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The Boy (2016)

The Boy (2016)

by 01/02/2016
"The Boy" revolves around a young American nanny who is hired by a mysterious pair of Englishmen who have a doll as a child. After the failure of strict rules that have put the hosts the nanny will experienced nightmarish experiences at home and will come to the conclusion that the doll is alive!

William Brent Bell


Matt Berenson, Roy Lee, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Jim Wedaa


Stacey Menear


Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans


Bear McCreary

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Lakeshore Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment

Γνωστή και ως

The Inhabitant
In a Dark Place


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)






Every child needs to feel loved.



Box Office





From the fairly active during the last decade, Director William Brent Bell (the devil inside her, Stay Alive, Wer) comes this interesting horror film with the simple title. "The Boy" had me pose for some reason a pleasant feeling of waiting, although it seemed like neither innovative project resembled something very subversive about the horror genre.

Eventually after the titles had a smile of satisfaction. No, I wasn't impressed by "The Boy" but I feel a lot better than a lot of bad horror films that circulate in the Piazza with the sack this season and clearly more fresh and inventive. By the time the young nanny isolated in imposing old-fashioned home of elderly couple, unfolds an intriguing tangle of mysterious and often terrifying events to shake.

Some of the production techniques used the horror we have seen (the so-called jump scares) and does not constitute an invention of Bell. However, the American filmmaker managed to build a solid contrived film and overcome the real matter arising mainly in staple part. The shots inside and outside the home is impressive. Treat well the camera every time the unknown perpetrator leading lady troubling and aptly focuses on faces and other objects supporting the emergence of hair-raising and enigmatic atmosphere.

the boy

Time for some quality …

Horror Trivia

Two of the early titles of the film was The "Inhabitant" and "In a Dark Place" while the nanny's role was initially to embody the actress Jane Levy (Evil Dead, Suburgatory).

Success is judged and the film's attempt to mislead the viewer's suspicions by pointing in a particular direction but ultimately made the surprise with that shocking reversal towards the end. And after the shock revelation follows a very intense and exciting fifteen-twenty that nails.

Without neglecting its weaknesses (e.g. the unconvincing ease with which the hero accepts the supernatural nature of the doll) "The Boy" is a good suggestion and will satisfy those who seek kaloskinothetimeno terror with moderate doses of originality. If the end was the same tailor you were talking about the big surprise and will definitely liked it even more.

The Boy

Movie Review Highlights
  • The frightening scene with the hand coming out of the frame and grabs the protagonist.
  • Grabbing the clothes of the heroine from unspecified offender during bath.
  • The terrible revelation to the finale and especially this terrifying "being" that appears in the mirror!


the boy rupert evans the boy lauren cohan the boy doll the boy


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Atmosphere of mystery and concern, good interpretations, awe-inspiring decorations, meticulous direction, inspiring and very scary revelation about what's going on.


Some conveniences and rough stuff in the script, show various clichés and common idiom jump the horror scares.

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Decent horror film that manages to win thanks to inventive subversion and generally serious direction.

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