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Terror Lodge-White Trap (2005)

Terror Lodge-White Trap (2005)

by 07/06/2014
In "Terror Lodge» watch dramatic moments in a couple's relationship which wears away from the presence of a strange man entered at their temporary shelter in the snow.

John Ashmore


Jeff Crook, Josh Crook, Angela Grant


John Ashmore


Chris Ferry, Natalia McLennan, Marc Forget


Evan Wilson

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Crook Brothers Productions

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)




French, English



terror-lodge 2005 2

Indifferent amateur tainioyla who will often find in video clubs in the category of thriller/horror. Of course the "Terror Lodge" has little to do with trepidation after tends more towards the erotic drama, in just a few moments they can frighten us (if you do already).

From the beginning of the film, it appears the amateurism at all levels. Direction, interpretations, camera shots, script … a phenomenon that extends to technical issues such as the flaky sound and poor colors.

By case? The cliches have a field day. A couple traveling by road in the province. During a strong storm in their car overturned, goes off road and the couple tries to find refuge in the snow. For their good luck finding an apparently deserted house where they pass the night. Soon, however, they discover that they are not alone as a mysterious man with their shotgun approaches and entangled in their lives making it upside down. Follows a cat and mouse game katagelasto waterlogged from sexual Orgies, insatiable jealousy and paranoia that will lead to confrontation of the husband with his wife and with the French speaking visitors.

Horror Trivia

To "Terror Lodge" is the first and so far only film director Josh Ashmore.

No kidding, there is almost nothing attractive in ' Terror ' Lodge for a lover of horror or thriller. Perhaps the dark environment within the House together with the pop-up hunch on violent outbreak of the husband who all think they will ' come, holding for quite awhile already disappointed him on-screen Viewer but beyond … the ultimate vacuum! It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the film is only offered for those who delight in kitsch movies cheap porn and klapsiarikoy pseytodramatos. For the horror audience in any case!

Terror Lodge

Movie Highlights

  • If there may be something it would be the final scene shows what a man can do in order to be spared from the excruciating xepagiasma!


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The claustrophobic atmosphere within the House, the snowy landscape.


Amateur filmmaking, problematic sound, color deficiency, defective lighting, poor script full of clichés, bad interpretations.

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Dramatic thrillers full of amateurism and with terrible lack of interest.

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