In 1974 some skantaliarikoi teenagers make a farce on the obnoxious Cropsy, the Superintendent of the camp. The hoax but evolves into tragedy with the unlucky overseer grabs fire and lost in the murky waters of a lake in the region. After 5 years the Cropsy coming out of the hospital after horrific disfigured and cleans a prostitute summarily, returns to camp to get revenge. And the bloody party starts!

"The Burning" (you will find it and titled "the serial killer with the Earwig") doesn't innovate, it doesn't surprise me, instead of the usual clichés kind i.e. foolish pranks among teenagers, horror story around the campfire at night, naked shots of beautiful girls, a eyswmoy ligoyreyetai that seducer females and usually end badly, etc.

Horror Trivia

The Tom Savini worked on effects of "The Burning" having rejected a proposal to take the effects of "Friday the 13th, Part 2". To make up the Cropsy created once in 3 days.

Nevertheless it is particularly appreciated for the ultra-violent and plausible scenes murders some of which represent scenes anthology. Such example is the mass slaughter of teenagers on the boat from the relentless Cropsy, a scene that was censored as expected in countries like England and released with limited violence. Besides killing the slightly addled POV shots where the Cropsy monitor prospective victims and all the shots where the Slayer spills with lifted the gap before tear apart his victims. The film is also padded with agonizing music that plays mainly when Cropsy hits or chasing some victim. A revelation in the finale about the past of one of omadarchwn can be considered predictable but match the events as it connects the past with the present. The appearance of Cropsy is especially appalling in this small space is revealed to us. Problem is the delayed start of action once for about an hour the only murder is that of the prostitute to the beginning of the film. From there onwards but there is bloodshed it's unforgettable!

In conclusion, the visitors will need to check The ' Burning ' if they have not already done so. It is a dynamic slasher who owes a lot through the magic of special effects master Tom Savini.

The Burning

Movie Highlights

  • The original murder of prostitute where we see the scissors of Cropsy to elegant creepy in the body of the unfortunate woman.
  • The incredibly violent scene of mass slaughter of teenagers onto their boat.
  • One nailing the neck where the scissors of Cropsy causes shudders once again having pinched the victim in a tree.


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The Burning (1981)

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The gruesome face of Cropsy and the implacable nature of many cruel murders, great effects, intense music, the first person footage from the eyes of the murderer.


Delayed start of main action at the camp, many clichés of slasher and predictable script.

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Of the top 80 's slasher. Must for food lovers, a good choice for others.

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